If you have multiple sclerosis, chances are summertime is your least favorite time of year. Even with the air conditioner cranked up, the glaring sun can trigger your MS symptoms to flare. Beat the heat with these seven life hacks.

1. Seek out cool spots. Movie theaters, shopping malls, and indoor pools are all great places to spend time during extreme heat. And being inside also means you don’t have to slather on as much sunscreen.

seek out cool spots

2. Eat cold or room temperature foods, like sandwiches and salads, rather than hot, heavy meals. These items can also be easier and faster to prepare — saving you time and effort.

3. Buy several ice packs and rotate them out so you always have one in your freezer when you need it. Place them on the back of your neck or under your arms or legs for instant relief.

4. Avoid the hassle of blow-drying or straightening your hair and embrace your natural curls instead. Not only will this simplify your morning beauty routine, but it will also relieve you of the frustration of dealing with these devices.

5. Fill a spray bottle with cold water and mist yourself when you’re looking for a cool down. And since it’s portable, it can be especially handy when you find yourself outside during the heat of the day.

6. Sip on a slushy, polish off an ice pop, or indulge in an ice cream cone for temporary relief. Not only are these treats tasty, but they can lower your core body temperature too.

7. Run your bedroom ceiling fan or use a plug-in fan at night to help you sleep. Also, cotton sheets allow your skin to breathe better and absorb sweat.