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Lupus is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack its own cells. It can damage various parts of the body, including the skin, joints, and organs. Living with lupus is unpredictable. For some people with lupus, flares are only occasional. For others, lupus has a severe impact on everyday life, which can trigger depression and discouragement.

Lupus is a complex disease, but it’s possible to get help and fight strong. Getting the support from people who truly understand your struggle — like these bloggers — can be an invaluable resource.

Despite Lupus

Sara Gorman was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 26. On her blog, she talks about her fight and determination to maintain an independent and active lifestyle. Her blog includes a collection of advice and tips such as how to set goals with lupus, and how to factor in getting the rest you need. As a bonus, Gorman also features (and sells) a variety of stylish fabric pill organizers she designed herself!

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The Life of a 30-Something with Lupus

Miz Flow was diagnosed with lupus nephritis a couple months after starting high school. Along with this diagnosis, she’s also dealt with a variety of other health issues, including arthritis, a perforated bowel, and a kidney transplant. Today, she is living life to the fullest and excited for the future. Lupus affects people differently. For those who have an uphill battle with this disease, her story inspires and encourages them to push forward and achieve their goals.

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Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus

Molly spent two years battling a series of infections before finally being diagnosed with lupus. The long journey she faced toward getting an answer is something faced by many people with lupus. Fortunately, there are blogs like this to help guide you through the process. The nonprofit founded in her name offers a wealth of information about the disease, as well as support groups, programs, and stories of hope. Whether you’re looking for general information on lupus symptoms, advice on how to approach your first doctor’s visit, or practical tips for living with the disease, they’ve got you covered.

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LupusChick’s Lupus and Autoimmune Blog

Marisa Zeppieri has lived with lupus for 15 years. Her blog is a great place to find helpful information, practical nutrition tips, coaching, and inspiring personal stories to help serve as reminders that your lupus doesn’t have to define you. Try your hand at one of her gluten-free recipes, or dive deep into the diverse array of guest posts from others living with the condition.

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Sometimes, it is Lupus

Iris Carden experienced lupus symptoms for much of her life, but wasn’t officially diagnosed until 2006. She’s committed to raising awareness about the condition. On her blog she gets real, describing the highs and lows of the disease, but at the same time providing comfort and support to others facing the same challenges. Her blog has information for everyone — people with lupus and their loved ones alike. Check out her post on things you shouldn't say to someone with lupus.

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Getting Closer to Myself

Leslie was diagnosed with lupus in 2008 at the age of 22. Her blog chronicles how lupus impacts the various aspects of her life — professionally, personally, and as a patient advocate. She also reviews helpful products for people with lupus. Through her blog, she hopes to share her knowledge and motivate people living with lupus and their loved ones to take charge of their lupus.

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Lupus Foundation of America, Northeast

This is an excellent resource if you’re looking for information about lupus support and awareness events in the Northeast U.S. You’ll discover general information about lupus as well as information on the latest research. Get involved and find out the dates for the annual “Walk to End Lupus,” or take advantage of resources for finding a local doctor or support group. You can also participate in message boards to encourage and share experiences with others living with lupus.

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Luck Fupus

MarlaJan is a nurse, lupus survivor, and lupus advocate. In addition to lupus, she’s also dealt with other health issues, including infertility and breast cancer. But despite her health battles, she maintains a positive outlook through her posts and takes it one day at a time. As a source of empowerment and a provider of many smiles, she sets a wonderful example for anyone living with lupus.

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But You Don’t Look Sick?

As a lupus patient advocate, Christine Miserandino uses her blog to bring awareness to lupus and provide general educational information to help her readers understand this disease. She writes about her interests, like crafts, and offers up seasonal tips, personal essays, and caregiver support tips. She encourages her readers to live life to the fullest despite their disease and possible limitations.

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The Lupus Foundation of America’s Blog

Through research and advocacy, this foundation is committed to improving the quality of life for lupus patients across the U.S. The site provides education and support, and reveals the personal challenges faced by people living with this unpredictable disease. Read the story of Shemiah Sanchez, who is determined to beat the odds, or receive advice on how to survive allergy season. From treatment information to coping with a diagnosis, this blog a one-stop resource for taking control of lupus.

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Lupus UK’S Blog

Lupus UK supports 6,000 people living with lupus. Its blog features an assortment of topics to help people with the condition. Because this disease can have a tremendous impact on one’s health and way of life, the more practical information, the better. Lupus UK understands the challenges faced by people diagnosed with this condition. Read the blog post on coping with hair loss, or learn strategies on how to exercise with lupus. Gain the reassurance and support you need to live better.

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