Heating pad and NSAIDs. Once in a while, Tramadol.” -Karen Kneessi, Orlando, FL

“Heat if I have no inflammation, otherwise I use ice packs. Have you tried pain patches? The Dollar Store ones work for me.” -Pegg Allen, Circleville, OH

Sunshine.” -Roy Marret, London, England

“Low stress level and a warm climate.” -Marjorie Barks, Camas, WA

“My family around.”-Mary Ryles, Lancaster, CA

“My grandchildren!” -Alice Borrelli-McAloon, Providence, RI

“Salonpas. And also Arnica cream.” -Linda Hosmer, Gaines, MI

Motrin and a heating pad!” -Nancy Ciampi, West Pittston, PA

Cooking, walking, and cold packs!” -Et Ganz, Cambridge, MA

“Infrared sauna, NSAIDs, Salonpas, jet pad in the tub, and exercise.” -Sally Carreen, Jesup, GA

Pumpkin pie!”-Dolly Smith, Tacoma, WA

“I take (prescription) anti-inflammatory drugs, not pain pills.” -Debbie Busboom-Widhalm, Bakersfield, CA