Migraine isn’t just a headache — it’s a chronic condition that comes with serious challenges. Sarah Rathsack understands this well. She’s lived with migraine since childhood.

Today, Sarah runs the blog My Migraine Life, a major focus for her advocacy work in the migraine community. She’s also a supporter of Miles for Migraine, a nonprofit organization that holds run/walk race events to increase awareness of migraine and fundraise for research. At a recent event, Sarah and her team of family and friends raised more than $3,000.

Healthline met up with Sarah to learn more about her experience with migraine and why she believes advocacy and fundraising are so important.

Life with migraine

“The first time I experienced a migraine that I remember, I was 5. It’s so much more than a headache. I can’t even stand up when it happens. I lose mobility in my legs because the pain is so crashing.” — Sarah

“Sarah had migraines when we first got together in college. It wasn’t ever really an issue, I would say, because I’ve always known that it was just a part of her life.” — Rob Rathsack, Sarah’s husband

“I would love to say that there’s a cure out there and I will get better, but that’s just not the reality. And my husband has always known that and supported that, which has made us successful.” — Sarah

Being an advocate

“What I do with my advocacy is I try to help people that haven’t even been diagnosed. They may be suffering and not even know how to get help, where to get help. And there’s not enough help available.

“I began this blog not knowing what it was, where it would take me. And now five years later, I know that I’m making a much larger difference than I had even dreamed of.” — Sarah

The migraine community

“The migraine community is a group of powerful people. Our stories are so different but we have this passion to stop migraine, to help, to educate, to increase funding, to go to Congress, to change things.

“The more you inform yourself, the more you can inform others. The more battles you fight, the more you will win — and it will help us all.” — Sarah