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Close to 2.3 million people worldwide live with multiple sclerosis (MS). A devastating disease, it affects not only people who have it, but their friends, family, and loved ones, too.

Whether you’re living with MS or supporting someone who does, there’s something for you in these blogs. From familial perspectives to medical information, we’ve managed to round up the very best.

Wheelchair Kamikaze

Marc Stecker was diagnosed with MS in 2003. Having previously worked in video production, Marc uses his unique vantage point — he now uses a wheelchair — to his advantage, taking photos and videos with the camera attached to his wheelchair. On his blog, Marc shares tidbits of his life and how it’s changed since being diagnosed. He weaves together anecdotes and reflections with humor and sincerity.

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MS Trust: Views and Comment

The U.K.-based Multiple Sclerosis Trust offers a plethora of information and support services on their website for folks living with the condition, as well as for their loved ones. On their blog, you can enjoy personal stories about people living with MS, like one woman who decided to try skydiving — at 72 years old. You can also catch up on advocacy news and current events from the world of health policy and research.

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An Empowered Spirit

You can find Cathy Chester’s work in many wonderful publications, but her blog is the best place to read up on her personal journey with MS. Rather than focusing on how MS has held her back, Cathy uses her blog to inspire her readers to live well and look for silver linings. For people living with MS, the focus she places on wellness, purpose, and passion are energizing and empowering.

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Dan and Jennifer Digmann

Having a spouse who has MS can be challenging for several reasons, including the fact that you can’t fully understand what they’re going through. In the case of Dan and Jennifer, that isn’t a problem — the husband and wife team both have MS and draw inspiration from each other. They’re also advocates for MS research and awareness, and their blog is a great place to read about their relationship and what they’re doing for the community.

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My New Normals

Nicole Lemelle was diagnosed with MS while she was in nursing school at age 25. She went to see an eye doctor for some vision problems she was experiencing, never expecting that her “normal” life would become anything but. Today, Nicole is widely published for her work on living with MS, and her blog is a great place to get to know her and others in similar situations.

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MS Connection Blog

MS Connection is the blog of the National MS Society, an extremely reputable source of information and support for folks living with MS. The blog is updated regularly with personal stories, information on new research, and posts on how to stay positive and motivated while living with the disease. You can read about how certain foods and supplements may affect MS symptoms, how other people are living with the disease, and new treatment methods.

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Girl with MS

Caroline Craven was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and has been sharing her journey with the world since 2009. Caroline is also a motivational speaker, which comes through in her encouraging writing. On her blog, you’ll find positive posts to help you through dark days. Recently, she’s shared yoga moves to help you start your morning, a list of ways to slow down and enjoy your life, and updates on her advocacy work.

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Pajama Daze

When you have a disease like MS, sometimes it takes everything you have to just get out of bed. Pajama Daze is a hat tip to those days when the pain and struggle of chronic disease is just too much. Written for folks with MS and other chronic conditions, blogger CB and guest writers offer inspirational posts to help you find comfort in the everyday. One recent post features 19 ways to relax your mind and body, in hopes of improving your sleep quality.

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Everyday Health: Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Trevis Gleason is a former chef living with MS. He is a columnist for Everyday Health and an ambassador for the National MS Society. Gleason updates his column regularly with discussions about how people with MS might be affected by current events, as well as personal accounts of what it’s like living with the disease. Recently, he’s been writing about the problems with so-called “miracle” cures and the need for the MS community to have its voice be heard.

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MS Conversations

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the MS community, and this is their fantastic blog. Posts here focus on helping people with MS live a fulfilling life, with actionable tips on how to better organize your life and environment for your MS. There are also posts on the importance of self-care, as well as recipes and personal accounts.

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Brass and Ivory

Lisa Emrich, who also founded the Carnival of MS Bloggers, shares her story of life with both MS and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) on her blog. As well as offering tips for adjusting your lifestyle for MS — like how to declutter your home or deal with accessible parking issues — Lisa also discusses treatment options, symptoms and what to do about them, and profiles of other people living with MS.

