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These are the best meditation podcasts.

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Meditation is the way of habitually training your mind to redirect its thoughts and focus. It has become increasingly popular because of the many health benefits it offers, like:

  • reducing stress and anxiety
  • improving moods and attitudes
  • increasing clarity, discipline, and concentration

Using meditation, you can even achieve a better sleep routine, a calm state, and heightened awareness of yourself and your surroundings.

A meditation podcast can include a guided meditation from a teacher or practitioner along with other elements, like interviews and speakers. The discussions are typically about mindfulness, meditation, and overall well-being.

There are a variety of meditation podcasts out there that can help inform and enlighten you on the practice.

Check out this list of the top 15 meditation podcasts.

Research suggests that meditation and everyday mindfulness can have extremely positive impacts, both physically and mentally. Meditation has been linked to reducing anxiety, depression, and stress. It may promote emotional health, enhance your self-awareness, and lengthen your attention span, too.

Meditation may also decrease your blood pressure and reduce strain on the heart. This occurs because meditation is associated with nervous system arousal and the activation of the stress response.

In choosing the best meditation podcasts, we wanted to ensure that there was an array of formats, topics, and guests. We also made sure these podcasts have great reviews.

In terms of formatting, we included a variety: guided meditations, explanations of the science behind meditation, interviews with experts, and more.

When it came to subject matters, we tried to pick a podcast on the list for everyone — from parents to creative types to those who crave more sleep.

Download an episode to learn about the practice of meditation, participate in some guided sessions, and reap the benefits of mindfulness.

Best overall meditation podcast

‘Natural Meditation’

During each 40 to 60-minute episode of “Natural Meditation,” Stephan Wormland takes you through a gentle guided meditation and discussion about the practice.

Wormland is a former Tibetan Buddhist monk, trained in Gestalt therapy, a form of humanistic therapy that looks at unresolved conflicts and how they affect a person’s emotional well-being. Wormland also holds an MA in clinical psychology and currently spends his days teaching meditation in Buddhist centers throughout Europe.

This podcast meaningfully combines the host’s Buddhist training and 30+ years experience of meditation. He integrates his knowledge of Western psychology in a way that’s accessible to many listeners. It’s even great for beginners or those who have had difficulty getting into meditation before.

Listeners find episodes to be a relaxing mix of guided meditations and practical conversations about mindfulness.

Best meditation podcast for busy people

Meditation Minis

If you’re a beginner meditator or need a quick 5-minute mindfulness break, you’re not alone. And with 4.8 stars based on more than 3,200 Apple Podcast listeners, “Meditation Minis” can help.

Host Chel Hamilton is a hypnotherapist who leads you in quick guided meditations using many techniques and topics. The goal and intention of this award-winning podcast is to help reduce stress and anxiety, boost your confidence, and remove negative thoughts at any time of the day.

Since each episode is only 5 to 12 minutes long, you can fit them in whenever it’s most convenient, whether that’s at morning, noon, or night. This also makes the podcast ideal for beginners or those just learning about meditation.

Even if your days are jam-packed, or if you’re unfamiliar with mindfulness practices, you can benefit from a 10-minute investment in your mind and body.

Best meditation podcast for self-compassion

Tara Brach Podcast

Widely adored around the globe, Tara Brach takes two different approaches to her podcast: guided meditation and spiritual conversations in the form of Buddhist dharma talks.

She offers deep, relevant wisdom in the episodes and guides you through an integrated meditation, melding ancient practice with modern psychology.

This podcast is ideal for the spiritual explorer looking for a bit of guidance from an experienced mentor. Brach has a PhD in clinical psychology and has done extensive research on meditation. Episode topics range from resting your heart to humility.

Best meditation podcast for skeptics

10 Percent Happier

Journalist and former Good Morning America anchor Dan Harris hosts this accessible and insightful meditation podcast. Despite never being a big believer in meditation, all of that changed when he had a panic attack live on camera.

