When it feels as if your body is constantly working against you, simple tasks can be difficult and staying positive can be a daily struggle. For the millions suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) worldwide, this is a frustrating reality.

MS is a disease that turns the body’s immune system against the central nervous system. Its target is myelin, a substance that protects nerve fibers. The symptoms of MS can come and go, but they generally get progressively worse. They may include: loss of vision, numbness, weakness, tingling, tremors, difficulty speaking, fatigue, and nerve pain.

Numerous people and organizations are working to raise awareness and support for MS sufferers, and we’ve identified the ones on Twitter you should definitely be following.

BBC journalist Caroline Wyatt was only diagnosed with MS this year. She tweets honestly about her diagnosis and experiences with the condition, and also shares plenty of links to her interviews about MS as well as her news articles.

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Cathy Chester is the blogger behind An Empowered Spirit, and also contributes to the Huffington Post and a few other media sites. She’s always sharing inspirational quotes on Twitter, as well as lots of links to interesting posts.

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Dan and Jen Digmann are a married couple who are both living with MS. They speak publicly and write books about their experiences to raise awareness about the disease, and their Twitter account is filled with useful links and fun photos.

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Caroline Craven is an author, writer, speaker, and life coach, and she has MS. On Twitter, she shares inspirational photos and quotes from around the web, as well as links to her latest helpful blog posts.

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Kiss Goodbye to MS is a nonprofit that finds creative ways to raise money for MS. They encourage people to build their own unique MS fundraisers, and they tweet about these and more.

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Lisa Emrich is a musician and MS patient advocate, and the founder of Carnival of MS Bloggers. On Twitter, she tweets out the latest news about MS as well as her own articles for coping with the condition.

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Living with MS can make it difficult to stay fit. The MS Fitness Challenge hopes to make it easier to keep exercise part of your life by offering tips and motivational posts for staying as healthy as possible.

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Multiple Sclerosis News Today is a news website that is all about MS. Like the publication, their Twitter profile provides a round-up of all the latest news on MS treatments and advances. We love the variety of things they share.

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MS Society UK is the United Kingdom’s largest MS nonprofit. They work to fund research and campaign for MS awareness. On Twitter, they share their latest projects and successes, as well as useful articles from around the web.

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MS Trust is a British nonprofit organization that is working to support people with MS and help shape public policy. On Twitter, they combine sharing both the latest MS news and the latest MS fun, including community fundraisers and photos.

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If you’re interested in connecting with others who have multiple sclerosis and who have questions about their diagnosis, @MS_getinformed is a great place to look. They tweet out questions from Patient Talk’s MS section, where people with MS ask and answer each other’s questions, as well as inspiring quotes and infographics.

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Must Stop MS! is a Facebook group and resource for people living with or interested in the condition. Their Twitter page is a great place to find the latest news and research surrounding the disease.

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MyMSTeam is a social network and community for people who have MS that is 55,000 people strong. Follow them on Twitter for a great mixture of memes, inspirational posts, and informative links.

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The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s main goal is to “stop MS in its tracks.” The organization supports research and education, and their Twitter account is a great place to find out about their latest efforts. They share statistics, recent research advances, and fundraising efforts.

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Pamela Sutherland lives with MS, as well as fibromyalgia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She is house-bound, but not limited by her location. Her Tweets are motivational and inspiring, and she frequently links back to her blog.

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Positive About MS doesn’t only share the latest articles and news concerning MS, but shares positive and inspirational messaging, as well as solicits feedback from other people about their experiences with the disease. This is a great account to follow for support and positive vibes.

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Race to Erase MS is a fundraising effort to support new and ongoing MS research. Since 1999, the organization has raised more than $36 million in contributions. We love their Twitter account because they share the latest research alongside personal stories.

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Shift.ms is a community for people with MS. Their Twitter account is regularly updated with links to new blog posts, video Q&As, and messages offering support. On the weekends, they feature guest tweets from people within the MS community.

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