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“Why don’t you just adopt?”

Every woman or couple experiencing infertility has probably heard these words. As anyone who’s ever been down that path knows, it’s not always that simple. But it can be the route to parenthood that’s right for you. Infertility isn’t necessarily a precursor to adoption, either. There are plenty of hopeful adoptive parents who’ve simply felt driven to adopt.

For many, adoption is the answer to building a family that feels complete. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Having resources and connections to other parents who’ve been there, done that (or who’re currently experiencing the same challenges you are) can make all the difference.

These are bloggers who’ve shared those experiences this year with honesty, vulnerability, and the information those within the adoption community seek.

The Big Long Wait

Kevin and Kelley Elders got married in 2007 knowing that adoption would be their eventual path to parenthood. She started her blog in 2011 when they first filled out their adoption paperwork. Today, Elders continues to share their story as an adoptive family with two beautiful little girls.

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Creating a Family

Creating a Family is produced by The National Infertility and Adoption Education Nonprofit. It’s devoted to providing “unbiased education and support” to people struggling with infertility or hoping to adopt. They provide online courses as well as insight into recent research, tools for finding experts, and books that might help you in your journey.

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Jamie Ivey

Jamie Ivey is a mom to four (three of whom joined their family through adoption). She also has a successful podcast and a book due for release in January 2018. She and her husband have adopted both domestically and from Haiti, where she first completed a mission trip in 2006.

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Lauren Casper

After years of infertility, Lauren Casper and her husband adopted two children (a son and daughter) from Ethiopia. They’re especially committed to honoring their kids’ heritage. Casper blogs openly about faith, loss, motherhood, adoption, and raising a child with special needs.

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Rage Against the Minivan

Kristen Howerton is a mom through both birth and adoption. She’s also a marriage and family therapist. She regularly uses her blog to explore all sides of the adoption triad. Her “What I Want You to Know” series consists of open letters adoptees have written to their birth parents. Howerton also shares the struggles that can accompany foster care adoption.

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Mix & Match Mama

Shay Shull has been blogging about adoption since 2013, when she and her husband first announced they would be adopting from China. As she explains it, both she and her husband felt drawn to international adoption. She’s also shared his version of the events leading up to their decision to adopt.

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Yes to Adoption

Rebekah McGee is a former social worker who adopted a little boy from Ethiopia in 2012. Their son, Israel, has cerebral palsy and autism, which Elise admits “has shaped me so much in the past few years as we have learned more about his needs and have changed our routines and expectations for our life.”

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Confessions of An Adoptive Parent

Mike and Kristin Berry have adopted eight kids over the years. They created their blog with the intention of offering hope to families in the foster and adoption communities. They explore foster care adoption, special needs adoption, and how to honor your marriage amidst the chaos. Most importantly, they aim to provide support through honesty and humor.

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Adoptive Families Circle

This is a community site that aims to explore adoption from all sides. You’ll find perspectives from birth parents, adoptees, and those who’ve adopted through every avenue imaginable. There are multiple resources provided, as well as answers to just about any adoption-related question you might have.

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My Real Kid: life as a transracial adoptive mom

As its title suggests, this blog is a great resource for those exploring transracial adoption and curious about what to expect. Allie Ferguson writes about her son Miles and all that she’s learned in being Mommy to a “beautiful African-American boy.” She doesn’t shy away from topics relating to race, which is part of what makes her blog so valuable.

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Lavender Luz

Written by Lori Holden, author of “The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption,” Lavender Luz is a great resource about open adoption. Lori works hard to feature perspectives from every side of the adoption triad, even when those perspectives may be difficult to read. She also pens a regular advice column answering questions about open adoption.

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Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

Mom to three kids (“one from the vagina and two from China,” as she puts it), Jill Robbins writes with both humor and raw honesty regarding her adoption journey. She addresses nosy adoption questions head on and also hosts an “Adoption Talk Linkup.”

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Karen’s Calling

Karen and her husband adopted a little boy through open adoption in 2011. Their initial adoption agreement called for an exchange of photos and gifts a few times a year, but no direct face-to-face contact. That relationship has evolved greatly over the years. Karen and her son’s birth mother now both write columns for Karen’s blog about their differing experiences with (and feelings toward) adoption.

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See Jamie Blog

In 2009, Jamie Worley and her husband added a third child to their blended family: a teenager from foster care. That experience ignited Jamie’s passion for encouraging and supporting other adoptive families. Four years later, they adopted a brother and sister pair through foster care as well. Jamie talks about both the good and bad of adoption and special needs adoption.

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Adoptive Black Mom

ABM was started when a professional black woman at the age of 39 decided to explore adoption. Single and looking for resources, she was disappointed to find a lack of voices from people of color in the adoption discussion. After experiencing some anger over the lack of representation, she decided she wanted to be that voice that had been previously missing.

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No Bohns About It

Erin and Rob Bohn were foster parents to James and Mariyah for three years before finalizing their adoptions in 2012. She keeps up an “Adoption Triad Blog Roll” and regularly shares their adoption and foster care experiences while providing advice for those starting down a similar path.

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Shelley Writes

Shelley Skuster battled infertility and won, adopting two little girls and eventually giving birth to another over the course of just a few short years. Today she writes about infertility, adoption, and the road to finding the full arms she had been longing for.

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Tricia Goyer

Tricia Goyer is a fiction and nonfiction author of over 50 books. She and her husband began their journey toward adoption in 2008, when their three children reached their late teens. Initially, they had their hearts set on adopting from China. They eventually switched to a foster care adoption instead, which she blogs about today.

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Expecting Miracles

This is a blog that follows a six-year journey from infertility to adoption and now home schooling. Expecting Miracles lays out the whole story for those looking for the reminder that sometimes the happiest endings come after the hardest times. Today it’s a blog more about parenting than adoption after finding her forever family.

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Heart Cries

This is a blog about faith, love, infertility, and eventually adoption. Rebekah and her husband are now parents to four beautiful kids, one through domestic adoption and the others through foster care adoption. This is a blog that isn’t afraid to dig deep into the struggles of open adoption. Rebekah shares from her heart regarding the ups and downs of remaining connected to the mothers who first carried her children.

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Something Beautiful

The beauty of Erika’s blog is that it truly starts at the very beginning — when she was excited about the decision she and her husband had made to try to get pregnant, never knowing infertility would prevent that from happening. There were failed treatments, surgeries, and a failed adoption before they finally brought their daughter home in 2014.

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Leah Campbell is a writer and editor living in Anchorage, Alaska. A single mother by choice after a serendipitous series of events led to the adoption of her daughter, Leah is also author of the book “Single Infertile Female and has written extensively on the topics of infertility, adoption, and parenting. You can connect with Leah via Facebook, her website, and Twitter.