Knowing exactly what you should — and shouldn’t — be doing for your own health isn’t always easy. There’s too much information, not enough time in the day, and a lot of advice that may not suit your lifestyle. Finding what works best for you — when it comes to fitness, food, nutrition, stress management, sex, aging, gut health, and brain health — is much easier when you know where to look.

That’s why we gathered the best blogs geared towards men’s health. With clear information, practical tips, and advice that encourages readers to become their own health advocates, these are the top resources to inform and inspire.

Mark’s Daily Apple

A wealth of deep-dive blog posts focusing on nutrition, weight loss, workouts, and general lifestyle for men — especially older men — looking to fine-tune their health and wellness to maintain and improve their health. The blog is the baby of Mark Sisson, a walking, talking advocate for a paleo/primal lifestyle. There’s an emphasis on choosing the right foods, types of movement, and lifestyle changes to encourage significant positive impacts on health and wellness.


Expert insights, exercises, and advice for handling anger, stress, and health issues — including “male menopause” — in a productive, non-toxic way. The site is especially good for helping men dealing with stress and other emotional challenges transition away from less healthy approaches to well-being. It does a good job of filtering the dirty bathwater without throwing away the masculinity baby.

Talking About Men’s Health

General men’s health and wellness information, through the lens of teaching our sons functional approaches to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This is a great resource for men — regardless of how old their children are — working to balance personal health and self-care with the demands of attentive fatherhood.

Good Men Project

A site for men ready to move beyond “toxic masculinity” and embrace a more holistic and open approach to wellness and relationships. It is filled with a wide variety of articles on how men can improve their health and connectedness, including topics like gender issues, parenting, general wellness, and even politics. Don’t let that last one bother you, though… they’re health first, politics a distant second.

The Turek Clinic

Men with concerns about their sexual health, ranging from fertility to erectile dysfunction to aging will find research-driven articles on specific issues of men’s sexual health and performance, including what you can to do improve the situation. This is an excellent example of how men can learn to tune out all the noise about sexuality and expectations — and become empowered to learn more about their own bodies.

Men’s Health

This is the online component of the ubiquitous Men’s Health magazine. It addresses issues such as sports, sexuality, supplements, and testicular cancer. You’ll find informational articles with strong introductions to these and many other topics. It’s an excellent starting point for anything you’ve been wondering or worrying about.

Dr. Tracy Gapin

Dr. Gapin takes a family-oriented approach to wellness, emphasizing that good health is as much about your loved ones as it is about you. Blog posts cover topics that range from fad diets to prostate cancer. If you don’t have time to read, you can listen to his podcast library that takes a well-rounded approach to health topics.

The Everyday Man

Rather than focusing exclusively on health, this online magazine for the young, cool, and fashionable man offers a mix of all things fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. The site has a hip vibe that’s been attracting a large audience since its launch in 2012. The Health & Fitness section is packed with gym training tips, product reviews, and information about the latest fitness gadgets.

Maze Men’s Health

Men who have concerns about their sexual and reproductive health will find medical information from a team of experts that’s led by Michael A. Werner, MD, FACS, a fellowship-trained, board-certified urologist. Nurse practitioners, personal trainers, and sexual health educators round out the team who offer information on everything from pelvic floor dysfunction to the possible link between zinc and testosterone production.

A Ballsy Sense of Tumor

Justin Birckbichler’s personal blog about his testicular cancer story is insightful, yet often humorous. This blog was created to promote more awareness about men’s health, particularly testicular cancer. You’ll find links to men’s health resources as well as really cool cancer awareness merch!

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