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About 13% of people in the United States over the age of 12 experience hearing loss in both ears. Additionally, about 2% of adults between the ages of 45 and 54 have disabling hearing loss — and the percentage only increases for older age groups.

A hearing aid can help amplify sounds and allow people with hearing loss to follow conversations.

However, the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders explains that only few people who could benefit from hearing aid technology use a hearing aid — likely because of the barriers involved in getting one.

Most prescription hearing aids can cost anywhere from $900 to $6,000 or more, and they aren’t fully covered by medical insurance.

Jabra Enhance, formerly known as Lively, is a company that provides direct-access prescription quality hearing aids online. The company’s pricing is more affordable compared with similar devices on the market.

Jabra’s hearing aids are available for purchase online and are listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Lively only recently rebranded as Jabra Enhance after being acquired by GN Group. GN Group is an audio technology manufacturer that was founded in 1869. Prior to the rebrand, Jabra primarily offered audio tech solutions like headsets and speakers.

While the Jabra brand is relatively new to the online hearing aid market, its hearing aids are produced by a decades-old hearing aid manufacturer with a solid reputation called ReSound.

Types of hearing aids

Hearing aids aren’t suitable for everyone with hearing loss. However, taking Jabra’s at-home hearing test and consulting with their audiologists can help you determine if they’re a good fit for your needs. The hearing aids are best for those with mild or moderate hearing loss.

The company recommends getting an in-person exam before purchasing hearing aids. This can rule out potential underlying medical causes for hearing loss. An exam can also determine whether a hearing aid will help you, since a hearing aid won’t benefit all people with hearing loss.

Hearing aids vs. PSAPs

Personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) are certain over-the-counter (OTC) devices that often cost way less than a regular hearing aid. But they aren’t useful for all types of hearing loss and can, in some cases, worsen hearing loss.

The FDA doesn’t currently allow PSAPs to be sold as hearing aids. Jabra Enhance offers hearing aids, not amplifiers. The FDA recently issued a final rule allowing certain hearing aids to be sold over the counter, which may improve access to hearing aids for millions of people in the United States.

Whether you decide to opt for a hearing aid or a PSAP, it’s essential to get a hearing exam first. A hearing aid specialist or audiologist can help you figure out the next steps and determine whether you need a customized hearing aid.

Jabra Enhance offers three different hearing aid models, including battery-operated and rechargeable options. The battery-operated hearing aid model is the least expensive of the three.

All models are behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids. They’re also all Bluetooth enabled, so you can control them via the companion iOS or Android app.

Each hearing aid also features customizable programs suited to different environments and directional microphones to help amplify specific sounds like speech.

Each model is:

  • equipped with noise-canceling or reduction technology
  • able to stream music and calls from your device
  • almost invisible and hidden behind the ear
  • custom-programmed by a Jabra audiologist
  • compatible with most iOS devices and a wide range of Android devices
  • adjustable via the smartphone app
  • available in five colors
  • covered by a 3-year warranty, including 3 years of loss and damage protection
  • eligible for a risk-free 100-day trial

Enhance Select 50 model

Enhance Select 50 model hearing aids

The Enhance Select 50 model, which is battery-operated, has limited features compared with the other models. However, this model is cheaper than the other two.

Jabra’s Enhance Select 50 model is best for enhancing sound in quieter situations — for example, a one-on-one conversation in a quiet office or while watching TV at home.

Other key features of this model include:

  • good speech clarity and noise reduction
  • Bluetooth streaming for phone calls and music
  • 1-year supply of batteries

Enhance Select 100 model

Enhance Select 100 model hearing aids

The Enhance Select 100 model is rechargeable and comes with a charging case that can hold up to 30 hours of charge.

This model is created for people with active lifestyles. Compared with the Select 50 model, the sound is clearer. This allows you to hear more clearly in noisy situations, such as when you’re having a conversation in a busy mall or listening to music at a concert.

Other key features of this model include:

  • better speech clarity and noise reduction compared with the Select 50 model
  • Bluetooth streaming for phone calls and music
  • music mode to enhance the live music experience

Enhance Select 200 model

Enhance Select 200 model hearing aids

The Enhance Select 200 is similar to the Select 100 model, but it has advanced sound processing technology. Like the Select 100 model, the Select 200 is rechargeable. It holds 30 hours of battery per 3-hour charge.

