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Telehealth, also called telemedicine, has risen in popularity over the past few months. Mental telehealth platforms in particular provide users with the opportunity to connect with providers without leaving their homes. Sanvello is one of those services.

The mental health app, which specifically focuses on helping people with anxiety, depression, and chronic stress, connects you with mental health coaches and peers that are experiencing similar things.

Keep reading to learn what Sanvello offers, how much it costs, and whether it’s right for you.

Sanvello is a mental telehealth app that uses the clinically backed principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness meditation to help users with anxiety, depression, and stress.

The app is subscription-based. Depending on which subscription you choose, you can access all or some of the services Sanvello offers: Self-Care, Peer Support, Coaching, and Therapy.

With your subscription, you receive a number of tools to use:

  • guided meditations
  • journaling prompts
  • goal trackers
  • community boards

Additionally, if you opt for the upgraded plan, you also receive access to mental health coaches with previous experience in health, wellness, or mental health fields.

It’s worth noting that Sanvello coaches are not therapists. While they are trained in mental health and coaching skills, they cannot diagnose or treat mental health conditions. If a coach thinks that you’d be better off with a therapist or need additional care that’s outside of the scope of the program, they’ll help guide you to the right type of practitioner for you.

Sanvello does offer a therapy service with licensed therapists as well, but this isn’t included in the subscription cost. Therapy services are charged on a per-appointment basis.


  • Uses CBT and mindfulness meditation, two clinically backed principles.
  • Teaches you skills that you can carry over to your daily life even when you’re not using the app.
  • Free portion of the app gives you access to a lot of tools.
  • Paid portion is budget-friendly.
  • App allows you to connect directly with peers.
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  • Insurance options are limited.
  • Therapy option is only available in 23 states.
  • Some of the features, like guided meditations, are better suited for beginners.
  • Coaches respond within 1 business day, not immediately.
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Sanvello is best for anyone experiencing mild to moderate anxiety, stress, or depression. It’s not recommended for severe mental health disorders and cannot take the place of a dedicated therapist. If you’re experiencing a severe mental health condition, you might fare better with an in-person therapist. Sanvello is also not an emergency service.

While there are a wide variety of tools available in the app, users say the guided meditations and journaling prompts are better suited for beginners, rather than someone who has a lot of experience with mindfulness meditation.

Because Sanvello offers a lot of different services, it doesn’t go really deep into one area. Instead, it touches the surfaces of many. If you have a lot of practice with meditation, you may do better with a different app.

Additionally, Sanvello is app-based, so it’s best for those who have regular access to a smartphone or tablet. You can also access it on the computer through the website, too. If you don’t have reliable access to a phone or a computer, you may be better off with a different service.

Sanvello breaks its services down into four main areas. Some of these areas are accessible under one subscription cost, but the therapy option requires an additional per-appointment fee.


Price: $8.99 per month or $53.99 per year

The self-care portion of the app covers a variety of services, including:

  • guided meditations
  • deep breathing activities
  • mood trackers
  • health trackers
  • thought trackers
  • community support

The community support section of the app is similar to a social media site. It allows you to post your thoughts and like, comment, or share others’ posts.

Under the self-care umbrella, Sanvello also offers Guided Journeys, which are self-learning modules designed by psychologists. These learning modules contain various lessons that combine the principles of CBT and mindfulness.

There are currently four Guided Journey options:

  • Feeling Better, for anxiety and depression
  • Taking Control, for changing negative thought patterns and managing emotions
  • Building Confidence, for changing your thoughts and helping achieve your goals
  • Becoming Mindful, for learning how to use mindfulness to stay focused on the present moment


Price: $50 per month

The coaching portion of the app offers everything that’s included in self-care, but with the addition of coaches that offer more personalized care. Within the app, you can use a messaging feature to chat with your coach. Just send a message and your coach will respond within 1 business day.

Coaches are not therapists. They’re trained professionals that have experience in health, wellness, and core coaching principles. If you’re looking to connect with a licensed therapist, you’ll have to choose the therapy option.

Peer support

Price: $8.99 per month or $53.99 per year

Peer support is included in the subscription cost of Sanvello, but it’s one of the things that sets this mental health app apart from others like Talkspace.

With the premium service, you get access to chat groups where you can connect with others in similar situations. Additionally, the social portion of the app allows users to write posts and interact with others by liking, commenting, and sharing.


Price: $140 for initial appointment and $85 for follow-up appointments (insurance may cover some of these costs)

Therapy is not included in the subscription cost of the app, but you can access care from licensed therapists and psychiatrists within Sanvello. Each therapy session is conducted via virtual one-on-one video sessions.

