Fatigue is a common symptom of invisible illnesses, like multiple sclerosis (MS). For many, simply having a shower can induce tiredness, pain, and other symptom flare-ups.

We asked our Living with MS community on Facebook: What are some of your tricks to conquer feeling tired all the time?

Here’s what they had to say:

“Well, I am breaking one of my rules now regarding fatigue, but generally I need quiet time without any electronics to disturb me. I may not necessarily sleep, but a siesta will get me a bit more energy.” — Kelly T.

“I find that taking my showers before bed, braiding my wet hair, helps me the next day. And I can just drift off to sleep afterward.” — KristenAnn F.

“My husband is unable to do anything on shower days. He finds them exhausting. Having the heat right, down low/cold, helps. A hot shower makes him nearly pass out.” — Chutney M.

“[After a bath] I lay on my bed for 10 to 15 minutes as soon as I dry off. This gives my legs a chance to rest and cools me down, because no matter how tepid the water, the effort still raises my core temperature. Seems to do the trick every time.” — Cindi P.

“Sometimes I have to go back to bed and sleep for two to three hours, canceling my plans. A drag indeed, but my life could be a lot worse.” — Evelyn M.

“I have to plan days ahead to do anything. Like, I have an appointment tomorrow, so I washed my hair just now. Taking a shower to leave the house can’t happen anymore. I’m resting now, being exhausted from washing my hair.” — Sherri H.

“I just keep going, once I stop doing anything or sit down then it’s over for the day.” — Gramma T.

“Getting ‘ready’ to leave the house is a two- to three-day process. People assume that I am fine because I look put together (even if just wearing a hat and easy-type clothes). They don’t know that it takes literally days to get there, and will have the ‘after’ effects for days to follow. I’m not talking about going to a social gathering or anything special, this is just for groceries, errands, doctor appointments, etc.” — Shelley H.

“Have to rest after just getting out of bed! Fatigue so deep it’s indescribable in mere words.” — Kevin M.

Did you find any of these tips helpful? There’s an entire community of people out there living with MS, and many of them are sharing their stories, swapping tips, and just getting to know each other with apps like MS Buddy, available on iPhone or Android. You can also connect with others who have MS on our MS community on Facebook!