The Quick Extender Pro is an unregistered medical device that its manufacturer claims can help your penis gain extra length or address penis curving that can be painful or disruptive to your sex life.

This device relies on penile traction therapy (PTT), which may soften hardened tissue common in conditions like Peyronie’s disease and reportedly lengthen your penis.

However, there are no research studies or evidence supporting whether the Quick Extender Pro has any effect on Peyronie’s disease or penis lengthening in general. In addition, this device has not undergone any of the rigorous tests or trials needed to be designated as a medical device for Peyronie’s disease.

Innovatech Designs, the company that makes the Quick Extender Pro, states that the device hasn’t been tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that the device isn’t meant to be a medical treatment for any disease, including Peyronie’s disease.

Many devices like the Quick Extender Pro make similar claims about making your penis bigger or improving your sexual function and comfort. But is this device — or any other PTT device — worth a shot?

Read on to learn how this device works, what PTT is meant to address, and other information you need to make an informed decision about trying out the Quick Extender Pro or other PTT devices.

The Quick Extender Pro is a PTT device that you wear on your penis to help slowly but safely stretch out the tissue.

This device uses a technique known as mechanotransduction. This means that the device pulls on the penile tissues for an extended period of time, stretching the skin in the penis. The resulting tissue can become much longer and softer as a result.

That’s why Innovatech Designs touts the Quick Extender Pro as a way to make the penis bigger and treat conditions like Peyronie’s disease, where hard tissue can make erections curve sharply and make penile sex uncomfortable.

Anyone who wants to extend the length of their penis when it’s flaccid, or not erect, may be interested in trying the Quick Extender Pro.

But keep in mind that PTT devices aren’t meant to add a significant amount of length beyond a couple of centimeters. In addition, no research or evidence supports this claim.

PTT devices are primarily meant to address penile curvature that occurs with Peyronie’s disease. This condition results in a sharp curve in the penis when it’s erect due to scar tissue buildup. This can make erections and intercourse difficult without pain or injury.

Some research suggests that PTT devices may be beneficial for people with corporal fibrosis.

This condition can happen when scar tissue displaces otherwise healthy tissue in parts of the penis called the corpora cavernosa, which fills with blood and grows when you get an erection. Fibrosis usually results from an injury or conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes.

The Quick Extender Pro is a relatively new device, and there’s no specific research to back up its long-term efficacy and safety in large populations.

It’s also not registered in any FDA databases where approved medical devices are documented. This means that it hasn’t been properly tested for safety and efficacy and that any claims made by Innovatech Designs about its use are not based on any scientific evidence.

That’s not to say that PTT devices are totally ineffective.

Some research on the theory behind these devices suggests that PTT devices could help extend penis length and reduce symptoms associated with conditions like Peyronie’s disease.

A 2016 study suggests that PTT using a device like the Quick Extender Pro — along with additional treatments like calcium channel blockers or antiviral drugs — is effective for not only treating conditions like Peyronie’s disease and corporal fibrosis, but also for increasing penis size by a few centimeters.

In addition, a 2018 literature review found that studies of PTT devices show promising results, but it warns that some studies have small sample sizes, inconsistent testing procedures, or participants who may not use the devices correctly — all of which can affect the data and conclusion.

Finally, a 2019 literature review of studies on penile stretching published between 1990 and 2018 found that PTT was successful in helping lengthen the penis and as treatment for the underlying causes of Peyronie’s disease, especially in combination with tissue grafts or methods that surgically straighten the penis and reduce excess tissue, called plication.

To date, no specific research exists on this device. This means that no safety complaints have been registered against this device. This does not mean that the device is free of any safety concerns. It’s possible to stretch your penis too much and cause discomfort or pain, but this may be remedied by reducing the tension in the device.

Some users warn of pain, discomfort, pinching, or chafing from the silicone straps on the device. This may be due to overstretching or overtightening, but it may also reflect the preferences and comfort level of each user.

It’s not recommended to use this device if you have known allergies to metals or silicone that can cause irritation.

Otherwise, there are no known major side effects or risks associated with the Quick Extender Pro, but again, this is due to a lack of research and testing of the device.

Keep in mind that the Quick Extender Pro is not FDA approved for use in the United States due to its lack of safety and efficacy testing.

This device has undergone testing to comply with rigorous safety standards according to the European General Medical Device Directive, and it is considered a Class I CE certified medical device.

However, this is not a substitute for the rigorous testing that devices must undergo to receive FDA approval.

