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When someone’s considering placing their child up for adoption, or a family is considering adopting for the first time, the process can feel complicated and overwhelming. But you’re not alone in this.

Every year, over 100,000 adoptions take place in the United States, according to the National Council for Adoption. Experts even estimate that 100 million Americans have been personally touched by adoption or know someone who has been.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, that’s where these blogs come in. Our favorite adoption blogs are ones that offer advice, share stories, and help to connect those who consider adoption a big part of their family’s story. Here are the top blogs you won’t want to miss.

The Big Long Wait

Some families come to adoption out of necessity, while others knew all along that adoption would be their path to parenthood. The latter is true for Kevin and Kelley, who married in 2007 already intent on adopting one day. Kelley began blogging about their adoption journey in 2011, and today they have two beautiful girls and adoption stories they love to share. The Big Long Wait turned Our Adoption Journeys continues as a tribute to open adoption, parenting daughters, and the faith this family believes helped bring them together. Visit the blog.

Creating a Family

Run by The National Infertility and Adoption Education Nonprofit, this blog is dedicated to providing “unbiased education and support” to those experiencing infertility or considering adoption. Creating a Family covers everything from the struggles that children of adoption might face, to the various adoption paths you could potentially take. You’ll also find online courses, information on recent research, tools for locating experts, and books that might help you. Visit the blog.

Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey, a successful author, podcaster, and mom of four, seems to have it all. But if you were to read her recent book about how she got to where she is today, you might see that it’s through total transparency that Jamie truly wants to share both her journey and her faith. Three of Jamie’s children joined their family through adoption, and she has experience with both domestic and international adoption. She also has a passion for exploring all sides of the adoption triad. She regularly interviews adoption experts who have their own wealth of knowledge to share. Visit the blog.

Lauren Casper

Infertility, international adoption, and parenting a child with autism. These are all subjects Lauren Casper is intimately knowledgeable in. And lucky for us, she uses her blog to share her journey in a way that’s both informative and relatable. Lauren doesn’t hold back when talking about her faith, her experiences with loss, or her struggles as a mother. Her son and daughter are both from Ethiopia, and Lauren and her husband work hard to honor that heritage while also rejoicing in the simple act of parenting. Visit the blog.

Rage Against the Minivan

As a marriage and family therapist, Kristen Howerton uses her professional background and experience as an adoptive mama to really explore all sides of adoption on her blog. She even has a “What I Want You to Know” series that highlights open letters that adoptees have written to their birth parents. She often uses her experience with interracial adoption to discuss the issues of race and social justice. Visit the blog.

Mix & Match Mama

If you’re looking for a blog about international adoption and the lengthy timeline it often takes, Shay and her husband have been there, done that. Twice! She’s been blogging about their experiences adopting from China since 2013. Her husband has even shared his version of their adoption decision. As a bonus, Shay also works as a travel agent and routinely shares her family travel tips! Visit the blog.

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

Seventeen years of marriage, 14 years of parenting, 8 kids (all adopted), and 8 years serving the foster care system — Mike and Kristen have a lot of knowledge, heart, and experience they routinely share on their blog. Foster care and special needs adoption are two areas they’re especially passionate about, along with simply helping other adoptive families to know they aren’t alone. Visit the blog.

Adoptive Families Circle

There’s a little bit of everything to be found at Adoptive Families Circle, a community site with perspectives being shared by adoptive parents, adoptees, and birth parents. There’s plenty of information on domestic adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption, interracial adoption, and just about any other adoptive scenario you could imagine. This is a great site to go to for community, connection, resources, and answers. Visit the blog.

Lavender Luz

Years ago, Lori Holden worked alongside her child’s birth mom to pen “The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption,” a book aimed at exploring open adoption from both sides of that equation. Her blog is very much so a reflection of that same passion, where Lori often shares stories from every side of the adoption triad. She’s not afraid of talking about some of the harder subjects related to adoption, and she has plenty of advice for those who might be considering pursuing this path. Visit the blog.

