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Between the hot flashes, weight gain, and night sweats, menopause can be a challenging time. (Not to mention the wild hormonal swings in the years preceding menopause, known as perimenopause, can bring its own obstacles.) Understanding exactly what’s going on with your body is important. But finding camaraderie and humor with women who’ve been through it can make all the difference.

In compiling our list of the best menopause blogs of the year, we looked for bloggers who offered clear information, current medical research, frank advice, and personal narratives. The content shared on these blogs is a great reminder that this too shall pass.

Ellen Dolgen

Ellen Dolgen

Ellen Dolgen was inspired to become an educator after her own difficulties with menopause. And her chatty, girlfriend-to-girlfriend approach is a hit. The author, blogger, speaker, and menopause awareness advocate shares educating, enlightening, and entertaining information on her blog. She features posts like the menopause instruction manual, stress-busting tips for the holidays, hormone therapy, and heart health. Visit the blog.

Menopause Goddess

Lynette Sheppard describes menopause as a change that “whacked her upside the head and completely disrupted her life as an artist, writer, consultant, and loving spouse.” It’s what motivated her to see how other women were faring with the same experience and how Menopause Goddess began. Today, the blog is a collection of stories detailing the highs and lows of menopause and midlife journeys that are at once relatable and inspiring. Visit the blog.

The Perimenopause Blog

Magnolia Miller’s blog is devoted to helping women living through perimenopause. And with current articles, book and product recommendations, and a community of women who understand exactly what you’re going through, The Perimenopause Blog does a great job. Magnolia’s writing is friendly and direct, and she’s answering all the questions you have about perimenopause in the most practical way possible. Visit the blog.

Friend for the Ride

When Barbara Younger started menopause, she wanted to know the ins and outs of what she could expect. And when she couldn’t find specific details among her own friends, she decided to change that for other women. A Friend for the Ride is where she shares all the ups and downs of her own menopause journey, midlife, women’s issues, and more. Visit the blog.

Barbara Hannah Grufferman

This award-winning author, speaker, blogger, and television personality knows that life only gets better after turning 50, and she’s sharing all of her secrets. From tips for the perfect brows and simple steps for happiness to sex after 50, Barbara has advice for women of all ages. Visit the blog.

Fab Over 50: Geri’s Blog

Geri Brin, a publisher and newspaper and magazine editor, launched Fab Over 50 as a platform for sharing the style, experiences, and recommendations of her dynamic generation. With profiles of amazingly successful and inspiring women and the kind of information you need to hear but may be afraid to ask (like treating postmenopausal vaginal symptoms), Geri’s blog has something for everyone. Visit the blog.

A. Vogel

Swiss natural health brand A. Vogel maintains an exceptional menopause blog. From symptoms and Q&As to management tips, the topics covered are varied and practical. Learn why pumpkin seeds are great for menopause, causes of early menopause, how to overcome fearful feelings during menopause, and much more. Visit the blog.

The North American Menopause Society: MenoPause Blog

The North American Menopause Society was founded in 1989 and remains the continent’s leading nonprofit organization educating women about menopause and healthy aging. Its blog is an excellent resource for current and relevant information about midlife health, with a wide array of topics contributed by industry experts. Visit the blog.

Red Hot Mamas

Red Hot Mamas exists solely to provide medically sound information and support to women during menopause. Its website is a comprehensive resource with a symptom checklist, survival tips, and much more. On the blog, a mix of guest authors and staff contributors discuss varied issues relating to menopause and midlife. Visit the blog.

Menopausal Mom

Author and blogger Marcia Kester Doyle is writing about the good, the bad, and the ugly side of menopause and midlife. And she’s doing it with a big dose of humor on Menopausal Mom. With comments like “Hot flash and carry on,” Marcia and her contributors are sharing relatable personal anecdotes and viewpoints that will make you smile. Visit the blog.

Menopause Matters

With information written and reviewed by physicians, Menopause Matters is a reliable source of information on all topics pre- and postmenopause. Topics are varied and useful, covering symptoms, complications, treatments, and a mix of useful links. You’ll also find Menopause Matters Magazine, the only magazine geared specifically to women approaching or experiencing menopause. Visit the blog.

British Menopause Society

The British Menopause Society educates and guides healthcare professionals specializing in post-reproductive health, but all women can benefit from the information on its blog. You’ll find current news about medications, courses, related symptoms, events, and other topics relevant to menopause. Visit the blog.

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