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The Lesion Journals

Christie Germans is a photographer with MS, and her blog gives you a glimpse into her life and career. She’s been blogging since 2009, so there’s plenty of reading to catch up on if you’re a new visitor! We love her humor, her positive outlook, and her candid take on life. Read about how having a cat has positively impacted her ability to cope with MS and what she’s doing to raise awareness about the disease.

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Everyone Here is Jim Dandy

R. W. Boughton was diagnosed with MS in May 2007. He’s a native of Portland, Oregon, but currently lives in Indonesia. Boughton began blogging shortly after his diagnosis in 2008, and Everyone Here is Jim Dandy has been active ever since. He updates his blog regularly — sometimes even multiple times a day — with personal stories and reflections. Some, but not all, of his posts are about MS, including a recent account of getting his medication filled in Bali.

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MS Australia’s Blog

This Australian organization for MS focuses on advocacy and awareness Down Under, but you don’t have to live there to get the most out of their content. Their blog includes news and events related to fundraising and MS advocacy, personal accounts, and expert views. Read posts on topics like the arts, awareness, and caregivers.

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Ugly Like Me…

Jamie Tripp is a New Yorker with MS. Her blog began as a journal of sorts, but morphed over the years to include art, poetry, and reflections — some having to do with MS, and others not. We love how eclectic her blog is, and how much of Jamie’s personality shines through in every single post.

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BartsMS Blog

This is the blog of the Barts and The London Neuroimmunology Group, dedicated to providing the latest news and research on MS. Bloggers here are not short on credentials. They are professors, researchers, and neurologists who all have a special interest in MS. You can read here about their latest research, trials, and studies. You can also reach out via the comment section for responses from these esteemed bloggers.

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Stuff Could Always Be Worse

Kim has been living with MS for 37 years. She has a husband and two grown children, and her blog is where she celebrates all the things in life she’s grateful for. When coming up with a blog name, Kim says she never thought of this as an “MS blog.” But for many of her followers, her attitude of gratitude in the face of pain is inspirational and certainly worthy of earning her a spot here!

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Dave’s ActiveMSers Blog

Dave Bexfield was diagnosed with MS in 2006, but he hasn’t let it stop him. His blog is all about encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle in the face of MS. His story has been featured in many well-recognized publications, and with good reason: His life is an inspiration and his writing is engaging. Whether you live with MS or simply want a dose of encouragement against tough odds, this blog is a good place to get motivated.

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Multiple Sclerosis News Today

If you’re interested in daily updates about MS news and events, this is the place to find them. Get information on therapies, diagnoses, new drugs, and healthy living. It’s these columns that truly make this site worth visiting frequently. There are thoughts from experts and patients from all kinds of backgrounds. There’s a source of inspiration for everyone here.

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Meg Lewellyn is the voice behind BBHwithMS (the “BBH” stands for “Boobs, Boots, and Hair”!). A single mom of three, she serves up a no-frills account of how MS affects her life on a day-to-day basis. We love her humor and honesty, and fellow MS parents can learn a lot about balancing parenting duties with self-care. Meg also keeps readers updated on her latest treatment path, medical marijuana, and whether or not it’s working for her.

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Shift.ms is a charity and community dedicated to supporting people with MS. On the site, you can connect with other patients and learn from experts. Click the topics at the top — diagnosis, healthy living, research, symptoms, treatment, and work and play — to navigate the many posts offered. Use their Speakeasy Forum to connect with other people living with the condition.

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Katja is a software engineer, singer, athlete, and mom — and she does it all with her wheelchair. Diagnosed with MS in the 1990s, Katja began blogging in 2001 with stories on what it’s like to travel and be an athlete with a disability. Read up on her advice for exercising with MS and navigating through the noise when it comes to MS news. Dive deep into her spotlights about other people living with MS.

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Ashley’s Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Ashley Ringstaff was diagnosed with MS in 2010. She’s now 29 years old and writing for advocacy and peace of mind. She shares the challenges of living with the condition on a day-to-day basis, and has lately been writing about struggling with her memory. That’s tough for anyone, but certainly for a mother of two. She aspires to write a book one day, and we can’t wait until she does!

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