Rocks generally aren’t touted for their storytelling abilities, but this month Healthline is partnering with Medical News Today to use rocks to spread the word that May is Mental Health Awareness month.

The project is simple: We’re painting rocks with quotes that’ll brighten your day and then hiding them in plain sight.

Why? We’re on a mission to kickstart honest, vulnerable conversations about mental health.

If a colorful rock brought you to this article, welcome! We’re so happy we reached you.

Too often conversations about mental illness are obscured by euphemisms and thwarted by feelings of shame. How are we supposed to get the help we need if we don’t feel empowered to explain what’s really going on?

Did you know nearly one in five adults in the United States live with a mental health condition? That’s a long list of people, and likely includes someone in your life.

At Healthline, we’re on a quest to build a stronger, healthier world. And we believe that physical well-being is intrinsically linked to mental health.

Which is why, together with Medical News Today, we’ve joined numerous other communities in creating our very own rock project.

No matter who you are, your inner well-being is worth prioritizing. How we interact with our thoughts and emotions impacts our relationships, our careers, and our self-worth. The way we see it, each and every person walking down the street stands to benefit from increased awareness about mental health.

Want to join the movement? Post a photo of the rock you found on social media. Better yet, paint your own rock and leave it behind for someone else to discover.

And whether you’re posting or painting, make sure to include #Healthline so word spreads.

Ginger Wojcik works on Healthline’s production team. She loves surfing, writing, and breakfast — in that order. Follow more of her work on Medium.