George White was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS nine years ago. Here he takes us through a day in his life.

Meet George White

George White was single and getting back in shape when his MS symptoms began. He shares his diagnosis and progression story, and his ultimate goal of walking again.

George’s Treatment

George looks at his treatment as more than just medication. He also does physical therapy, yoga, and swimming. For people with MS, George says it’s important to find something that motivates you.

Having Support

MS is challenging physically and emotionally, and having the right support is important. George leads “Magnificently Sexy,” a support group that meets every two weeks. George says his work helps himself as much as the others in living with MS. George explains during the group’s eight anniversary gathering.

Disability and Independence

Despite his MS diagnosis, George is determined to live independently. He shares his experience qualifying for disability insurance, and the double meaning it had for him.