Today, Harris hosts highly regarded guests from the mindfulness world who share their views on the psychology and science behind meditating. In addition, he brings a very straightforward, simple, and clear take on the art that promotes self-awareness.

Episodes are released on Wednesdays. Through his podcast, Harris consistently inspires meditation fence-sitters and skeptics to convert — and, sometimes, he even successfully nudges many well-intentioned practitioners to amp up their routines.

Best meditation podcast for beginners

The Mindful Minute

Achieving stillness and knowing how to sustain a meditation practice can be tough. This is where “The Mindful Minute” comes in, with short episodes designed to get busy people meditating for the long haul.

Meryl Arnett launched “The Mindful Minute,” because she wanted to find a way to make meditation accessible to everyone. The great thing about this podcast is that you can choose your own experience, from a 10-minute mini-meditation to a full 30-minute class.

Arnett is an experienced instructor with over 10 years of experience. She leads each meditation episode in a simple and easy way, making them especially ideal for beginners. Episodes usually end with a brief discussion, allowing listeners to benefit from a classroom learning style on their own schedule.

Best meditation podcast for creatives

Rubin Museum Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

Holding a 4.4 star rating on Apple Podcasts, the “Mindfulness Meditation Podcast” was created by New York’s Rubin Museum of Art, known for showcasing art from the Himalayas and its nearby regions.

Rather than using nothing as a focal point, common in meditation, the museum takes a different piece of art as inspiration for each weekly podcast episode. This method is ideal for anyone, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or seasoned practitioner.

Each 30 to 40-minute episode includes an introductory discussion on its art and theme, a recorded meditation practice, and some featured well-known names and teachers in meditation, like author Sharon Shalzberg and researcher Rebecca Li.

Best meditation podcast to relate to

I Should Be Meditating

These days, many of us participate in a busy “go go go” mentality. The culture we’re immersed in often makes it much harder to slow down, take a breath, and focus. This can make meditation, which prioritizes figuring out what works for you, harder.

That’s where “I Should Be Meditating” can help. The host Alan Klima acknowledges and deals with this in a very real way, thanks to his laid-back and approachable teaching style.

You’ll hear him openly speak about his personal challenges with a consistent meditation practice, which makes him extremely relatable.

Best meditation podcast for current events

On Being

If you’re interested in learning about the ancient practice of meditation and how it relates to the human experience, check out the Peabody Award-winning podcast “On Being.”

Through interviews, host Krista Tippett learns about something very human in our society broken down through the passions and interests of leading philosophers, poets, and social and spiritual guides.

Tippett even discusses the link between mindfulness and day-to-day approaches to poetry, arts, spirituality, social healing, and science.

Tippett introduces huge ideas that could change the world, including fascinating approaches to Buddhism and the way human responses have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She also discusses her personal mindfulness and meditative practices in inspiring ways that may just ground, calm, and focus you.

Best meditation podcast with interviews


On “Untangle,” you’ll hear a series of interviews with experts, authors, and thought leaders in the worlds of mindfulness, brain health, leadership, and life. Guests include neuroscientists, psychologists, nutritionists, storytellers, Buddhists, sleep experts, and more.

Every Tuesday, hosts Ariel Garten and Patricia Karpas bring you something different, heartfelt, and interesting. For example, you might learn about the importance of meditation in easing anxiety or how self-compassion changes who people are.

Whatever the topic, expect inspiration, humor, and thought-provoking insight from a wide range of highly regarded folks in their field.

Best meditation podcast for kids

Peace Out Podcast

Self-regulation and mindfulness can be excellent tools to help kids relax, develop social skills, and take control of their emotions. “Peace Out” offers a great outlet for this, with short stories that use guided visualization and breathing exercises to guide kids to a calmer state.

Check out a new episode every 2 weeks with narrator Chanel Tsang, an educator, family support practitioner, and yoga guide.

Tsang started “Peace Out” based on her belief in social-emotional skills being crucial to children’s success, well-being, and health. She was inspired by her commitment to yoga and mindfulness meditation.

