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Nutrafol is a range of dietary supplements and products designed to help those with hair loss due to age, stress, or genetics. The company uses only natural botanicals in its 100% drug-free formulations.

A note on language

You’ll notice that the language used to share information about Nutrafol products is pretty binary, fluctuating between the use of “male” and “female” or “men” and “women.”

Although we typically avoid language like this, we wanted to use the language the company uses to describe their products, as specificity and accuracy are key when reporting on products.

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Hair loss can be a frustrating and challenging issue for people, especially as they age. But it’s also common, with 8 in 10 experiencing male pattern baldness by the age of 80. While many products on the market claim to help with hair loss, few are backed by scientific research and clinical testing.

Nutrafol is a brand that was developed to help people of all genders manage their hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. The company claims that each product contains natural, medical-grade ingredients and has been clinically tested to ensure effectiveness.

Nutrafol for men includes a hair growth supplement that targets the root causes of hair thinning, a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor that addresses follicle-shrinking hormones, and a hair serum that boosts cell renewal.

Keep reading to learn more about Nutrafol Men, its products, and whether they actually work.

Nutrafol is a brand that sells 100% drug-free products designed to help people of all genders and sexes manage hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. It was co-founded by Giorgos Tsetis, a former model and entrepreneur, and is manufactured by Nutraceutical Wellness Inc., a company based in New York City.

The product line consists of two supplements and a hair serum. They’re made with natural ingredients and formulations that are backed by scientific research and clinical testing.

How does Nutrafol Men differ from Nutrafol Women?

Both lines of Nutrafol products aim to help with hair wellness but differ slightly. Nutrafol’s products for men are geared towards those who are over 18 years and experiencing signs of hair thinning and less scalp coverage. There are only three products available for Nutrafol Men.

Meanwhile, Nutrafol Women covers a broader spectrum with four different supplements (Women and Women’s Vegan, which are for those ages 18 to 44, Women’s Balance, for those 45 years and up, and Postpartum, for people who recently gave birth), hair boosters, and hair care, like shampoo and hair masks.

In general, all of Nutrafol’s products look to address the same goals, but the women’s line is more specific since it looks at the root cause too.


  • Natural ingredients: There aren’t any drugs or harsh chemicals found in the products.
  • Scientifically formulated: According to the company, the supplements and serum have been developed based on clinical testing.
  • Personalized approach: You can take a quiz to identify the best products for your hair concerns.
  • Positive customer reviews: Many people were impressed with their results.


  • Expensive: Nutrafol’s products can be costly compared with others on the market.
  • It takes time to see results: You may need to use Nutrafol products for several months before seeing any noticeable improvements.
  • It’s not suitable for everyone: Nutrafol isn’t suitable for people with certain health conditions or taking certain medications, so you should consult with a doctor before use.
  • Limited availability: Nutrafol products are primarily sold online, which may only be convenient for people with regular internet access.
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Nurtrafol Men has three products and three product bundles.

Nutrafol Proactive Thinning Hair Growth Nutraceutical

  • Price: $88
  • What it includes: a 1-month supply of the supplement, but you can sign up for monthly, 3-, or 6-month deliveries
  • What it’s best for: the early stages of hair thinning

Nutrafol Proactive Thinning is a daily hair growth dietary supplement. It’s designed for people who are losing hair and have decreased scalp coverage, and want to take steps to prevent hair thinning from becoming more severe.

It contains a formulated blend of natural ingredients that provide the scalp and hair follicles with the nutrients they need to promote healthy growth.

The product claims it can improve hair growth and thickness by targeting the underlying causes of thinning, such as hormone imbalances, stress, and poor nutrition.

Nutrafol Hairline Defender

  • Price: $110
  • What it includes: a 1-month supply of Proactive Thinning and DHT Inhibitor, but you can also sign up for monthly, 3-, or 6-month deliveries
  • What it’s best for: active hairline thinning and decreased scalp coverage

Hairline Defender is a bundle of the Nutrafol Proactive Thinning supplement and its DHT Inhibitor supplement. If you have active thinning along the hairline and across the scalp, these products may help.