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

Jill Robbins and her husband were already parents to a daughter she now describes as “grown and flown” when they decided to adopt. Their oldest and their two youngest now have 18 years between them. Jill uses her blog to share stories of adoption and parenting, as well as photos of her two adorable boys. She also hosts an Adoption Talk Linkup. Visit the blog.

See Jamie Blog

Jamie and her husband had already come together as a blended family of four when they made the decision to adopt a teenager from foster care in 2009. Four years later, they expanded their family even more by adopting a biological brother and sister who had already spent two years in foster care. Today, Jamie uses her blog to encourage other adoptive families and share what she has learned about motherhood, foster care adoption, and special needs adoption. Visit the blog.

Adoptive Black Mom

Adoptive Black Mom (ABM) is the story of a single mom by choice, an adoptive mom through foster care, and a woman who — in her own words — realized as she was approaching 40 that she wanted something more. That something more was motherhood. But as she searched for resources in this next step of her life, she was disappointed to realize there weren’t many women of color talking about adoption. So, she decided to become that voice. And the ABM blog was born. Visit the blog.

Shelley Writes

Shelley Kuster was an award-winning journalist who wanted more than anything to be a mom. But infertility was keeping that dream from being realized. So, she and her husband adopted two little girls, one in 2014 and the other in 2015. Then, surprise! Shelley got pregnant. Then she got pregnant again. And today, they have four kids within four years of each other. Shelley loves writing about every minute of it. Visit the blog.

Tricia Goyer

When her three oldest kids were teenagers, Tricia Goyer and her husband made the decision to pursue foster care adoption. They ended up adding seven children to their family, including four teens and preteens adopted in 2016. But Tricia isn’t just a homeschooling mama of 10, she’s also a public speaker, and author of more than 60 books. She even has her own podcast and a movie adaptation of one of her books. This is one adoptive mama who might just have it all! Visit the blog.

Greatly Blessed

Written by a homeschooling mama of eight (including two kids adopted from China), Greatly Blessed is a blog about international adoption, special needs parenting, homeschooling, and motherhood. You can also find adoption book reviews and posts about other families adopting abroad. Visit the blog.

Extraordinary Moms Network

Heidi Hess Saxton is a foster and adoptive mom who works to provide encouragement and support to adoptive, foster, and special needs moms on her blog. She also hosts an extensive blog roll with links to resources and blogs for adoption, infertility, and so much more. Visit the blog.

Something Beautiful

Erika started her blog with the intention of it being a space she could write about the pregnancy she hoped to soon achieve. But that pregnancy never happened, and it became a blog where she instead wrote about marriage, infertility, surgeries, a failed adoption, and eventually, adopting the little girl she calls her miracle child. Visit the blog.

National Adoption Center Blog

The National Adoption Center is an organization committed to supporting adoption and the more than 23,000 families they’ve helped create over the past 45 years. Their blog mostly covers upcoming events, but they also feature a section with children available for adoption and provide services for children of adoption and adoptive families. Visit the blog.

Adoption & Beyond

Operating as a not-for-profit child placement agency in Kansas and Missouri, Adoption & Beyond offers a wealth of resources and services. But their blog is especially helpful with information about tax filing, book recommendations, and even an entire birth parent series. Visit the blog.

MLJ Adoptions

Focusing on international adoptions, the MLJ Adoptions blog is regularly updated with adoption stories and adorable photos of adoptive families. But it also provides information about special needs adoptions and international adoptions that families considering those paths might find especially helpful. Visit the blog.

Birth Mom Buds

This is a site that was created by two birth moms who felt alone in the process when initially placing their children up for adoption. When Coley and Lani finally met each other, there was a connection between them that they knew they wanted to help foster between other birth moms. Birth Mom Buds became a space that provides peer counseling, connection, and personal accounts of adoption from the birth mom point of view. Visit the blog.

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