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Every day in the United States, 6,000 women hit menopause, or go through a full year without periods. For the average woman, this happens at the age of 51. The hormonal swings in the years leading up to menopause, a time known as perimenopause, often cause notoriously unpleasant side effects. Many women have hot flashes and trouble sleeping at some point. Menopause is also a time when many women are also adjusting to a number of other big life changes, like children leaving the nest.

The following 12 blogs serve up entertaining anecdotes and sage advice from women who’ve been there. Some of these sites also include a healthy dose of the latest medical research. Want to turn to a community that actually gets it? Here are the best menopause blogs for all the health and lifestyle information you need.

Ellen Dolgen

After struggling with the hormonal changes of menopause, Ellen Dolgen made menopause education her mission. She’s been at it for the past decade. Ellen speaks with doctors and offers informative 101s on topics like perimenopause and menopause and hormone replacement therapy. Her site also has a searchable directory of menopause specialists around the country. On her blog, she shares helpful personal stories and tips, like how menopause affects weight gain. Visit the blog or tweet her @EllenDolgen.

Menopause Goddess

Lynette Sheppard, a former nurse manager and artist, first launched her blog to share her experiences with perimenopause and menopause. She later brought on Ashley Jeanne Ross, a holistic women’s health practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Together, their work recounts big life changes, like retirement, and gives personal advice, like how to cope with vaginal dryness. The blog’s resources guide also links to other sites that offer valuable information for women near or past menopause. Visit the blog.

The Perimenopause Blog

After freelance health and medical writer Magnolia Miller gave birth to her third baby, she went through perimenopause almost immediately. The debilitating mood swings, hot flashes, and night sweats over the next 10 years inspired her to launch a blog to help other perimenopausal women understand what’s going on in their bodies. Her blog is also great at explaining the latest news and research on menopause in a friendly, straightforward way. Visit the blog or tweet her @ThePerimenoBlog.

Friend for the Ride

Barbara Younger’s blog is an encouraging space for women going through perimenopause. In it, she recounts what menopause is like. She also talks about her more recent endometrial cancer diagnosis and surgery. The blog covers a range of topics, like women’s issues, art, the loss of an older parent, and preparing for retirement. Barbara also frequently includes posts from outside contributors on everything from coping with in-laws to reminiscing about 1960s fashion. Visit the blog or tweet her @BarbaraYounger.

Best of Everything After 50

Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks life can be better than ever after turning 50. Her blog shares a breadth of lifestyle advice to help other women take full advantage of these years. She gives tips for coping with common midlife health issues, like dry eyes, thinning hair, and dating after divorce or loss. Many of her beauty and workout tips are for all ages, including posts on lipstick shades for spring and how to start high-intensity interval training. Visit the blog.

Fab Over 50: Geri’s Blog

Seven years ago, newspaper and magazine editor and publisher Geri Brin began writing Fab Over 50 to help women embrace wellness in midlife. The blog profiles many women who’ve been successful in areas like fashion, beauty, sex, and art, such as Georgia O’Keefe. She also writes about the need-to-knows, such as treating postmenopausal vaginal symptoms. Her Ask a Plastic Surgeon section allows readers to ask cosmetic medical questions and get answers from board-certified doctors. Visit the blog or tweet her @FabOverFifty.

Our Bodies, Ourselves Blog

Our Bodies, Ourselves is a nonprofit dedicated to advocating women’s health and sexuality along with healthcare access and quality of care. Their wellness-focused posts cover the latest studies on contraception, health for older LGBT adults, and stories of street harassment. You may also love their policy posts, which discuss diverse topics, such as how healthcare repeal would affect women of color. Visit the blog or tweet them @oboshealth.

The North American Menopause Society: MenoPause Blog

This blog is a go-to resource for anyone seeking confidential advice from medical experts. Their evidence-based posts cover topics about menopause and midlife health, all written in consultation with an expert doctor. Topics vary from choosing a vaginal lubricant to how menopause affects your weight. Visit the blog or tweet them @MenopauseOrg.

Red Hot Mamas

Red Hot Mamas is a menopause support and education program with events offered in the United States and Canada. Their website covers everything from bone health and breast health to diabetes and common menopausal symptoms. But it’s the blog posts on outsmarting menopause that really grab your attention. These posts discuss recent studies, like the link between hot flashes and heart disease, and tips on managing symptoms. Visit the blog or follow them @redhotmamas.

Menopausal Mom

Marcia Kester Doyle is a mother and grandmother who features friends and experts talking about their experiences. Even men get in on the action and learn a thing or two — Marcia’s husband has written about the ways his wife has changed post menopause. Other personal posts cover midlife topics, such as why Marcia enjoys parenting her adult children and what it’s like to become a writer later on in life. Her blog is a great community for women and their partners. Visit the blog.

Menopause Matters

Dr. Heather Currie, an ob-gyn in Scotland, founded Menopause Matters to offer reliable information written and reviewed by physicians. Menopause Matters has a library of medical information on pre- and post-menopause, such as lifestyle treatments that help manage symptoms. They also have an accompanying magazine covers in-depth articles on topics from bioidentical drugs to nail health. Visit the blog.

The A. Vogel Blog

The A. Vogel brand by Swiss natural health practitioner Alfred Vogel has an informative blog on pre- and post-menopause basics. You’ll find helpful information on the three stages of menopause, hot flush triggers, and how menopause affects blood sugar levels. It also offers healthy recipe ideas, like cauliflower pizza and banana brownies. For fitness newbies, their “Get Active” section features videos on strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises. Visit the blog.