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There’s been a surge in interest around telemedicine, or virtual healthcare, in recent years. Most telemedicine services allow you to connect with a healthcare professional through videos calls, phone calls, messaging, and virtual chat features, rather than scheduling an in-person visit.

In addition to convenience, telemedicine expands your access to doctors and other healthcare professionals, since you can make an appointment with someone who might not be close to where you live.

Teladoc is a telemedicine service that offers everything from general medical care to consultations with specialists for second opinions. You can also access mental health and wellness care from dietitians, health coaches, dermatologists, and more.

Teladoc is a telemedicine service that connects you with medical experts in a variety of different fields. You can use Teladoc for:

  • primary care appointments
  • long-term care
  • mental health and therapy sessions
  • wellness care, such as nutrition appointments or care for chronic pain

You can also access more than 50,000 specialists who can give you second opinions and provide guidance on which medical decision or treatment is best for you.

To connect with a specialist, you can submit a request online, through the Teladoc app, or by phone. You’ll then get connected to a specialist through Teladoc.

All medical appointments are virtual, meaning you don’t have to go visit any of the professionals in person. All healthcare professionals are licensed or board certified healthcare professionals.

You can choose from video calls, phone calls, messaging, and emailing. Some services, such as dermatology and STI testing, don’t require any live connection — you can just upload photos or fill out request forms and receive guidance a couple of days later.

The price of each visit varies based on your insurance plan and which service you’re requesting:

  • With insurance, General Medical visits can be as low as $0 per visit. Without insurance, General Medical is $75 per visit.
  • With insurance, therapy sessions range from $0 to $99. Psychiatric appointments range from $0 to $299 for your first appointment or up to $119 per visit for any subsequent appointments.

For specific costs of the other services, you’ll need to set up an account and input your insurance information.


  • Appointments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Copay may be less than an in-person visit.
  • Same-day appointments are available.
  • Services are available at a flat rate without insurance.
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  • Appointments can be expensive if they’re not covered by insurance.
  • There’s no ability to follow up after a General Medical visit.
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Teladoc is an excellent option for anyone looking for convenient, accessible healthcare. It’s especially helpful for people who would prefer not to go to an in-person appointment or people with busy lifestyles that make it difficult to schedule in-person appointments. Teladoc also offers appointments 7 days a week.

It’s also great for anyone looking for more accessible mental health treatment.

However, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • You’ll need consistent access to the internet and a computer or smartphone to access the platform.
  • This service is only for nonemergency services. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or visit an emergency room.

Teladoc offers many healthcare services that fall into the following five categories:

  • General Medical
  • Primary360
  • Mental Health
  • Specialists and Expert Opinion
  • Wellness Care

All medical services are provided by licensed or board certified healthcare professionals.

General Medical

  • Price: $0 and up with insurance; $75 without insurance
  • Insurance: general medical visits can be scheduled without insurance; HSA and FSA accounts are accepted

The General Medical service gives you 24/7 access to care for nonemergency conditions like:

  • cold
  • flu
  • allergy symptoms
  • sinus infections
  • sore throat

All doctors providing care are U.S. board certified or licensed in their specific states. There are also pediatricians on call for children.

This plan is best suited for individual appointments, rather than building relationships and getting individualized care plans, similar to an urgent care office. This is primarily because you can’t schedule a follow-up appointment with General Medical care.


  • Price: depends on insurance plan
  • Insurance: health plans and employers may provide Teladoc coverage; check with your plan to see which services are covered

Primary360 connects you with a primary care doctor of your choosing through phone and video calls. This service allows you to build a relationship with a specific doctor and gives you access to routine checkups and care for chronic conditions.

You get a personalized care plan and your doctor will monitor your health and progress over time. If you need access to a specialist or a referral, you can request it through this plan. If any issues arise after hours, you also have 24/7 access to a care team of doctors outside of your primary care physician who can answer questions for nonemergencies.

All primary care doctors in the Primary360 plan are board certified in family practice, internal medicine, and related specialties. They can request lab work and imaging tests and provide prescriptions.

This plan is suitable for adults ages 18 and older. However, there is also an option for kids available, where children can connect with pediatricians 24/7 for nonemergency situations.

Mental Health

  • Price: $0–99 for therapy; $0–$299 for first psychiatry visit; $0–$119 for every visit after
  • Insurance: may be covered by insurance; check with your plan to see which services are covered

This service provides access to licensed therapists and psychiatrists who are trained in various mental health conditions and symptoms, such as:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • stress
  • relationship conflicts
  • substance use disorders

When you sign up for mental health services, you can choose the therapist or psychiatrist of your choice and then work exclusively with them to build a relationship.

Psychiatrists can prescribe some medications, including antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics, but they can’t prescribe controlled substances.

They do prescribe some attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications, including Intuniv, Strattera, and Kapvay.

They can also help you manage treatment with your current medication.

Specialists and Expert Opinion

  • Price: depends on insurance plan
  • Insurance: health plans and employers may provide Teladoc coverage; check with your plan to see which services are covered

The Specialists and Expert Opinion service give you access to more than 50,000 licensed healthcare professionals in more than 450 specialties, including:

  • cardiology
  • oncology
  • pain management
  • gastroenterology
  • rheumatology
  • dermatology

You can come to these healthcare professionals for medical advice and questions, or to get a second opinion on a diagnosis or recommended treatment plan.

