Dial 911 or contact a doctor, hospital emergency department, or law enforcement agency right away if a person does any one of the following. If you feel threatened, remove yourself and any children from the situation if you can safely do so.

  • attempts suicide
  • expresses thoughts of suicide (even in a half-joking or off-hand way)
  • acts in a disturbing, aggressive, bizarre, or violent manner
  • thinks or talks about killing another person

Consult your doctor without delay if someone you know has several of the following symptoms:

  • lack of desire to interact with others
  • loss of interest in formerly pleasurable activities
  • decline in functioning at home, school, work, or any other important arena
  • trouble focusing, thinking, or expressing thoughts logically
  • evidence of memory impairment
  • deterioration in appearance or neglect of grooming, especially when accompanied by changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • a feeling of powerfulness or invincibility
  • uncharacteristic moodiness, hostility, or emotional outbursts
  • unusual fear or suspiciousness
  • a disproportionate response to sensory stimulation, such as noise, smells, or lights