30-Day MS Wellness Program
30-Day MS
Wellness Program
Seek Support

Who better to turn to when traveling on your MS journey than someone who is traveling on the very same one? Turning to support groups may help you feel a sense of belonging, relief, and hope. Some peers may even have ideas or tips to help you with a troubling symptom that you and your healthcare team may have not otherwise known.

There are several different types of support groups within the MS community: some meet in-person, while others are done through Facebook, message boards, or online forums. Below is a brief list of both in-person and web-based support groups within the MS community. Check them out and give one (or all) a try!

Web-Based Groups

In-Person Groups

Tips Designed by:
Ann Strasbaugh RN, BSN, OCNRead bio »
Tips Designed by:
Ann Strasbaugh RN, BSN, OCN Read bio »
Ann Strasbaugh, RN, BSN, OCN
Ann is an experienced nurse and doctoral student with a diverse clinical background, most recently in clinical research and as a nurse educator. Throughout her career, she has developed a passion for clinical education, both at the patient and provider levels. Ann feels strongly that patient education is of equal importance to provider education and is committed to ensuring that patients receive evidence-based information that is consistent with their learning needs. Outside of her clinical responsibilities, Ann is the founder of a successful healthcare consulting company, Strasbaugh Healthcare Consultants, LLC.