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To take good care of our skin, many of us exfoliate and use moisturizer, sunscreen, and other beauty products. However, some ingredients in these products may increase the risk of harmful long-term effects, like birth defects or cancer. Potential carcinogens can be found in drugstore and luxury lines alike.

Thanks to tech, you can now see how your products rate health-wise. Apps like Healthy Living by the Environmental Working Group and Think Dirty discuss the implications of certain ingredients. They give overall scores for how healthy a product is (or isn’t).

Luckily, there’s an increasing array of healthy alternatives on the market. Many of these items are becoming more mainstream and accessible, with items priced for a wide range of budgets.

The beauty mavens and authorities below are here to help you find the best alternatives. Check out these top videos to learn more about organic beauty options.

Natural / Organic Beauty Haul

Lana was terrified when she investigated the ingredients in her own beauty products. She learned that she’d been applying some pretty unappealing chemicals with her favorite makeup staples, like foundation. Since then, she’s swapped her previous products for some organic ones.

In her video, she discusses the pros and cons for several new items she’s trying, from foundation to finishes. She also discusses her absolute favorite beauty item.

Organic & Natural Makeup Favorites

Megan Roosevelt is the Healthy Grocery Girl. She’s a registered dietitian who generally focuses on healthy eating, but fans have asked her to share her healthy makeup and beauty choices as well.

Roosevelt shares the products she actually uses. She demonstrates application techniques and highlights why she likes certain products. She also shares alternative uses where products can pull double duty. Check out the links below her video to see where to buy her faves.

Organic / Natural Makeup Tutorial

Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist who’s frequently been asked about natural and organic products. She shares her top choices, putting them together for one sultry smokey-eyed look.

Eldridge explains why she prefers these products, tackling the pros and cons of specific ingredients. She demonstrates how to best apply them and shares beauty-insider tips.

She’s also honest about the shortcomings of many organic brands — she’d like to see them extend and freshen their sometimes “old-fashioned” color palettes.

Top 15 Natural Beauty Products

Niomi Smart is passionate about health and well-being, especially when it comes to cooking, skin care, and makeup. She uses natural and conventional beauty products alike, but strives to incorporate more natural ones.

In addition to her favorite natural makeup, Smart also shares hair and skin care items. She highlights equal parts quality, ease, and style for makeup and ingredients.

Smart emphasizes that great beauty products can be developed without petroleum and harmful chemicals. Her deodorant pick may be worth trying out of curiosity — as well as it being a healthier alternative.

Natural & Organic Beauty | SunKissAlba

Alba Ramos’ motto is, “Where beauty meets health.” She’s passionate about natural skin care, since your skin absorbs ingredients in lotions, makeup, and more. She recommends several natural alternatives to ensure you’re putting safe products on your skin.

As Ramos highlights her favorites, she demonstrates how to apply them. She also suggests giving your skin a break from products from time to time. If you love these recommendations, check out her blog for more helpful healthy tips.

7 Best Organic and Natural Products

This video is brought to you by Nykaa, a retailer for personal care products. The host discusses a range of items with natural or organic components. She focuses mainly on products for her hair and skin, though she does point out her favorite lipstick.

For each product, she highlights its benefits and shows you a good method for applying it. Check out the Nykaa tips displayed in the lower third of the screen for more insider beauty secrets.

Priyanka Chopra Reveals 3 All-Natural, DIY Skin Secrets

Beauty products don’t necessarily need to come from the store. Bollywood superstar and “Quantico” lead Priyanka Chopra’s homemade beauty tricks have been passed down through generations of her own family. In this video for Vogue, Chopra shows you how to whip up your own amazing treats for your skin and lips.

A bonus: Many of the natural ingredients she uses can probably be found right in your kitchen.

Best of Green Beauty

Jenna Catherine shares the best green beauty products she’s discovered for the face, cheeks, eyes, and lips in this video.

Catherine became interested in healthy beauty back in 2008. Since then, health issues have encouraged her to become even more conscious about the food and personal care products she consumes.

Catherine is a journalist passionate about health, public policy, and women’s rights. She writes on a range of nonfiction topics, from entrepreneurship to women’s issues as well as fiction. Her work has appeared in Inc., Forbes, The Huffington Post, and other publications. She’s a mom, wife, writer, artist, travel enthusiast, and lifelong student.