To enhance masturbation, try exploring new methods. Edging, using toys, and stimulating the prostate can all contribute to a more powerful climax.

Masturbation, or the practice of sexual self-pleasure, is common amongst men. In fact, 92 percent of American men admit to partaking in the habit.

However, it’s possible to get bored with your tried-and-true solo play strategies. Here’s everything you need to know to make masturbation more satisfying.

Masturbation is a healthy, natural way to explore your fantasies and discover what makes you feel good. Plus, aside from getting a sexual release, there are so many health benefits to solo play, including:

  • stress relief
  • mood boost
  • improved sleep

There’s no “normal” amount when it comes to masturbation. You should enjoy a little one-on-one time with your body as often as you’d like.

Don’t get hung up on how often you engage in solo play, as long as it’s not getting in the way of other areas in your life. But if masturbation starts interfering with work or affecting your sex life with your partner, you may want to seek out a sex therapist.

Experiment with these strategies to help make your next solo session a steamy one.

1. Set the mood

Masturbation doesn’t have to be a quickie in the bathroom! You can plan your alone time just like you would anything else and set yourself up for some quality “me time.”

You can make masturbation more pleasurable by:

  • turning down the lights
  • playing your favorite erotic video
  • slowly teasing yourself
  • staying relaxed and present

2. Change positions

There’s no reason to stick to the same routine while masturbating. Instead, add some excitement by switching up positions.

If you’re always standing, try leaning against a counter or the wall, with your hips pushed forward. If you’re always lying down, try sitting up, either on your bed or in a chair. You can even enjoy a solo session while on all fours.

Different positions mean different sensations — and that may mean more satisfaction.

3. Switch hands

Changing hands, just like switching positions, can cause different sensations that could lead to intense ejaculation. You may be able to widen your pleasure zone by using your nondominant hand to masturbate.

Or, if you’re feeling frisky, you could attempt “The Stranger” — you know, that technique where you sit on your hand until it falls asleep and then use it to simulate the feeling of another person giving you a hand job? Everyone’s tried it at least once.

Looking for something more adventurous? Try holding your penis against your stomach and stroking the underside of your shaft quickly with your nondominant hand.

4. Try different strokes

Moving your hand in an up-and-down motion is a tried-and-true masturbation technique — and for many people with a penis, it almost always leads to an orgasm. But why keep solo play boring? Experiment with different movements for a more profound and powerful experience.

You can use long, twisting strokes from base to tip. You can palm and pull your penis head while masturbating with a full-hand grip. You could also add a little bit of rubbing to the classic three-finger grip.

Just play around with different stroking styles to find the one that feels more pleasurable for you.

5. Move your hips

Sure, it’s easy to forget to move your hips while masturbating. After all, it’s not like you’re playing with a partner. But did you know that gyrating and thrusting can help increase the intensity and lead to more pleasure? Yup!

Next time you’re engaging in solo play, move your hips in a circular or back-and-forth motion — or in whatever way feels best to you. Increase the speed as you get closer to climaxing.

6. Go beyond the penis

There’s more to your genitals than just your penis, so show the rest some love! If you like it when your partner plays with your testicles, shaft, and perineum — aka your taint — then why deprive yourself during a solo session?

Your testicles, for example, have almost as many nerve endings as your penis. If you want to intensify your pleasure, consider pulling down on your balls right before you climax.

You can also massage or play with your taint to create some intense sensations. And through it all, don’t forget to stroke your whole shaft to really build up to that “Big O.”

7. Explore other erogenous zones

Want to have a sensational full-body climax? Then explore your erogenous zones! Playing with your erogenous zones — that is, your ears, nipples, neck, mouth, and lips — can shoot sparks of pleasure throughout your body.

You can rub, pinch, pull, squeeze, or tug at these parts of your body to intensify your orgasm during a particularly randy solo session! Don’t forget to play around with different touches to discover what makes you feel good.

8. Don’t forget the prostate!

Your prostate — otherwise known as the “male G-spot” — is your golden ticket to an intense, full-body experience. So, if you haven’t cashed it in, now is the time.

You can start off slow by using one finger to gently rub the outside and inside of your anal opening, then insert your finger gradually to massage your prostate. Increase the speed and motion as the pleasure begins to build until you’re ready to finish.

If using your finger isn’t your cup of tea, there are toys you can play around with. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

9. Add in a toy or two

There are a number of toys available for people with penises that can add loads of fun to a solo session.

The most common options include:

  • the automatic stroker
  • Fleshlights
  • pocket strokers
  • prostate stimulators
  • anal beads

Consider adding a toy — or two! — during solo play if you want to ramp up your orgasm.

10. Try edging

Want to prolong your play date? Incorporate the start-and-stop method into your next solo session. Orgasm control, also known as “edging,” draws out the pleasure so that you can have a longer, more explosive experience.

Try it out by stroking your penis right up until the edge of ejaculation, then stop completely. Slowly begin to masturbate again, increasing speed until you’re ready to finish, then pull back again. Repeat this process as much as you’d like.

11. Go beyond video porn

Sure, everyone loves a sexy video, but that’s not the only type of erotica out there. If you usually watch videos, think about switching it up! Reading or listening to erotica is fun, entertaining, and allows you to explore your fantasies in a safe, sexy way.

For some arousing erotic literature, check out Want some audio erotica? Then head over to But if you want to stick to videos, skip the tube sites and pay for your porn. You’ll be surprised by what kind of fantasies lie behind the paywall.

12. Take your time

Masturbation doesn’t have to be “go, go, go” — unless, of course, that’s what you’re into. Feel free to slow down and explore what makes you feel good. You can experiment with speed, strokes, positions, hands, toys, and more during a solo session.

Taking your time to discover what turns you on could lead to a better orgasm.

While this is more widely-known amongst women, some men can also experience multiple orgasms. There may be a brief period in between each orgasm, but it is possible to have them back-to-back.

Ejaculation may inhibit the ability to have back-to-back orgasms. In this case, try experimenting with other types of male orgasms, such as non-ejaculatory orgasms or prostate orgasms.

Masturbation can help you discover how to have multiple orgasms.

In short: Practice. Masturbation in itself is a way to experiment and discover what makes you feel good. Some people find that edging, using toys, or stimulating the prostate are ways to increase the intensity of an orgasm.

The orgasms you achieve from solo play can also be more intense, being that you’re only focused on yourself and your own pleasure.

There’s no right or wrong way to masturbate. Take your time exploring your body and all those things that turn you on.

Experiment with styles, toys, and techniques. Do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable, and enjoy every second of it!