Menopause is no joke. And while medical advice and guidance is important, connecting with someone who knows exactly what you’re experiencing can be just what you need to keep moving forward. In searching for the best menopause blogs of the year, we found bloggers who are sharing it all. We hope you’ll find their content informative, empowering, and a reminder that nothing — not even menopause — lasts forever.

Menopause Health Matters

This info-rich site is filled with menopause facts and specifics about all stages of menopause. You’ll also find lots of real-life advice on things like managing menopause in the workplace. Read rundowns on a variety of treatment options, from holistic therapies and supplements to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Editor Julieann Roberts has a background in women’s health studies, anatomy, and physiology. While she’s clear that the site’s information isn’t intended as medical advice, the content is backed by a female OB-GYN and a resident nutritionist.

Menopause Goddess

Anyone looking for wisdom on weathering “the change” will find it here. For Lynette Sheppard, menopause was entirely disruptive. The experience drove her to find out exactly how other women were managing all of the ups and down. Today the blog is a collection of women’s stories that are as uplifting as they are relatable.


The expert behind this site is Dr. Barb DePree, a gynecologist and women’s health specialist for 30 years. For the past decade DePree has focused on the unique issues affiliated with menopause. She’s helped women thrive, understand the changes, and rediscover their sexuality. MiddlesexMD shares expert-backed information and lays out a step-by-step “recipe” for sexual health. Topics range from estrogen and bone health to vibrator product recommendations and tips for self-care.

Friend for the Ride

When Barbara Younger began menopause, she wanted details and specifics and encouragement from friends who had already been through that phase of life. Surprisingly, their memories were vague at best. It inspired Barbara to start her blog, which has become a wise menopause friend for those who need one. With encouraging words for the menopause roller coaster — and no topic left untouched — this is a place for laughter and understanding.

Dr. Anna Cabeca

OB-GYN and author of the book “The Hormone Fix,” Dr. Anna Cabeca fearlessly delves into bladder problems, brain fog, low sex drive, and much more on her blog. She’s all about empowering women to rediscover energy, sexuality, and joy during menopause, whether it’s by sharing how to restore your health without prescription drugs, prevent hair loss, or nourish your “delicate feminine parts.” Cabeca’s enthusiasm, expertise, and personal passion for helping women infuse every piece of content on the blog.

Red Hot Mamas

If your goal is to outsmart menopause, Red Hot Mamas can help. The platform provides balanced, trustworthy information intended to guide you through what can be a difficult and confusing time. With monthly education programs and extensive research, Red Hot Mamas is working to help women become better informed about the changes they’re experiencing.

Menopausal Mother

Laughing her way through life’s changes is Marcia Kester Doyle’s preferred approach. Anyone reading her blog can’t help but join her. The author and blogger shares her thoughts on the good, the bad, and the downright ugly side of menopausal mayhem in posts that are refreshing and relatable.

Ellen Dolgen

Menopause education is Ellen Dolgen’s mission. After struggling through menopause symptoms, she set out to empower others by helping them understand this phase of life. And she does it all with a warm, chatty approach that’s at once comforting and reassuring.

My Second Spring

Menopause can be a difficult subject to broach, which makes navigating the journey even more challenging. Bringing the menopause conversation to light while offering guidance and support is the goal at My Second Spring. With an upbeat and direct perspective, posts here are varied and practical. You’ll find information on alternative treatments for hormone imbalance — like acupuncture and homeopathic remedies — along with empowering advice on sex at midlife.


Estroven is a line of health supplements with a dedicated menopause blog. Healthcare professionals share their expertise on all things menopause, including common symptoms and management strategies, self-care tips, and other relevant information.

Smarter Change

Pamela Windle, the hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, and health coach behind Smarter Change, encourages women to “think of me like the sister you never had, but with the added bonus of women’s health and hypnotherapy certifications!” Her goal with the blog is to guide women through menopause and help them feel stronger, calmer, and more empowered than ever. She focuses on self-care and provides actionable information on how to manage common issues, like joint pain and insomnia. The blog also offers free access to relaxation audio, a perimenopause webinar, and more.

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