at a glance
  • SelectHealth is a not-for-profit health plan provider serving over 900,000 members across Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.
  • SelectHealth Medicare Advantage plans are HMOs and HMO SNPs.
  • SelectHealth has affordable plan options, including premium-free plans.

SelectHealth is a not-for-profit health insurance company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It serves areas of Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. The company has partnerships with other local health organizations and offers its members a wide range of covered services.

Available Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) at multiple price points and HMO Special Needs Plans (HMO SNPs). The HMO SNPs offer coverage that’s tailored for members with diabetes, heart conditions, or lung conditions.

Keep reading to learn about the Medicare Advantage plans offered by SelectHealth, as well as what they cover and how much they cost.

SelectHealth offers two types of Medicare Advantage plans, HMOs and HMO SNPs.

SelecHealth HMO plans

An HMO is a very common type of health insurance plan. You might have had an HMO plan through a past employer or the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Basically, HMOs work with a network of providers. The network will include any type of provider you might need to see, such as:

  • primary care physicians
  • specialists
  • urgent care clinics
  • hospitals
  • pharmacies
  • physical, occupational, or speech therapists

Your care will be covered only if you use an in-network provider, except in the case of emergency care — for example, if you need to visit the emergency room but there are no in-network hospitals close by. In this case, your plan will cover your care even though it’s not in network

You can purchase SelectHealth HMO plans at different tier levels and price points. Depending on your plan, you might be able to get coverage without a premium. Higher-tier plans with premiums will cost more per month but will include more covered services.

SelecHealth HMO SNPs

An HMO SNP is a plan type designed for people with a specific health concern that isn’t covered by a standard plan. Depending on the insurance company, you might find SNPs for people with limited finances, living in nursing facilities, or with chronic health conditions.

SelectHealth’s HMO SNPs are for people with the following chronic health conditions:

  • heart conditions
  • lung conditions
  • diabetes

SelectHealth’s HMO SNPs help you cover the extra costs of managing a chronic condition.

For example, the SelectHealth Advantage Lung Care plan includes coverage for oxygen supplies and breathing treatments. If you have diabetes or heart conditions, the SelectHealth Advantage Heart and Diabetes Care plan offers $0 copayments on insulin, diabetes medications, and heart medications.

SelectHealth’s Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage that’s similar to Part D. SelectHealth does not, however, offer stand-alone Medicare Part D plans.

SelectHealth Medicare Advantage plans are currently available to residents of :

Medicare Advantage plan offerings vary by county, so enter your ZIP code when searching for plans to see which options are available to you.

All Medicare Advantage plans are required to offer the same coverage as Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Medicare Part B (health insurance). Together, parts A and B are known as original Medicare.

Many Medicare Advantage plans, including those from SelectHealth, also offer additional coverage beyond that of original Medicare.

While some additional coverage options are specific to certain plans, some coverage is standard across SelectHealth Medicare Advantage plans. Covered services include:

  • preventive care
  • screenings for cancer, diabetes, and other conditions
  • vaccines
  • prescription drug coverage
  • an allowance toward gym membership and classes
  • optional dental and vision coverage
  • low copayments for generic medications
  • low copayments for doctor’s visits

Plans also include telehealth coverage through Intermountain Healthcare’s ConnectCare program. ConnectCare allows patients to see doctors via appointments on their computers or smartphones. Appointments are available every day of the week, 24 hours per day.

Even more benefits are available to members who select higher-tier plans. These include:

Your costs will depend on the plan you choose and the area where you live. SelectHealth offers coverage in many regions. Most regions include several counties and cities, and the prices for each offered plan are the same throughout the region.

You can check out prices for selected cities and plans in the table below.

CityPlanMonthly premiumHealth deductible, drug deductiblePrimary care visit copaySpecialist visit copayIn-network out-of-pocket max
Salt Lake City, UtahSelectHealth Advantage Essential (HMO)$0$0, $200$0$40$5,500
Logan, Utah SelectHealth Advantage Enhanced (HMO)$67$0, $150$0$30$5,000
Boise, Idaho SelectHealth Advantage Essential (HMO)$0$0, $150$0$50$6,700
Twin Falls, IdahoSelectHealth Advantage (HMO)$88$0, $150$5$50$6,700
Henderson, NevadaSelectHealth Advantage (HMO)$0$0, $0$0$0$1,000

Medicare Advantage (Part C) offers health insurance plans from private companies that have contracts with Medicare.

Medicare Advantage plans need to meet Medicare’s standards and regulations. One important rules is that they must offer at least the same coverage as original Medicare (parts A and B).

This means all plans must provide coverage for:

The price for your Medicare Advantage plan is in addition to the cost of your Part B premium. So, if a plan has a premium of $0, you’d just pay your typical Part B premium. But if you choose a plan with a higher premium, you’d pay that premium in addition to Part B.

SelectHealth offers Medicare Advantage plans to residents of Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.

Plans are available as standard HMOs and HMO SNPs. SelectHealth’s HMO SNPs are designed for members managing heart conditions, lung conditions, and diabetes.

You can find a SelectHealth plan at a low cost, with no deductible and low copayments. SelectHealth also offers plans without a premium, making them an affordable option.