So much is written about the real life symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but as a patient myself, I try to find the lighter side of living with this chronic disease. I’ve learned over the years that it helps to just laugh about the challenges we all face day in and day out.

Whatever it takes to hit that certain spot, I say go for it!

Why is it only used for sending packages? It’s soft, stylish, and makes quite a sound if you happen to fall!

Because honestly, it’s about function more than fashion. Speaking of…

Your doctor may help you through one of these, while the other may require some assistance in the style department.

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You’re not giving up — you’re just taking a break… every few minutes.

Can someone remind me why I laid down again?

Wall-walkers leave their mark wherever they go!

You would tap your toes, but you’re not really supposed to move in there.

ANOTHER doctor’s appointment? Geez! Time to renew that National Geographic magazine subscription, doc.

I know you’re all glad to drive a sedan and not a compact!

You can blame MS, being clumsy — or both.

Yeah, this one can be frustrating, but on the positive side, that’s one less thing to get done!

Speaking of which, we’re glad this bit is over!

Doug Ankerman is a comedian and multiple sclerosis activist who chronicles his life at My Odd Sock