You’re in the middle of an MS relapse and looking for relief. Where do you turn? Do you attempt one of your tried and true remedies that proved to be helpless last time? Do you call your doctor and plead for another option? Or do you just try to ignore everything else and suffer through it?

While everyone will have different symptoms, sometimes the best solution is asking others what they do during a flare-up. Take a look at what our Living with Multiple Sclerosis Facebook community says works for them.

ms self remedies

“Sleep, Netflix, steroids, and chocolate.” – Dawn Walker, Perth Amboy, New Jersey

“Yoga, lots and lots of it.” – Natalie Lorber, Willoughby, Ohio

“The only self-care I can do besides what my Dr. prescribes is sleep.” – Jennifer Piro Kunz, Burlington, New Jersey

“For me, when I get numbness and tingling either in my hands or feet, it’s a sign of dehydration. So I make sure to drink lots of cold water and it goes away in a couple hours.” – Priscilla Castillo, Miami, Florida

“Not becoming stressed, angry, sad, or frustrated.” – Shawna Jones, Bastrap, Texas

“Not being afraid to ask for help. It took me a long time to figure out it is ok to let others help. I was hardheaded for many years. I am blessed and grateful to have such an incredible support team of family, friends, neighbors, and doctors too.” – Felicia Diaz Houk, Spring Valley, Nevada

“Allow myself to release a few tears. Know that it will pass. Remember what works and always remain open to new options.” – Dawn Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Sleep, massage, and stretching.” – Stephanie Hitch-Swallows, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Epsom salt baths!” – Adriane M. Arkfeld, Omaha, Nebraska

“Sleep and anything to de-stress (or try).” – Robin Leigh Durochia, Parkersburg, West Virginia

“Steroids if I have to, but Acthar Gel is my usual if I can’t wait it out.” – Jacqui Trout, Sullivan County, New York