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We asked the visionaries behind the screen for their must-have pantry staples for a paleo lifestyle. Here are their top picks and why they love them.

1. Coconut-based sauces

Coconut-based sauces

Coconut-based sauces are a popular soy sauce alternative. We use coconut amino sauces to season practically everything — either in a marinade, stir-fry, part of a dipping sauce, or just to spruce up some cauliflower rice. It’s not overpowering and adds a nice depth of flavor. Coconut Secret's coconut amino sauce is an essential for any paleo!

2. Grass-fed ghee

Grass-fed ghee is our go-to cooking fat. Ghee is clarified butter that’s commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisines, but we love it in all our cooking! We always have three to four jars stocked up.

Try Organic Valley's ghee. They’re cows are given zero antibiotics or synthetic hormones. The ghee is also free of toxic pesticides and GMOs.

3. Mayonnaise

We make a lot of meals with mayo (BLT wraps, chicken or tuna salad, dressings, etc.). Before we found Primal Kitchen's mayo, we made it by scratch. You get pretty good at making it quickly, but it’s so nice to know we always have a jar in the fridge now — and it tastes great!

4. Tapioca or arrowroot starch

This is a cooking ingredient we always make sure to have on hand. Most of the time we use this as a paleo-friendly thickener or dredge, so we often use them interchangeably.

They both thicken sauces or pan juices nicely and add a crispy exterior when coating chicken skin or other proteins like shrimp. Try Bob's Red Mill tapioca flour as a great option.

5. Collagen supplements

This is our way of getting even more collagen into our diet. Vital Proteins' collagen peptides are grass-fed. We add scoops to our tea, coffee, smoothie, or even scrambled eggs.

6. Wok

Our go-to cooking pan is a wok. We’re keen on minimum clean up in the kitchen and find you can do so much in a wok. Most of our dinners are cooked entirely in just that. Check out T-fal's nonstick wok that’s oven- and dishwasher-safe.

7. Grass-fed biltong

Biltong is our favorite snack. It’s not something you can get at a supermarket, but we enjoy the vinegar base, no added sugar or sweetener, and higher fat content you sometimes get over beef jerky. We love Brooklyn Biltong's grass-fed version.

8. Healthy snacks

Chips are one of our guilty pleasures, but we certainly don’t eat them every day. Having a healthy option, like Jackson's Honest potato chips made with coconut oil, is perfect to keep in your pantry when the craving hits.

9. Guilt-free treats

Here’s another guilty pleasure. We keep a variety of Paleo Treats snacks in the freezer reserved only for a special sweet treat. We treat them like candy bars in a sense — but a much healthier version.

10. Almond flour tortillas

As soon as we tried these tortillas by Siete, we were amazed. They’re tortillas that don’t taste like almond and have the texture of actual tortillas. We still enjoy our lettuce wraps, but these make fajita or taco night a little extra special.

11. Veggie spiralizer

Zoodles are on the menu weekly around here, and this tool works wonders. We do have a countertop spiralizer, but most of the time we use the Veggetti since we mostly make zucchini noodles. It’s much less cumbersome.

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