If there’s not a suitable specialist or expert to help you, Teladoc can also assist with finding local healthcare professionals for in-person care.

Wellness Care

  • Price: varies based on service and insurance coverage
  • Insurance: insurance is accepted; certain services also HSA and FSA eligible

Wellness Care is a broad category that includes:

  • nutrition
  • neck and back care
  • quitting smoking
  • sexual health

This service gives you access to registered dietitians, health coaches, and exercise specialists who can put together nutrition guides and exercise plans for weight management, pain relief, and chronic disease management.

You can also request tests for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through the platform without a video or phone consultation.

Some healthcare professionals under the Wellness Care service can provide medications, but the professional must be appropriately licensed to do so.

To set up your free account, you can visit Teladoc’s website or download the free mobile app. Once you click “Register,” you’ll be prompted to enter basic information, like your name, address, and birthdate.

From there, you’ll be asked to fill out a medical history form that the healthcare professionals will use to design the right treatment plan for you. You’ll also be able to enter your insurance information, which will give you more in-depth access to pricing for your specific insurance plan.

Teladoc is available in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. If you live in the United States but you’re traveling internationally, you can access care while you’re away with the Global Care plan.

Teladoc uses secure servers to maintain the privacy of your protected health information (PHI), which is required by law. The company complies with all state, national, and international regulations, including HIPAA (the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996).

There are some circumstances when Teladoc may need to share your information, like if your insurance company needs proof of treatment or if your service provider needs to consult with another doctor.

In these cases, you’ll need to give Teladoc your written authorization to share your PHI. If you change your mind, you can revoke your authorization at any time.

Teladoc has mixed reviews from customers. While users of the app rave about it, giving it a 4.3-star rating overall, reviewers on the Better Business Bureau‘s website weren’t as happy.

Satisfied customers said they received quality care and were able to secure appointments on short notice. Teladoc also receives great reviews for its convenience, with users particularly happy about not having to leave the house to access medical care.

Most complaints have to do with unexpectedly canceled appointments, shorter-than-expected call times, and an inability to follow up with the healthcare professional after the call (the General Medical visits don’t allow for follow-ups).

Here’s how Teladoc measures up against other popular telehealth sites.

PriceInsuranceServices offeredConsiderationsCustomer rating
Teladocvaries based on insurance; General Medical visits are $75 without insurancemany major insurance providers acceptedgeneral medical, primary care, specialists/second opinions, mental health care, wellness (nutrition, exercise, dermatology)appointments are available 7 days a week4.3 stars
MDLIVE$0–$284, depending on insurancemany major insurance providers acceptedurgent care, primary care, psychiatry, dermatologydoctors on call 24/7 4.6 stars
Doctor on Demandvaries based on insurance; general 15-minute visits are $75 without insurancemany major insurance providers acceptedurgent care, mental health, preventive care, chronic caredoctors on call 24/7 2.9 stars
Plush CareMembership costs $14.99 per month or $99 annually. The first visit is $119 without insurance; insured members will pay their copay. Price of subsequent appointments varies based on insurance coverage.many major insurance providers acceptedurgent care, everyday/primary care, mental health, online therapysame-day appointments are available every 15 minutes4.3 stars
Sesamevaries based on insurancemany major insurance providers acceptedurgent care, men’s health, women’s health, mental health, skin care, dental, sexual health, pediatrics, imaging, labsa third-party platform that connects licensed healthcare professionals with patients; not available in every state4.3 stars

Virtual appointments are sufficient in many cases, but sometimes it makes more sense to physically visit your doctor. Make an in-person appointment if you:

  • need a hands-on physical examination
  • have a medical emergency
  • have mental health conditions that benefit more from in-person treatment

It’s also a good idea to visit your doctor in person if you don’t have reliable internet or a way to virtually connect with a healthcare professional during scheduled appointment times.

Is Teladoc a legitimate service?

Yes, Teladoc is a legitimate telehealth service that gives you access to thousands of qualified medical professionals.

How much does Teladoc cost?

Without insurance, General Medical appointments cost $75. Other than that, the price of Teladoc varies based on your insurance plan and which service you’re receiving.

To see specific costs, you’ll need to sign up for an account and input your insurance information.

Does Teladoc accept insurance?

Yes, Teladoc accepts many major insurance plans. You can also use your health savings plan (HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA) for some Teladoc services.

When should I use Teladoc?

Teladoc is an excellent option for anyone looking for convenient healthcare. You can use Teladoc for nonemergency health issues, like colds, flus, allergies, and sinus infections, as well as for long-term care from a primary physician.

You can also use Teladoc if you’re looking for a convenient way to access high quality mental health care.

Based on user reviews from the Teladoc app and consumer feedback on the Better Business Bureau’s website, we’re giving Teladoc 3.5 stars out of 5.

While some users had issues with canceled appointments and short appointment times, many others rave about the access to affordable, high quality healthcare.

In addition to general medical visits, Teladoc offers regular primary care, mental health services (with therapists and psychiatrists), and wellness care. You can opt for video or phone calls, or connect with your healthcare professional through the app.

While Teladoc is appropriate for many people, it does require reliable internet service and access to a smartphone or computer. If you don’t have these things, it may be better to visit your doctor in person.

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