She uses a relaxing and fun approach to focus on key themes of kindness, science, and self-regulation.

Best meditation podcast for quick inspiration

Radio Headspace

Created by the minds behind Headspace, a popular meditation app, former monk Andy Puddicombe works to help listeners quiet internal negative thoughts.

Each week, he challenges folks to live life to the fullest, which has no limits. He discusses the things that bring people together in a common, human condition.

People love Puddicombe’s inspiring and comforting outlook on everyday life. With its short episodes (many of which are less than five minutes), this podcast is easy to fit into your morning routine.

Best meditation podcast for parents

Mindful Mama

It’s no secret that parenting is a tough job. If the demands and daily grind of parenting feel a bit overwhelming, check out “Mindful Mama.” This podcast offers everything from parenting tips and tricks to inspiration through interviews and discussions, so you can find more joy in this job of a lifetime.

Hunter Clarke-Fields hosts this podcast, built on the idea that you can’t give what you don’t have. Each episode aims to guide you to a happy, thriving, calm, and peaceful state that you can pass on to your kids.

Best meditation podcast for waking up

Wake Me Up: Morning Meditation and Motivation

This meditation podcast motivates and uplifts listeners each morning to start each day out right. Host Tyler Brown does this through guided meditation and calming music to transition you from sleep.

Brown explains that people’s daily instinct each morning is to look at their phones as soon as they wake up. However, their minds would benefit much more from focusing on them instead.

When people shift this focus, they set themselves up for a clearer and more fulfilling day — and this app will help you do just that.

Best meditation podcast for information


“Mindfulness+” is based on the vision that people can develop and reach their total potential with the help of mindfulness. The 20-minute episodes include guided meditations and lyrical lessons on many subjects, such as world traditions and research in developmental psychology.

Host Thomas McConkie brings a lot of insight and experience to “Mindfulness+.” This includes teachings from many traditions, including Zen in Buddhist wisdom, Hindu mantra meditation, and McConkie’s native Mormonism. He has been practicing meditation since the 1990s and is an author, coach, and meditation teacher.

Best meditation podcast for bedtime

Get Sleepy

Good news! If you have a hard time falling asleep, the “Get Sleepy” storytelling podcast might be your solution. Each 40 to 50-minute episode, released twice a week, brings listeners a unique offering of a sleep meditation and bedtime story.

Meditation and sleep experts, voice-over artists, and writers collaborate on each episode with the ultimate goal of helping you fall asleep. Many listeners have said it works and has even changed their lives.

What’s the difference between a meditation podcast and a guided meditation?

A guided meditation uses different techniques to help you get into a meditative state under a teacher or practitioner’s guidance. Different types of media, like music or photographs, can also be used for mindfulness.

A meditation podcast might include an element of guided meditation, but it will often include other components, like speakers and interviews. These conversations are typically framed in mindfulness and meditation, along with other topics around general well-being.

How do I meditate?

Sit or lie down in a quiet, calm space. If music relaxes you, try playing some softly. Close your eyes or rest your eyelids.

Notice your entire body and your breath through your nose with your mouth closed. If your mind wanders, acknowledge this and bring it back to your body and breath. Just be for as long as you can.

How can a podcast help me meditate?

Meditation podcasts are helpful for newcomers to meditation because they can offer useful tips and guidance. Practitioners who have specific wellness goals can also benefit from tuning in for an episode or two.

Try different meditation podcasts to see which ones work best for you.

If you’ve been experiencing an excess of anxiety or stress in your life, know that it’s completely OK and common. But also: Know that you have a variety of options to overcome or simply manage it.

Meditation can provide a variety of health benefits and tools to deal with life’s stressors. It can even improve your moods, sleep, self-awareness, and confidence. Spend some time with a meditation podcast to learn more, discover some new possibilities, and, ultimately, clear your mind.

Although mindfulness is an excellent tool to help combat everyday stressors, you should reach out to a mental health professional if you continue to experience an excess of stress or anxiety.

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