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Masturbating with a condom — or “posh wanking” — isn’t a waste of latex, but rather an ingenious masturbation hack with several potential benefits.

Not at all! Masturbation isn’t reserved for penis-having folks, and neither is doing it with a condom on.

Posh wanking for everyone! *Throws arms in the air and spins*

More like what isn’t the point.

To help you get used to the feel of a condom

If you’re new to sex and condoms or are one of those people with an aversion to condoms, wearing a condom while masturbating is a good way to get used to the feels.

This goes for people who want to get used to wearing condoms or get accustomed to the feel of having a condom inside the vagina or the anus by slipping one on your fingers or a toy for a solo sesh.

It can increase your condom confidence

Fumbling to put on a condom is NBD, but we get that it can be anxiety-inducing (and a boner buster) in certain situations.

If rolling one on gives you anxiety, posh wanking is a good way to practice putting on a condom sans pressure.

It can simulate partner sex

Missing your boo on account of pandemic isolation or a long-distance relationship? Been a while since you’ve had partner sex and are missing the sensation of sex with another human?

Rolling a condom over a dildo or vibrator can help simulate the feel of the partner sex you’re craving.

If you have trouble enjoying partnered sex with a condom as much as masturbation, this could help bring the experiences together for you.

It can be a form of sensation play

Condoms have come a long way since the days of tie-on linen sheaths soaked in chemicals to help ward off syphilis. Now you can find condoms in varying sizes, textures, and sensation lubes. What a time to be alive!

Different styles come in handy (ha!) if you’d like to take your solo sesh with a side of sensation play. Bonus: You can find them in styles that work whether you’re wearing the condom or using it on a toy on your vagina or anus.

It might help you last longer

Wearing a condom might help you and/or your erection last longer. By putting on a condom you change the amount of stimulation, which can help with premature ejaculation.

If you have trouble staying hard, a condom with a snug — but not too snug! — fit around the base of the penis can help, similar to wearing a cock ring.

They make cleanup a breeze

The lack of mess is precisely what makes posh wanking posh.

Condoms during masturbation just make sense. They’re the ideal come catcher and a simple solution for poop-free anal play. Plus, they protect your bedsheets (or couch) if you:

  1. are super juicy or a squirter
  2. use sex toys
  3. like to hump soft furnishings and bedding
  4. all the above

Just remember to use a fresh condom if going between holes to avoid the spread of bacteria and prevent infections.

Safer mutual masturbation

If you like to share the love and masturbate with a partner(s), barrier protection can help prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

If there’s any uncertainty about status or if one or more of you have an STI, suit up that peen, toy, or hand for play to help prevent contact with bodily fluids or open sores.

It depends on just what kind of masturbating you’re doing.

If putting a condom on a D for a hand job, extra lube lowers the risk of the condom ripping during a stroke fest.

Just apply a drop or two of lube inside the condom, roll it on, and then slather some more along the shaft for easy stroking.

Samesies if you’re using a sex toy, but be sure that your lube is safe for use with your toy. Silicone lube can break down silicone toys, and oil-based lubes do the same to latex. For toy fun, water-based lube is the way to go.

If getting your rub on involves contact with a partner’s body parts, a flat barrier can be placed over the vulva or any other part for the sake of STI protection or sensation.

Use a dental dam or make your own from a condom by snipping off the tip and rolled end, and then cutting up one side.

So much!

We’re talking loads of condom, lube, and toy types to tickle every fancy. Excited? Let’s get to it!

We believe pleasure is a fundamental aspect of a safe and healthy sex life. That’s why we rely on experienced writers, educators, and other experts to share their suggestions on everything from the technique you use to the sex toy you buy.

We only recommend something that we genuinely love, so if you see a shop link to a specific product or brand, know that it’s been thoroughly researched — if you know what we mean. Wink.

Expand your barrier arsenal

There are condoms to suit all your masturbatory wants and needs. To get the most bang for your buck, variety packs are the way to go because they let you sample different styles.

Shop these variety packs o’ pleasure:

For all the peen feels, try a condom that’s made with a little something extra on the inside for the wearer’s pleasure, like these:

To feel like you’re sexing yourself commando, shop these super-thin condoms:

For butt play, try one of these lubed-up options:

To last longer or to prevent premature ejaculation, shop these climax-control condoms:

If you want versatility, try these good-for-it-all barriers:

Lube it up

Different types and varying amounts of lube offer different sensations and levels of friction as well as prevent condom breaks. And if indulging in some butt action, lots of lube is a must.

Think all lube’s created equal? Check these:

Throw sex toys into the mix

Toys are hands down one of the best ways to spice up solo or partnered masturbation.

There are endless options to choose from, but when it comes to mixing up your masturbation game, choosing a versatile toy that can be enjoyed multiple ways makes good money — and pleasure — sense.

  • Vibrating bullets. These tiny toys pack some powerful punch that can be enjoyed against the clit, perineum, balls, shaft, nipples… you get the gist. The plusOne Vibrating Bullet is an all-time fave.
  • Cock rings. You don’t need a cock to use a cock ring, which is what makes them primo for masturbation. Slip on around a dildo or butt plug for penetration, or over your fingers for erogenous play. If you have a penis, use one to ramp up a hand job or to help you last longer.
  • Masturbation sleeves. Also called strokers, these pleasure sleeves are handy for getting handy. Choose one that can be used with or without vibration to mix things up. Use it solo or have a partner work it for you.
  • Anal beads. Turns out they’re not just for the anus. These beaded strings come in varying sizes and materials, and can be inserted into the anus or vagina — as long as you sanitize in between! Pulling them out slowly as you start to climax can add extra oomph to your O.
  • App-controlled toys. Use this sexy techy goodness for mutual masturbation IRL or virtually, or all by your bad self.

Not really, since the condom does the trick as far as catching come and protecting your toys from fluids and lube. Just roll it off or pull it out and toss it in the trash when you’re done.

That said, some extra cleanup is in order if playtime involves butt action or a partner, or if you just wanna wipe away the wetness and residual lube.

Depending on how down and dirty things got, you could use some post-sex wipes, like Lovehoney Toy and Body Wipes, or good ol’ soap and water.

It may sound kinda silly at first, but making like the Posh Spice of wanking and masturbating with a condom is capital-S Smart.

It can take your handy work to another level and eliminate the post-pleasure cleanup so you can bask in the afterglow of an O or roll over for a blissful nap.

Adrienne Santos-Longhurst is a Canada-based freelance writer and author who has written extensively on all things health and lifestyle for more than a decade. When she’s not holed-up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddle board.