Trying to come up with the one thing you can’t live without when you have MS is a real noggin-twister. It’s like being asked what one thing you would need to survive on a desert island.

So, I picked 10!

A healthcare provider who gives you complete confidence in the fact that he or she has your best interests at heart.

A treatment plan that makes you comfortable. Personally, baclofen helps me control spasticity — the ruthless archenemy of my MS.

It is crucial to realize that you may struggle to do some of the things that were once quite easy. Or it may take you longer to complete a task.

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This is a fashion necessity. Because you may lack the patience (see above) and finger dexterity needed to button your shirt or blouse, pullovers are a worthwhile investment.

Move. Stretch. Reach. Exercise what you can as much as possible. Your body and mind will thank you.

This is a great way to smooth out those muscle kinks MS throws your way. I have even used the handle of my cane to soothe those hard to reach spots.

I don’t mean you should start to stare down everyone in your path, but stand up to challenge what MS throws your way. Don’t give in, or give up.

“Sliders” are what I like to call shoes with a well-worn sole. Shoes that allow you to walk with better ease on thick carpet, grass, or rough surfaces. Those with foot drop know what I mean.

Again, from years of MS experience. As a notorious wall walker, I leave my grubby fingerprints everywhere!

Others will want to help you, so swallow your stubborn pride and let them. Be gracious and thankful that they are there to pitch in.

Oh sure, I could have added things like hope, supportive family and friends, and liquid soap to the list, but I know from my own experiences with MS that you’re probably getting drowsy by now, so I should wrap it up.

Everyone’s MS is a little different, so your own list might look completely different to mine. What’s on yours?