Hope is an important aspect of life. You hear about hope in our daily conversations:

“I hope you do well on your exam.”

“I hope they win the game.”

“I hope you have a great day.”

Adding a difficult situation into the mix, like a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), can make hope an even stronger emotion and symbol. In the big picture, we hope for a cure for MS. But we also need hope for the countless, smaller situations in life that can be influenced by MS.

Here are a few of mine…

1. I hope my kids don’t get MS.

2. I hope I can lift my foot over the lip of the shower.

3. I hope to make it to the bathroom next time.

4. I hope there is a place to park in the disabled space.

5. I hope you realize how much I appreciate your patience.

6. I hope I can read the fine print without needing to get my glasses.

7. I hope people understand how thankful I am for their help.

8. I hope the MRI doesn’t show any new activity.

9. I hope I don’t get overheated.

10. I hope you know, this isn’t me — it’s MS.

11. I hope I can stay awake at the movie.

12. I hope they don’t notice the sauce I spilled on my pants.

13. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

14. I hope this scooter has enough power to make it through the store.

15. I hope you don’t mind, but — after a shower and getting dressed — I need a break.

16. I hope my leg doesn’t spasm as I drink this hot cup of tea.

17. I hope no one notices my limp.

18. I hope I can make it to the chair.

19. I hope my fingers let me button this shirt.

20. I hope today is as bright as my spirit.

21. I hope this line goes quickly.

22. I hope I get the refill before my meds run out.

23. I hope you understand.

24. I hope people judge me for what’s inside — not what’s outside.

And finally,

25. I hope MS noticed that I passed on ice cream and ate more veggies.

What hopes do you hold? Here’s hoping for the best!