MS Exercise Challenge
MS Exercise
This exercise helps strengthen the hip and knees.
1 Lay on a flat surface with one knee bent and the other leg straight.
2 With the toe pointed straight up lift the straight leg up towards the ceiling.
3 Slowly lower back down.
4 Repeat 2 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.
5 Next turn the straight leg out at a 45 degree angle and lift straight towards the ceiling.
6 Repeat for another 2 sets of 10 reps.
7 Switch legs and repeat.
Once you’ve finished the exercise, click to see what percentage you have completed.
Exercises Designed by:
Heather Schoen Physical Therapist Read bio »
Exercises Designed by:
Heather Schoen Physical Therapist Read bio »


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Heather Schoen
Heather graduated with a master’s degree in physical therapy from Oakland University in 1998 and joined Advanced Physical Therapy Center that same year. Heather’s dedication to her patients goes beyond standard. In Heather’s first year as a physical therapist, she began treating a young girl diagnosed with chronic, progressive multiple sclerosis. They set a goal of walking the MS Walk together and worked at it all winter. They achieved that goal and have been participating in the MS Walk ever since.
Heather is an expert when it comes to women’s health. Heather has completed levels I and II of pelvic physical therapy training According to her patients, she has worked wonders and has helped them get back to leading normal, healthy lives. She also helps moms with post-partum rehabilitation and teaches a class called “Restore the Core”. As a certified Sportsmetrics trainer, Heather works with female athletes on knee injury prevention and performance improvement.