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Nectar is widely considered a top ten (if not top five) online mattress brand in terms of popularity. Chances are you’ve seen one of their TV commercials, Instagram ads, or Facebook campaigns.

To cut right to the chase, the Nectar mattress is often thought of as one of the best cheap (or affordable) memory foam mattresses you can purchase online.

But does the bed itself actually live up to the hype? In this review, we talk about the good, the bad, and everything in-between. Let’s go!

  • free shipping and returns
  • 365-night, risk-free sleep trial
  • Forever Warranty
  • all-foam construction (four layers)
  • comfortable memory-foam feel
  • queen size costs less than $800 (plus you often get two free pillows with purchase)

Price is one of the most attractive elements about the Nectar mattress. To put it simply, the bed is affordably priced. Here’s what the MSRP looks like by size.

Twin XL$968
Cal King$1,398

Prices valid as of September 9, 2020

Plus, Nectar almost always includes two free pillows with each mattress purchase. Check the various discount boxes in this article to confirm that the specific promotion is still live.

The company will also occasionally offer deeper discounts ($50 to $100 off) so make sure to keep an eye out for that as well.

Given you can purchase a queen size bed and two memory foam pillows for less than $800, we see Nectar as a terrific option for teenagers, college students, and young professionals working with a limited budget. [Check for lowest Nectar price]

Nectar is an all-foam mattress that is made up of four separate layers, which combined total 11 inches thick. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the construction from bottom to top:

  • Dense Support Foam: This layer is essentially the foundation for the mattress.
  • Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam: This is a heavy memory foam that provides additional support for the bed.
  • Gel Memory Foam: This is the primary comfort layer for the mattress. It’s soft, comfortable, and forgiving.
  • Quilted Gel Memory Foam: The bed contains another layer of memory foam within the cover for added comfort.

The cover wrapping the bed is made from a Tencel blend. It’s technically removable, but the company recommends that you refrain from doing so. In other words, do not remove it and throw it in the washer. Instead, you should spot clean the cover with a safe detergent or hand soap.

It’s also worth noting that the Nectar mattress is compatible with pretty much all foundations. The company states it’s suitable for box springs, divan bases, traditional frames, and adjustable bases.

If interested, Nectar sells several frames and foundations themselves, which you can browse on the company’s website.

Given the top three layers of the mattress are comprised of various memory foams, you can probably guess what the bed feels like, but let’s go ahead and spell it out anyway. In short, the bed has a memory-foam feel (shocker).

However, we do want to point out a couple of traits about the feel that makes the Nectar mattress somewhat unique.

Some memory foam beds have a thin, fluffy feel to them, and others have more of a deep, dense feel. The Nectar mattress definitely falls into the latter category.

When you first lie down on the bed, it feels somewhat firm, but after a few seconds, the top layers start to mold and conform to the curves of your body. This is why it’s called memory foam. The top layers adapt and remember your body’s shape.

Overall, it’s a very comfortable bed. Most of the team members here seem to really like it. We think it’s safe to say that if you enjoy this type of adaptive feel, you’ll end up liking the Nectar mattress.

If you’re considered a lighter individual (~150 pounds or less), the Nectar mattress will feel slightly firmer to you. This is because you apply less pressure onto the surface of the bed.

Overall, these individuals will likely feel that the Nectar mattress belongs somewhere between a 6.5 to 7.5 on the firmness scale.

Given this, the bed is probably best for lighter people who spend the majority of the night on their back or stomach. If that describes you, then the Nectar mattress provides plenty of support.

If you’re a smaller person and spend a lot of time on your side, we think the Nectar mattress will definitely work. It’s just probably not the best option out there for your particular situation.

We say that because lightweight individuals simply won’t sink down into the soft, forgiving top layers as much as a heavier individual might.

When it comes to more moderate size people (what we deem as about 150–225 pounds), we think the bed will feel like it belongs closer to the 5.5 to 6.5 range on the firmness scale.

Given the bed lands closer to the middle of the firmness scale for these folks, we think the Nectar bed is good for all sleeping positions.

Side sleepers who fall into this weight category will appreciate how well the top layers alleviate pressure under their hips and shoulders.

Meanwhile, back and stomach sleepers still receive the required support under their lower back and core.

To answer the question, no, we do not think the Nectar mattress is ideal for heavier individuals (250 pounds or more). That’s not to say it won’t work for these folks at all. It’s actually a better option than most all-foam bed-in-a-box mattresses given it’s 1-inch thicker and slightly firmer than average.

