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You may have heard about BlueChew and Hims, but you might not know the difference. Read our side by side comparison of the two brands and see which one sounds best to you.

Since the first treatments hit the market more than 20 years ago, erectile dysfunction (ED) medications have become a multibillion dollar industry. There are many treatments available, and with the popularity of online and mail order services in recent years, two emerging leaders are BlueChew and Hims.

Both companies offer several different ED treatments and a similar business model, but exactly what are the differences between BlueChew and Hims, and which one might be right for you?

Founded in 2017, Hims is a telemedicine platform that offers medical services and treatments related to sexual health and mental health.

Hims connects its customers with licensed medical professionals who can give diagnoses and prescribe medications during a virtual appointment, including ED medications. Then, you can receive monthly deliveries of your Hims prescriptions.

BlueChew is another telemedicine platform founded in 2014 that offers online medical services and monthly subscriptions for ED medications. You’ll meet with a licensed medical professional during a virtual visit and receive a prescription for an ED medication.

BlueChew specializes in chewable forms of Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved ED medications, such as sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil.


The ordering and consultation process for Hims is very similar to BlueChew’s. The main difference is that after filling out the form on the Hims website, you can get an immediate video, phone, or online chat consultation with a doctor.

Once they have determined the right medication for you, they will write a prescription that you can use to order either from the Hims website or take to your preferred local or mail-order pharmacy.


Starting an order with BlueChew requires going to its website.

There, you will select your preferred medication and plan and fill out a medical profile. The questions cover basic information about your age and health. It also has more specific ones that help the doctors make sure BlueChew’s medications will be safe for you to use.

You will also have to send them a picture of you holding a photo ID to verify your identity. Most medical reviews take just 1–2 days. After that, you will get a supply of pills sent each month. You can also choose to have your prescriptions filled at a compounding pharmacy near you.

All prices are accurate at the time of publishing.


Pricing for Hims ED products will vary depending on your dosage and if you order from the website or have the prescription sent to another pharmacy. Costs will range from a few dollars per pill to close to $1,000 for a monthly supply of a name-brand ED medication.


As of this writing, BlueChew offers each of its three products in four tiers: Active, Busy, Popular, and Pro. See the breakdown below.


Hims offers products covering a range of needs beyond ED. Sertraline and paroxetine are offered to treat premature ejaculation, along with sildenafil PE and a topical treatment that is available in a spray or towelette form. It also offers generic valacyclovir to treat genital herpes.

Alongside its ED treatments, Hims sells spray, liquid, and pill versions of finasteride and minoxidil, two medications used to help prevent hair loss. It also offers a minoxidil foam and special thickening shampoo and conditioner, and a pack that you can customize for specific needs.

Recently, Hims expanded its offerings to include a line of skin care products. It includes anti-aging, moisturizing, acne, and anti-wrinkle creams as well as a vitamin C serum and a skin cleanser.

Hims is also branching out to offer primary care services and mental health counseling.


BlueChew doesn’t offer any products other than chewable sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil. They are the generic equivalents of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Here’s an overview of BlueChew’s offerings:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra) is available in 30- or 45-mg tablets and works in about 30–60 minutes before wearing off in about 4–6 hours. You can get anywhere from 6–34 pill packs each month that’ll run between $20 and $120.
  • Tadalafil (Cialis) is available in 6- or 9-mg tablets that start to work after 30–60 minutes. You can take tadalafil about 24 hours before you have sex, but you usually need to take it every day. You’ll get anywhere from 4–28 pill packs a month and pay about $20–$120.
  • Vardenafil (Levitra) is available in 8-mg mint-flavored tablets that work in about 30–60 minutes. You can only take it about once every 24 hours. You can sign up to receive 4–30 packs a month and pay about $20–$120.


Hims has been available since 2017 — and parent company Hims & Hers, Inc. — enjoys the same A+ rating from the BBB that BlueChew does. There are lots of negative reports from Hims customers who were unhappy about canceled or delayed appointments or persistent charges for medications they don’t want.


BlueChew has been in business since 2014 and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), even though customers seem to give it an average of 1 out of 5 stars. Most of the customer complaints seem to be related to shipping issues.

Both BlueChew and Hims take several measures to make sure your medical information is kept private. They’re bound by the same HIPAA laws as any other medical professionals, so all consultations are as confidential as in-office chats. Both companies also ship their products in plain packaging, ensuring your privacy.


Hims has many more customer reviews online, but they’re mixed. As of our last review of the service, its reviews and rating have gone up, with over 2,650 customer reviews and a rating of 3.92 out of 5 stars.


As of this writing, BlueChew has very few customer reviews available online other than the glowing ones on its own website. Five people submitted reviews to the Better Business Bureau site, giving BlueChew 1 out of 5 stars.

Productschewable sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil tabletsgeneric and name-brand treatments for erectile dysfunction; also premature ejaculation, hair loss, and skin care products; online mental health and primary care
Recent price ranges$20–$120 per month$3–$139 per dose, $82–$958 per month
Available since20142017
Where to buyBlueChew website and compound pharmaciesHims website and nationwide pharmacies
Insurance coveragenone; might be able to use health savings account (HSA) fundsnone; might be able to use HSA funds
Availabilityall U.S. states except North Dakota and South Carolinaall 50 U.S. states
FDA approvalactive ingredients only; products not approvedyes
Returns acceptednono

The main competitor to Hims and BlueChew is Roman. Roman sells generic and name-brand Viagra and Cialis as well as other products to treat hair loss, genital herpes, low testosterone, allergies, eczema, and excessive sweating.

It also sells a dandruff shampoo and treatments for premature ejaculation, making Roman much more similar to Hims than BlueChew. While both Hims and BlueChew ship monthly, Roman offers monthly and quarterly options. Like Hims, Roman started selling to the public in 2017.

If you have other conditions you want to address, like hair loss or skin concerns, you might want to try Hims because it has a much bigger product line.

If you live in North Dakota or South Carolina, the choice has been made for you since only Hims products are available in those two states.

If you have trouble swallowing whole pills, BlueChew’s chewable tablets might be best for you. BlueChew will likely also be less expensive for most ED treatment options.

You don’t need to bring a prescription to BlueChew or Hims to buy the products. With both services, you will have an online consultation with a doctor who will write a prescription that you can fill on the website or at a pharmacy of your choice. With BlueChew, you’ll have to use a compounding pharmacy.

BlueChew sells custom formulations of existing medications. While the active ingredients are FDA approved, the tablets you get from BlueChew are not.

Hims ED treatments are all FDA approved, unlike some of its products used to treat other conditions like hair loss.

BlueChew products are available through its website or at compounding pharmacies nationwide.

Hims products are available on its website. You can also take the prescription the Hims doctor gives you to your own pharmacist since the medications it offers are identical to those found in most pharmacies.

Both Hims and BlueChew offer a confidential and safe way to get treatment for erectile dysfunction. Hims offers many other products as well, but BlueChew has been around a few years longer.

BlueChew’s pricing is generally lower, although both will vary depending on where you choose to get your prescriptions filled and which medication you want.