Although hair loss can be caused by various factors, one of the main causes in males is a hormone called DHT, which the body produces from testosterone. It can cause hair follicles to shrink, leading to thinning hair and baldness.

But your susceptibility to hair loss depends on a combination of genetic factors, nutrient deficiencies, and stress. The DHT Inhibitor provides the body with the nutrients it needs to buffer negative hormonal effects and promote optimal hair health.

Nutrafol Full Support

  • Price: $157
  • What it includes: a 1-month supply of Proactive Thinning and a Hair Serum, but you can sign up for monthly, 3-, or 6-month deliveries
  • What it’s best for: all-over thinning, visible scalp, and excess shedding

This kit addresses hair thinning and excessive shedding from the inside out. It contains the Proactive Thinning supplement and a topical Hair Serum.

The Hair Serum boosts cell renewal in the scalp, thanks to ashwagandha exosomes. According to Nutrafol, the serum delivers fats and proteins to the cells that increases their turnover and accelerates hair recovery.

Nutrafol Proactive ThinningNutrafol Hairline DefenderNutrafol Full Support
Price$88 for a 1-month supply$110 for a 1-month supply$157 for a 1-month supply
Active ingredientsashwagandha and saw palmettostinging nettle, reishi, honokiol, and African cherry treeniacinamide, maca root extract, seaweed extract
Who should use it?males with early-stage hair thinningmales with active hairline thinning and decreased scalp coveragemales with all-over thinning, visible scalp, and excess shedding

Nutrafol uses natural ingredients in its products. Some of them include:

  • saw palmetto
  • ashwagandha
  • curcumin
  • biotin
  • zinc
  • selenium
  • marine collagen
  • keratin

The hair loss market is booming, and Nutrafol has numerous competitors that offer similar products.

PriceProductsPrescription needed?Best for
Nutrafolstarts at $88supplements, hair boostersnonatural hair loss solutions that don’t affect sex drive
Viviscalfrom $9.99supplements, shampoo, conditioner, elixirnoproducts to suit different hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair textures
Himsfrom $15
shampoo, conditioner, supplements, topical products
yes, for Finasteridetrying various treatment options

Nutrafol may be beneficial if you’re looking for a natural, science-backed solution to support your hair health.

While clinical research on Nutrafol has shown promising results, the company notes that it’s likely most effective for people with minimal hair loss. It’s important to have realistic expectations and understand that Nutrafol is not a quick fix for hair loss or baldness. According to the company’s FAQs page, it can take 3 to 4 months to see a reduction in shedding, and 4 to 6 months to see hair growth.

That said, if you’re experiencing hair thinning or loss due to stress, hormonal imbalances, or nutritional deficiencies, Nutrafol’s supplements may help. Combined with a balanced diet, its products may boost your hair thickness and reduce shedding over time.

While Nutrafol may help support healthy hair growth, it’s not a magic solution that can guarantee immediate or effortless results. Instead, achieving healthy hair growth may require a combination of approaches, including a well balanced diet, stress reduction techniques, and other lifestyle changes.

It’s also best to see your doctor prior to starting any hair loss solutions. By talking with them and potentially running some tests, you may be able to pinpoint the cause of your hair thinning, making it a little easier to figure out a possible solution.

If you’re older than 18 and are experiencing mild or moderate hair thinning due to age, stress, or genetics, Nutrafol may be a good option.

Nutrafol has four different payment options for its products.