Here’s a quick guide on how the Quick Extender Pro:

  1. Secure the Quick Extender Pro to the base of your penis with a circular ring. Insert your penis through two silicone straps at the end of a set of adjustable rods.
  2. Tighten the straps to secure your penis to the end of the device. The straps help reduce the pressure on the penis shaft and promote healthy blood flow.
  3. Lengthen the adjustable rods to apply light tension, known as penis traction, to the penis tissues while it’s flaccid. As tension is applied, microscopic tears will occur throughout the penis. This shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort. Your body will work to heal the tissue by generating new cells. During this stage, you can wear the device any time of the day underneath your undergarments, shorts, pants, and other types of clothing.

With use, you may begin to notice an overall lengthening of your penis when it’s flaccid. Many customers claim to see their first results in 3 months or fewer. You can extend the adjustable rods farther outward to encourage more length and thickness until you’re satisfied with your results.

Here’s the cost breakdown for the Quick Extender Pro, according to the device’s website. Keep in mind that sales may occur, so be sure to check the product website for most up-to-date pricing.

Quick Extender Pro versionsPriceSize of device (inches)
Value Edition$1506 in.
Deluxe Standard Edition$2258 in.
Deluxe Limited Edition$43712+ in.
Curvature & Peyronie’s Edition$2258 in.

The device has an average reputation on Trustpilot, though this is based solely on anecdotal evidence rather than research or medical testing. Users say it is simple to use and reliable in delivering a few centimeters of additional length.

Currently, there are no lawsuits or FDA warning letters against this device, but this doesn’t mean that the device is totally safe to use without risk.

The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and the BBB has given the device website an F rating for its numerous unresolved customer service complaints.

The Quick Extender Pro website has a standard privacy policy and security certificate that help protect your personal information and payment information when you purchase a device through the site.

The website also states that you can try the device for 6 months. If you’re not happy with the results, you can return the device and receive a full refund.

The website also says that all packaging is discreet, and only “Innova Quick E” will appear on your bank statement.

This product is relatively new and has received limited reviews from users, some of which are encouraging.

However, our medical reviewer notes they’re not aware of any doctors who recommend the Quick Extender Pro. So be sure to keep that in mind, especially since there is no reliable scientific research to support the use of this device.

Some reviews on Trustpilot warn of indiscreet packaging. Others criticize the bulky construction of the device that can make it uncomfortable to wear during the day. Others also complain of some discomfort or pinching from the silicone straps.

Finally, some reviewers also complain of never receiving the device in the mail or not getting a full refund after returning the device.

How long does it take for the Quick Extender Pro to work?

Some customers claim to notice initial results in about 3 months.

Is the Quick Extender Pro safe?

There is no scientific research or safety data registered with the FDA for this device. The Quick Extender Pro is a Class I CE certified medical device according to the European General Medical Device Directive, but this isn’t a substitute for FDA approval in the United States.

Are my results permanent?

This device is reported to result in a permanent increase in length or thickness with this device. But there isn’t currently any research or evidence to support this claim.

How long do I need to wear this device each day?

This depends on how often you feel comfortable wearing it. According to user reviews, at least 2 to 3 hours of wear each day appears to be enough to see results after a few months.

Is there a limit to how long I can extend my penis length with this device?

The device comes with adjustable rods that are purported to allow you to stretch out your penis to the length you want to achieve. The company also offers additional rods that can are meant to help you continue extending your penis beyond the standard length of the device.

Will this device show up on my credit card statement when I purchase it?

The company uses the name “Innovatech Quick E” to help keep purchases discreet.

Alternative options

There are several alternatives to PTT devices available if you want to improve the firmness of your erection, including:

  • vacuum pumps that help bring blood into your penis to get an erection
  • clamps or rings that can keep blood in your penis to maintain an erection

Here are some evidence-backed devices that can help you with erectile function:

Pump devices may temporarily help you get and keep an erection for sexual intercourse or masturbation. These devices aren’t meant to permanently increase the length or thickness of your penis.

Was this helpful?

While penile traction therapy, or PTT, is supported by research in general, the Quick Extender Pro lacks specific research to support its efficacy and use. However, some users of the device report being happy with their results.

Be sure to talk with a doctor before trying this device or any other PTT device to treat conditions like Peyronie’s disease or fibrosis. PTT is best done in combination with other treatments. Work with a specialist on a plan that will address your specific needs.