“…plan your trips, take breaks, and really stretch.”-Jenn Karapalevski, Sydney, AU

“…online shopping!!!” – Linda Roche, Cambridge, MA

“…make pit stops and walk around outside.” – Pegg Allen, Circleville, OH

“…have regular breaks, learn relaxation techniques, and stay away from too much sugar.” – Donna Summers, Morecambe, UK

“…take meds so you can enjoy.” – Yvette Perez Mattei, Hoboken, NJ

“…have someone else drive!” – JoAnne Ruppel-Frawley, Wilson, NY

“…stay home when it is cold and damp.” – Cindy Gleason Traugott, Spring, TX

“…stop, stretch, walk around, yoga, Tai Chi, fruit snacks, lots of water, and use the restroom when you need to!” – Sandra Churchwell Voss O’Brien, Grand Island, NE

“…rest as much as you can.” – Helen Donald, Manassas, VA

“…enjoy.” – Fran Lindmar, Philadelphia, PA

“…stay home with a good bottle or two of wine.” – Lola Moore, Rock Springs, WY

“…just say: YESDiane Thomas, Columbus, OH

“…stop for a restroom and walk around. Take breaks every couple of hours to avoid frozen joints.”– Phyllis A. Wilson, Virginia Beach, VA

“…shop in a catalog.” – Charlotte Miller, Church Point, LA