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a Twitter Chat on Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Are you currently living with multiple sclerosis?
Join us for a Twitter chat about adjusting to an MS diagnosis. Get tips on managing symptoms, healthy living, and more.

What Is a Twitter Chat?

A “Twitter chat” is a virtual meeting of people on Twitter to discuss a common topic, sometimes called a “Tweetchat”.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013, from 1:30pm-2:30pm ET

hereW and How

Follow @Healthline on Twitter and search for the hashtag #LivingwithMS to view the conversation. To join the chat, simply tweet a message with the hashtag at the end. You can also follow our community partners and MS advocates, @MS_Focus and @MattCavallo.

Who and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation have partnered during National MS Awareness Month to host this informative Twitter chat about living with MS. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation provides a comprehensive approach to helping people with MS maintain their health and well-being. Special guest Matt Cavallo, author of The Dog Story: A Journey into a New Life with Multiple Sclerosis, will join us to share his personal journey and tips for living with MS.

Matt Cavallo
At age twenty-eight, Matt Cavallo was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Seemingly over night he went from a fully-functioning, healthy man to someone who was numb from the waist down and unable to walk … Read more