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Menopause is a biological process that every woman goes through. It marks the end of your reproductive years and is considered official once 12 months have passed since the end of your last menstrual cycle. Menopause can happen anytime during your 40s or 50s, but the average age in the United States is 51.

No matter where you are in your menopause journey, these books provide insight, information, and advice on how to stay healthy and embrace this next phase in your life.

Instead of focusing on the discomfort of menopause symptoms, “The Wisdom of Menopause” offers a different perspective. Dr. Christiane Northrup believes this change is a time for growth, not something that needs to be “fixed.” She provides a complete guide to going through menopause with grace — from healthy dietary changes to sex after 50.

Dr. Stephanie Faubion, a leading women’s health expert, addresses common questions, suggests healthy lifestyle changes, and explains treatment options for menopause symptoms. If you don’t know what to expect during the change, “The Menopause Solution” has a full explanation of what happens to your body. The book also includes updated information on over-the-counter medications, supplements, and hormone therapy.

Sometimes we can’t get all the answers from our doctors. It’s helpful to have other trustworthy and reliable sources. “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause” was first published in 1996 and has been a bestseller since. The book focuses on hormone therapy, offering natural alternatives to help balance hormones. The latest version includes updated information based on today’s knowledge.

Understanding the science of how our bodies work is important, but personal stories from others can really help us connect and learn. “Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause” provides key information and dispels myths about menopause, while also including stories from women about their own experiences. The book’s goal is to help you become more comfortable with menopause and know your treatment options.

Experiencing change in life isn’t unique to menopause. Life is filled with chapters and changes, beginning with our transition from puberty to adulthood. In “Age of Miracles,” author and lecturer Marianne Williamson argues that our ability to rethink our lives is our greatest power to change them. Her book aims to change the way we think about middle age and frame it in a more positive light.

If you’re a fan of natural herbal therapies, “New Menopausal Years” provides hundreds of remedies focused on menopause. The remedies cover menopause from start to finish. You’ll find complete descriptions of the most commonly used herbs, along with recipes for bone and heart health. The book also takes a more spiritual approach, using the voice of Grandmother Growth to guide you through your journey.

Going through menopause doesn’t mean you stop being sexy. Author Staness Jonekos, who has gone through it herself, wants women to know they can fight the belly bulge and loss in libido. It may take some work with diet and exercise, but it’s still possible to wear what you want and feel good in your skin. “The Menopause Makeover” provides diet and exercise tips specifically designed for your needs during menopause.

Menopause doesn’t just hit you all at once — unless you’ve had a full hysterectomy. It comes in stages, the first of which is perimenopause. “Before the Change” focuses exclusively on the early phase of menopause: what to expect, how to control symptoms, and how to stay healthy. It also offers a self-diagnosis quiz to help you determine if you’re experiencing perimenopause.

Dr. Susan Love believes that menopause is a life stage that every woman experiences differently, and so every woman should be able to choose the treatments that are right for her. She bases her advice about lifestyle changes and the dangers of hormone replacement therapy on scientific research. “Dr. Susan Love’s Menopause and Hormone Book” also includes a questionnaire about your own health, history, and lifestyle preferences to help you design a treatment plan that best fits your needs.

The main cause behind menopause symptoms is the reduction of female hormones. But there might also be other factors at play. “The Little Book of Menopausetalks about the role inflammation has on menopause symptoms. The little book also discusses how hormone replacement can reduce these symptoms.