Getting an ostomy is a major life change. Individuals with ostomies may worry about everything from what activities they’ll be able to do, to how they’ll look.

To help inspire others to live their best lives with ostomies, these Instagram leaders are rocking their pouches with pride.

Christian is a father of three and competitive cyclist who had surgery in 2012 after battling Crohn’s disease. His motto is “pushing limits with Crohn’s disease and ostomy,” and his pictures and lifestyle certainly live up to that. He shares inspiring images of bike races, meals he gets to enjoy thanks to his life-changing surgery, and glimpses into life with a pouch. “Feeling blessed being able to do the things I love with a body I used to hate,” he wrote on one post. “My ostomy is my friend, it saved my life when nothing else did.”

Lindsay, who doesn’t have a colon at all, had her permanent ileostomy placed in February 2017. She runs the blog, Bagged & Beautiful in addition to her Instagram account. She focuses on raising awareness about chronic illness and living life to the fullest, one ostomy bag at a time.

Stephie is a mom of two and ileostomy blogger. Stephanie puts on a loud and proud account of life with her ostomy, from loving punk rock to crime dramas. As she says, she’s prepared to take the “taboo out of poo.”

Wieke is a 30-year-old Instagram activist, dog mom, and crusader for Crohn’s after getting her own diagnosis in 2012. Her tagline notes that she chooses to focus on the positive aspects of her life. “My ostomy really gave me my life back in so many different ways,” Wieke said in an interview. “I have a lot more freedom now. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but the alternative was SO much worse!”

Martin not only rocks his own ostomy and pouch, but he does it with some serious style. He shares weekly outfit posts showing how he styles his professional wear over his pouch. He’s also the founder of Ostomy Solutions, which makes products to help individuals with ostomies through daily activities, like his unique shower pouch.

With Instagram series’ like #WhatBiancaWore and #WhereBiancaGoes, this is one Instagram account that shows that living with an ostomy doesn’t mean slowing down the way you live. Wright has had her ileostomy since January 2017 and focuses on fashion, travel, and fun. Oh, and her ostomy bag is named Bob, in case you were wondering.

Tony, a husband and father, happens to have Crohn’s disease, an ileostomy, and is training as a cyclocross racer for Next-BMB. Cross-country biking and ostomies? NBD, right?

Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration, products to help you live your best life, or just a laugh along your journey with an ostomy, you can count on these Instagram activists to help you rock your pouch with pride.

(Header photo courtesy of Lindsay Worsham Dickerson)