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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable disease. It has a wide range of symptoms that can come, go, linger, or worsen. Understanding the facts about MS — including your diagnosis, treatment options, and the challenges of living with the disease — is the first step in learning how to successfully manage it.

MS doesn’t just affect those who have it, but also their loved ones. Fortunately, there’s a supportive community out there. We’ve found 20 MS blogs that offer information and support.

Wheelchair Kamikaze

Wheelchair Kamikaze

Marc received his MS diagnosis in 2003. On Wheelchair Kamikaze, he shares his experiences and refreshingly frank perspectives with the world. His blog has become a haven for those living with MS, not only because of sections like “MS for Dummies,” but for the honesty and beauty in his writing. Visit the blog.

MS Trust: Views and Comment

The Multiple Sclerosis Trust, a U.K.-based organization, is committed to providing education and support to people living with MS. On the blog, staff writers and contributors share personal stories, current MS topics in the media, and tips for navigating exercise, sex, and mental health with MS. Visit the blog.

An Empowered Spirit

Cathy Chester is an inspiring reminder that physical limitations aren’t the sum total of a person. Despite a personal journey with MS, she’s celebrating midlife and writing about disability and ability, gratitude, maintaining good health, and more. Her posts on An Empowered Spirit are a wonderful example that attitude can make all the difference. Visit the blog.

Dan and Jennifer Digmann

Dan and Jennifer Digmann both live with MS — it’s also what brought them together. The couple met at a National Multiple Sclerosis Society event in 2002. They married three years later, and have spent the years since as MS activists. From personal narratives to spotlights on new research and industry experts, there’s a lot of valuable information here. Visit the blog.

My New Normals

Nicole Lemelle’s diagnosis with MS and her refusal to let it seize control of her life make her an incredible role model to others in the same position. The writer, activist, and nurse chronicles her personal experiences and those of other people living with MS on My New Normals. Nicole’s work has been featured in multiple print and web outlets, but her blog is the best place to find all of her thoughts. Visit the blog.

MS Connection

MS Connection is the blog of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It features regularly updated content written by staff and contributing writers. Posts range from news about current research and treatments to a variety of personal stories that share first-person perspectives about living with MS. Visit the blog.

Girl with MS

Caroline Craven has been living with MS since 2001, and it hasn’t stopped her from empowering herself through positive change. Her favorite hashtag, #takeTHATms!, is a shining example. On Girl with MS, this motivational speaker shares tips and tools for turning negativity into positivity so that you can thrive while living with MS. Visit the blog.

MS Conversations

The official blog of the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, MS Conversations is a wonderful resource for those living the condition. From tips and resources to stories that inspire, the blog is covering all aspects of MS to help encourage and educate others. Visit the blog.

Everyone Here Is Jim Dandy

R.W. Boughton hails from Oregon but currently lives in Bali, which is an interesting story in itself. He received his MS diagnosis in 2007, and began blogging about a year later. He continues to post regularly today on Everyone Here Is Jim Dandy, sometimes even multiple times a day. R.W.’s posts are a mix of topics relating to his current home, family, travel, and MS. As he puts it, the blog is partly about MS, just as his life is partly about MS. Visit the blog.

MS Australia

This Australian-based organization isn’t just for those living with MS Down Under. With current news and events, personal stories, and posts written by industry experts, there’s a lot of useful information on MS Australia. Recent posts look at the efficacy of medical cannabis for MS, an update on World MS Day 2018, and the importance of planning advanced medical care. Visit the blog.

Everyday Health: Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Trevis Gleason, a former chef living with MS, is an Everyday Health columnist and an ambassador for the National MS Society. On Life with Multiple Sclerosis, he’s offering an opinionated look at the daily challenges of MS through stories about his own experiences. You’ll find an insider’s perspective on how current news and treatments affect those with this condition. Visit the blog.

BartsMS Blog

The Barts and The London Neuroimmunology Group use its blog to interpret research news relating to MS, especially the research the groups are involved in. Topics covered include how MS medications work, factors in childhood that may affect risk, and a variety of guest posts offering a mix of personal stories and perspectives. Visit the blog.

Stuff Could Always Be Worse

Despite having MS for close to 40 years, Kim Standard just wants to live an ordinary life. And she does so by remembering that Stuff Could Always Be Worse. On her blog, she celebrates the many reasons she has to be grateful, including her husband and two children. She writes openly about her diagnosis and the ups and downs of living with MS. She does it all with such positivity, it’s contagious.Visit the blog.

Dave’s ActiveMSers Blog

Dave Bexfield’s irreverent approach to MS is a breath of fresh air. When you want an escape from the serious side of this condition, the ActiveMSers Blog, as he describes it, is an uncommonly clever, insightful, and funny voice of reason. Stop by for Dave’s take on diagnosis, dealing with symptoms, staying active, and most importantly, how to find hope. Visit the blog.

Multiple Sclerosis News Today

With multiple daily updates on MS news and events, including new therapies, diagnoses, drugs, and tips for healthy living, Multiple Sclerosis News Today is a valuable resource for anyone living with MS. Posts include patient and expert perspectives, which means there’s content here for everyone. Visit the blog.


Shift.ms. is a social network for people with MS. This corner of the web describes itself as founded by MSers, for MSers. Its content helps people rethink their approach to life and their ambitions while providing an online community made up of thousands. It’s a place to find hope, inspiration, camaraderie, and direction. Visit the blog.

Broken Clay

Katja’s blog Broken Clay is where she writes about what it means to live with a disability: the frustrations, the tricks and tips, and the lighter side of it all. Her content is a reflection of her life, and it’s changed accordingly as her health and outlook have evolved. While it’s not her intention to represent everyone living with a disability, she offers a candid look into the experience and is full of useful suggestions. Visit the blog.

Ashley’s Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Diagnosed at 22, Ashley Ringstaff has learned many things from MS. Perhaps most importantly, she understands that living life with negativity and spite means living with those emotions surrounding you. On Ashley’s Life with Multiple Sclerosis, she writes about the challenges of MS with grace and positivity. For example, a recent post details the many things that she does in spite of living with MS, instead of focusing on what she can’t. Visit the blog.


No matter how difficult life gets, Meg is committed to rocking the BBH: boobs, boots, and hair. A self-described “inappropriate MMJ momma,” she’s living with MS and finding reasons to laugh. Meg has found relief with medicinal cannabis and blogs about on BBHWITHMS. With useful resources for both MS and cannabis — plus Meg’s knack for finding humor in every situation — there’s lots of valuable stuff here. Visit the blog.


Empowering patients and caregivers to take control of MS through awareness, education, and support is the goal of MultipleSclerosis.net. The site does so via information contributed by physicians, patient advocates, and other healthcare experts. Personal stories shared by people living with MS offer a glimpse into the challenges of living with the condition, as well as a reminder that you aren’t alone. Visit the blog.

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