Proactive Thinning

  • One-time purchase: $88 for a 1-month supply in a single bottle
  • Monthly delivery: $79 per month with free doctor consultations
  • 3-month delivery: $264 for a 3-month supply with free doctor consultations
  • 6-month delivery: $528 for a 6-month supply with free doctor consultations

Hairline Defender

  • One-time purchase: $110 for a 1-month supply in a single bottle
  • Monthly delivery: $110 per month with free doctor consultations
  • 3-month delivery: $330 for a 3-month supply with free doctor consultations
  • 6-month delivery: $660 for a 6-month supply with free doctor consultations

Full Support

  • One-time purchase: $157 for a 1-month supply in a single bottle
  • Monthly delivery: $157 per month with free doctor consultations
  • 3-month delivery: $471 for a 3-month supply with free doctor consultations
  • 6-month delivery: $942 for a 6-month supply with free doctor consultations

While Nutrafol is made with natural ingredients and is backed by clinical testing, like other supplements, it’s not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that the quality and safety of the product aren’t guaranteed in the same way as FDA-regulated medications.

Furthermore, before starting any new supplement regimen, consulting with a healthcare professional is a good idea. This is especially true if you have preexisting health conditions or take regular medications like anticoagulants and blood-thinning drugs.

It’s also important to note that Nutrafol doesn’t recommend its products to anyone under the age of 18.

Nutrafol has thousands of reviews on Amazon. The overwhelming majority are positive with 4- or 5-star ratings, reporting thicker, stronger hair with less fallout. However, many people report that the products didn’t help regrow their hair.

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, Nutrafol scores just 1.27 out of 5 across 15 reviews. They have a B rating but are not accredited. They’ve also received 122 complaints over the last year, with many regarding customer service and shipping issues.

Hair loss can be a natural part of aging, but it may also be a symptom of an underlying health condition or a side effect of medications. If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning, it’s best to talk with a doctor, particularly if you’re experiencing other symptoms too.

They can discuss your symptoms and medical history and determine if an underlying issue requires treatment.

What are the side effects of Nutrafol for men?

Nutrafol claims that you shouldn’t experience side effects with its products.

However, like any supplement, Nutrafol may cause side effects in some individuals who are sensitive to the ingredients. These may include an upset stomach and other digestive symptoms. Additionally, the Hair Serum could cause some people skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Prior to making Nutrafol part of your daily routine, you should consult with a doctor to make sure it’s safe.

Does Nutrafol work for bald men?

Possibly! Nutrafol may support healthy hair growth and address hair loss but may not reverse a complete lack of hair. Multiple factors can contribute to a bald spot, and while some can be modified and result in hair regrowth, sometimes baldness won’t respond to any interventions.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of Nutrafol for baldness may vary depending on the individual’s unique hair concerns and health factors.

Does Nutrafol affect testosterone?

Nutrafol is not specifically designed to affect testosterone levels, but some of its natural ingredients may have a positive effect.

For example, according to a 2020 study, saw palmetto appears to block the uptake of DHT and change the way it binds to receptors. As a result, it may help regulate testosterone levels. Studies also show that ashwagandha may boost testosterone by around 15%.

But you should note that the effects of these natural ingredients on testosterone levels aren’t fully understood and may vary depending on your unique biology and overall health.

Is Nutrafol for men FDA approved?

Nutrafol is not FDA approved, as it’s classified as a dietary supplement rather than a medication. So it’s not subject to the same rigorous testing and approval processes as prescription drugs.

However, Nutrafol is produced in an FDA registered facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to ensure quality and safety. Furthermore, the ingredients used in Nutrafol’s supplements are generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

Hair loss is a common condition that can affect a person’s self-esteem. It can be caused by a combination of factors including genetics, hormones, and stress.

Nutrafol sells products formulated to provide the body with the necessary nutrients to support healthy hair growth and may improve thinning hair and scalp coverage. But while limited clinical studies have shown that Nutrafol may have a moderate effect on hair loss, there are no guarantees it can reverse the condition.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s best to speak with a doctor to rule out any underlying conditions and discuss different treatment options best suited to your unique needs and circumstances.

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