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Men are often stereotyped as throwing caution to the wind when it comes to their health. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be true — especially with so much great men’s health content available on the internet.

Men’s health encompasses everything from diet and exercise to stress management and disease prevention. These blogs all set great examples for how to champion your own health and wellness and make healthier decisions in all aspects of your life. From magazines dedicated to men’s health to personal blogs chronicling health struggles and triumphs, these are all great reads.

Men’s Health by Verywell

Health and wellness portal Verywell hosts an entire section dedicated specifically to the health concerns of men. Here you’ll find articles on everything from sexually transmitted diseases to how drinking beer affects your overall health. Recently, there was a very informative post on male eating disorders. We particularly like that this site doesn’t shy away from tough topics, and that there’s something here for men of all ages.

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Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson is a former runner and triathlete. His wildly popular website began as a blog on primal and paleo health. Now, it has over 300,000 subscribers who flock here to get recipes, lifestyle advice, and content on a variety of men’s and general health topics. We particularly like the “success stories” section of the site, where you can read about people who have changed the direction of their lives through lifestyle changes, chronic disease management, weight loss, and strategies to live fuller and more rewarding lives.

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Dr. Jed Diamond has dedicated his life and career to keeping men healthy. With degrees in social work and international health, his expertise and experience help men navigate everything from social and work relationships to common physical health concerns. Most of the content here is focused on mental health and relationships — topics that men often overlook until there is a problem. But men aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this site; Dr. Diamond offers great advice for partners trying to better support the men they love.

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Men’s Health Forum

Men’s Health Forum is a U.K.-based nonprofit organization that is especially interested in improving health and saving lives of men and boys through research and advocacy. Their blog is equal parts general men’s health topics and updates on their efforts to promote wellness in the United Kingdom. Lately, they’ve been promoting their new efforts at an online stress support website, but we also found recent posts on what to expect after a vasectomy and how to spot the symptoms of serious health problems.

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Talking About Men’s Health

On Talking About Men’s Health, you’ll find guest posts from medical professionals as well as general health posts from a team of regular contributors. We like that the blog touches on such a wide variety of topics — from eating right and exercise to mental health and family. Recently, the site featured a guest post about male depression, an important issue to bring awareness to.

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The Good Men Project

What does it mean to be a “good man” in this age? That’s the question The Good Men Project has worked to answer over the years. This blog is unlike any other, focusing on stories that can change the way you think. Along with tackling business and relationship advice, the contributors here aren’t afraid to talk about tough topics. Sprinkled throughout their sections on relationships and sex, family, advice, and sports, you’ll find posts that touch on all aspects of men’s health.

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Guy Wisdom by Men’s Health

Looking for reliable and uncensored health advice? You’ll find it at Guy Wisdom, a section of the Men’s Health magazine website. You can read about the health risks of tattoos, tips for getting a good night’s sleep, how masturbation can affect your health, and how to tell if you’re ready to have kids. Covering so many topics, this blog is worth coming back to again and again.

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Turek on Men’s Health Blog

Dr. Paul Turek is a urologist and sexual health expert. His blog is a great place to find medically relevant information on fertility, sex, and general men’s health. The blog is packed with informative and entertaining posts. Recent topics include sperm health, the use of Viagra, and risks of becoming a father later in life.

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Bobblehead Dad

What happens when you’re faced with the possibility of an early death? For author and blogger Jim Higley, a prostate cancer scare in his 40s led him to prioritize time with his children and men’s health advocacy. He left his career to care for his kids after his successful battle with cancer. Today he’s a writer, advocate, and contributor to several major networks and websites. On his blog, you’ll find many health-centric posts, including excerpts from his book that focus on what it’s like being a dad living with cancer.

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Men’s Health Research

In partnership with the University of British Columbia, Men’s Health Research is a Canadian program designed to promote men’s health and scientific research. Here you’ll find fundraising and event details as well as educational posts on topics such as mental health and depression, chronic disease, diet and lifestyle, and the latest in men’s health studies. Lately, the site has been featuring many posts on suicide prevention and awareness.

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Just a Guy Thing

Just a Guy Thing is relatively new in the blogosphere, but we’re excited to see what they bring to the table. Within the past few months, they’ve featured posts on vaping, fashion, and dating. What do women have to do with men’s health? How about a recent study Just a Guy Thing profiled that found that flirting with attractive women is good for your health? Find out more about this and other topics on the blog.

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In the United States, navigating healthcare doesn’t happen without navigating its costs — those related to health insurance, specifically. This blog is a great place to find information about the issues surrounding health insurance and healthcare access. It’s the brainchild of two life insurance underwriters, Henry Stern and Bob Vineyard. There are also several contributors to the blog, each able to bring their unique expertise to their health insurance posts.

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