Without insurance, therapy sessions cost $140 for an initial appointment and $85 for each follow-up appointment. If insurance covers this service, your cost may drop to $0. You can check if you’re covered within the app.

Therapy is currently only available in some states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Sanvello is free to download. The free version has access to various tools, including:

  • guided meditations
  • journaling prompts
  • health habit tracking
  • goal setting and tracking

If you want to optimize the app and receive access to all features, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version, which costs $8.99 per month or $53.99 for the year.

There’s also a premium plus coaching option, which costs $50 per month. This subscription gives you access to everything in the regular subscription, plus private messaging with coaches.

Therapy sessions are also available but are not included in the subscription. The price ranges from $85 to $140 per appointment without insurance. If your insurance covers Sanvello, your cost could be significantly lower.

Sanvello is easy to download, both on iOS and Android. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the app.
  2. Click “Get Started.” Here, you’ll be prompted to choose up to three goals, like decreasing anxiety, improving social skills, or practicing meditation. Then, you’ll select a good time for alerts, which might be morning, evening, or a specific time.
  3. Enter your personal information, including your country, state, nickname, email, and password. You can also sign up with your Apple account.
  4. Click “Sign Up.”

Once you’re signed up, you’ll have two options.

You can check your insurance coverage, where you’ll be prompted to enter the name of your insurance company or your employer. If your insurance covers Sanvello, you’ll see updated pricing options. If your insurance doesn’t cover the service, the app will tell you it’s not yet covered.

You can also upgrade the app via a paid subscription. You have two subscription options: premium ($8.99 per month or $53.99 per year) or premium with coaching ($50 per month).

Sanvello has overwhelmingly positive reviews from users, who give it an overall rating of 4.8 stars on the Apple app store.

Customers rave about the array of tools available, calling it invaluable for a variety of conditions. Reviewers also note that it’s ever-changing, as new tools and guides are constantly added, which keeps it fresh and worth the monthly investment.

One criticism of the app is that it can take some time to get used to the interface. Others say it’s only useful for beginners, who don’t have a lot of experience with mindfulness meditation or other goal-setting tools.

Some users also prefer to connect with licensed therapists rather than coaches, but find the cost for therapy sessions a barrier to care. It’s worth noting that the price of therapy in the Sanvello app is close to the price of other therapy apps.

In addition to Sanvello, there are a couple of other mental telehealth platforms, like Talkspace and BetterHelp. Here’s how they compare.

Services offeredPriceCustomer ratingPrivacy
Sanvelloself-care, peer support, coaching, therapy$8.99 to $50 per month; therapy sessions are an additional cost ($140 for the first and $85 for each follow-up)4.8 starsAll information is secure and protected by HIPAA.
Talkspaceonline therapy, couples therapy, teen therapy, psychiatryabout $69 to $129 per week, depending on your location and availability of therapists in your area4.7 starsAll information is secure and protected by HIPAA.
BetterHelptherapy$90 to $120, depending on your location, preferences, and therapist4.8 starsAll information is secure and protected by HIPAA.

Does Sanvello take insurance?

Sanvello takes insurance, but options are limited.

Currently, some insurances accepted by Sanvello include:

  • United Healthcare
  • Optum Behavioral Health
  • AARP
  • Medica
  • Medicare
  • Bind

If you have insurance, you can check if you’re covered by downloading the app. Then, click the “Upgrade via Insurance” tool to see if your insurance is accepted.

Is Sanvello easy to use?

Sanvello is extremely user-friendly. Everything is available to you within the app, all in one place.

In addition to easy-to-access tools within the app, Sanvello can also send you alerts and notifications to remind you to check in and spend some time using the features.

Is Sanvello effective?

Sanvello is an effective mental health tool for those with mild to moderate anxiety, stress, and depression. The app has over 3 million users, and research shows that the tools Sanvello offers — CBT, mindfulness meditation, and mood and health tracking — can have a positive impact on the way you feel.

Sanvello is a mental telehealth app that’s highly rated by users. It gives you access to various tools, all based on mindfulness and CBT, that can help you in your mental health journey.

Sanvello is best suited for those with mild to moderate anxiety, depression, and stress. While there is a dedicated therapy portion of the app, those with severe mental health conditions should consider in-person therapy rather than online therapy.

Because Sanvello is subscription-based, there’s a monthly fee attached, but therapy sessions are an additional per-appointment cost. If you have insurance, it’s possible that your policy covers some of these services. You can quickly check right after downloading the app.

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