Finish This Sentence: The Best Traveling Tip to Avoid OAK Pain During the Holidays Is…

Written by The Healthline Editorial Team on December 15, 2014
oa travel tips

“…plan your trips, take breaks, and really stretch.”-Jenn Karapalevski, Sydney, AU

“…online shopping!!!” - Linda Roche, Cambridge, MA

“…make pit stops and walk around outside.” - Pegg Allen, Circleville, OH

“…have regular breaks, learn relaxation techniques, and stay away from too much sugar.” - Donna Summers, Morecambe, UK

“…take meds so you can enjoy.” - Yvette Perez Mattei, Hoboken, NJ

“…have someone else drive!” - JoAnne Ruppel-Frawley, Wilson, NY

“…stay home when it is cold and damp.” - Cindy Gleason Traugott, Spring, TX

“…stop, stretch, walk around, yoga, Tai Chi, fruit snacks, lots of water, and use the restroom when you need to!” - Sandra Churchwell Voss O'Brien, Grand Island, NE

“…rest as much as you can.” - Helen Donald, Manassas, VA

“…enjoy.” - Fran Lindmar, Philadelphia, PA

“…stay home with a good bottle or two of wine.” - Lola Moore, Rock Springs, WY

“…just say: YES- Diane Thomas, Columbus, OH

“…stop for a restroom and walk around. Take breaks every couple of hours to avoid frozen joints.”- Phyllis A. Wilson, Virginia Beach, VA

“…shop in a catalog.” - Charlotte Miller, Church Point, LA

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