However, for the most part, heavier individuals should choose to sleep on a hybrid mattress. Heavier folks (or families with kids who’ll jump into bed) should pick a bed that contains coils, whether they’re individually pocketed or part of an innerspring unit.

There can be a larger amount of tension and strain on beds, which coils tend to handle better than dense support foams, such the one within the Nectar mattress.

We’d recommend checking out the hybrid mattress from Nectar’s sister brand DreamCloud. The DreamCloud mattress is 15 inches thick and contains several layers of memory foam in addition to coils. It also happens to be fairly priced, just like the Nectar bed.

If you happen to share your mattress with a loved one or a pet, you’ll want to consider two more factors before making a final decision.

We’re talking about motion suppression and perimeter support. Let’s tackle each one individually.

First up is motion suppression, which the Nectar mattress does a great job. Since there’s no coils in the mattress, it’s really not all that bouncy. Plus, the three layers of dense memory foam help to dampen any movement.

This is a positive for people who share a bed with a person or pet that tends to toss around or get up a lot during the night. With the Nectar mattress, you really won’t feel much of that movement originating from your partner.

Next is perimeter support. The Nectar mattress gets a passing grade in this department. It’s certainly not as good as its sister mattress DreamCloud (coil beds perform better in this regard), but it’s not bad by any means either.

You’ll notice a little bit of give around the perimeter, but that’s normal for an all-foam bed. At the end of the day, there’s nothing to be overly concerned with. Couples who split a full or queen size will be just fine. Feel free to spread out and get comfortable.

If you like the feel of memory foam, the Nectar mattress is an excellent choice. The bed is moderately priced, accommodates a wide variety of sleepers, and it comes backed by some pretty awesome policies, such as a 365-night trial period and the Forever Warranty.

With that said, it’s not going to be the right bed for everyone. First, if you dislike memory foam, you’ll likely want to look elsewhere. Maybe check out the Purple mattress, which has a unique gel or silicone like feel.

Further, if you weigh over 250 pounds or have your kids in bed with you, we’d recommend going with a hybrid bed instead.

If you’re new to this whole online bed-in-a-box concept, don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of these new-age terms may sound like a foreign language, but in reality, the entire process is actually quite simple. Allow us to explain.

After you hit confirm purchase on the Nectar website, the bed will be delivered directly to your door typically within 1 to 2 weeks. However, don’t expect the package to look like a mattress just yet. The bed actually comes rolled and shrink-wrapped in a protective bag.

Once the package has been delivered, pick it up (it may require two people) and move it to your bedroom. Proceed to cut the plastic and unroll the bed onto your bed frame. As soon as you remove the protective plastic, the mattress will begin to breathe and expand. This process may take up to 48 hours. It’s recommended that you do not sleep on the bed during this time.

Now here’s where this whole process starts to get interesting. Once the bed has been delivered, Nectar gives you a full year to sleep on it and test it out. If you find the bed is too soft, too firm, or just not right for any reason, you can return it and get your money back.

All you have to do is contact the Nectar customer support team, and they’ll walk you through the return process, which may take up to 2 to 3 weeks.

Regardless of the timeline, rest assured that you will get your money back. It just may take some time for Nectar to schedule a date for the mattress to be picked up and removed from your home. It’s not as easy as returning an electronic device to your local big box store.

If you decide to keep the mattress, it comes with the Forever Warranty. Essentially, the warranty is split between years 1 through 10 and 10-plus. Rather than getting into the details here, you can read about it for yourself on the company’s website.

All in all, these policies are considered pretty generous. Most online beds only come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

How did Mattress Finder get the Nectar mattress?

The Nectar mattress was sent to us for free so we could test it. However, we accepted no monetary compensation to provide this review. We are an independent website that produces unbiased reviews, comparisons, and buyer guides. The thoughts and opinions expressed throughout this article belong to Mattress Finder.

Can you tell more about Nectar?

Nectar is an online, direct-to-consumer mattress company that was founded in 2016.

How do I contact Nectar customer support if I have additional questions?

You can either email support@nectarsleep.com or call the number 1-888-863-2827.

Where can I purchase a Nectar mattress?

The company operates one showroom that’s located in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. The company has also partnered with select mattress retailers throughout the United States that carry Nectar beds. Otherwise, the beds are sold online through the company’s website.

Does Nectar sell any other sleep related products?

Yes, in addition to mattresses, Nectar also offers bed frames, sheets, pillows, and other accessories.

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