With automatic volume control, smart mics, and binaural directionality, this model is better for hearing people in noisy, complex environments, like if you’re having a conversation at a crowded party.

The Select 200 model has a sleeker, more discreet design and comes with a luxe finish, enabling the hearing aid to better match your hair and skin.

Other key features of this model include:

  • Bluetooth streaming for phone calls and music
  • music mode to enhance the live music experience
  • hands-free calling for iPhones 11 and newer
  • automatic volume control

Up until recently, it wasn’t possible to buy hearing aids over the counter. In August 2022, the FDA issued a final rule that established a new category of OTC hearing aids, allowing certain hearing aids to be sold online or in stores without a prescription.

This ruling means that more people might be able to access hearing aids at a lower cost. However, not all hearing aids can be bought online. The ruling only applies to hearing aids that:

  • use air-conduction technology
  • are designed for mild to moderate hearing impairment
  • are intended for people 18 years or older

In addition to OTC hearing aids, you can buy PSAPs over the counter. It’s best to talk with an audiologist before purchasing a PSAP or hearing aid, as they aren’t suitable for everybody with a hearing impairment.

Jabra Enhance Plus model

As of right now, Jabra Enhance is not offering their three Enhance Select models mentioned above as OTC hearing aids. They’re sold as a “restricted device” under FDA and state regulations, so they’ll continue to do so until April 14, 2023. Until then, to buy one of the Enhance Select models, you need a prescription.

Jabra does, however, offer a hearing-enhancing earbud called the Enhance Plus model. It’s important to note that these aren’t hearing aids. The Enhance Plus is engineered with advanced medical-grade technology to improve speech clarity and reduce background noise. They can be used to listen to live sounds, such as a conversation, as well as your calls and music.


  • Pricing: Jabra Enhance hearing aids are less expensive than comparable devices on the market.
  • Bonus support package: At no extra cost, buyers get a free virtual consultation with an expert and ongoing support for their devices.
  • Manual adjustments: In addition to adjustments by an expert on staff, you can also fine-tune your device’s settings via the iOS or Android app.


  • No custom fittings: Because there’s no in-person exam, these devices are not custom-fitted for you.
  • Not suitable for severe hearing loss: The hearing aids are designed to help with mild to moderate hearing loss. Not everyone will benefit from wearing this type of hearing aid.

Jabra Enhance hearing aids are much more affordable than similar, custom, prescription hearing aids. The cheapest pair of rechargeable ones cost $1,595, while the lower-cost battery-powered hearing aids cost $1,195. The Enhance Select 200 is the most expensive of the three, going for $1,995.

All three hearing aid models have a financing option as well.

Jabra Enhance claims that, because the company doesn’t have brick-and-mortar locations and conducts all business online, it can cut costs and save the customer money.

Buying a hearing aid online is easy and convenient, but it’s not a great option if you have severe hearing loss.

If you have severe hearing loss, you might not benefit from an OTC hearing aid. You may also need more customization than an online retailer can give you.

Whether you choose to buy online or directly from an audiologist, a hearing exam is a must. Getting an exam can pinpoint the cause and severity of hearing loss and rule out any other possible medical stressors that can cause hearing loss, such as infection and injury.

NamePrice of productBatteryStyle of hearing aidWarrantyTrial periodFinancingBluetooth
Jabra Enhancestarts at $1,195 per earrechargeable and replaceable optionsBTE only3 years100 daysyesyes
Eargostarts at $1,450rechargeable (contact and inductive charging options)IIC (invisible in canal)1–2 years45 daysyesyes
Phonakdepends on provider rechargeable and replaceable optionsBTE, RIC, ITE, IIC1-year limited manufacturer45 days for consumers in New York, New Mexico, and Vermontdepends on provideryes, some models
ReSounddepends on provider rechargeable and replaceable optionsBTE, RIEdepends on providerno, but allow testing at any hearing aid center that sells ReSound’s productsdepends on provideryes, some models
Costco$1,399.99rechargeable (Costco also sells hearing aids aside from its Kirkland brand model)BTEyes, varies by model90 daysinformation unavailableyes
MDHearingstarts at $799 per earrechargeable and replaceable optionsBTE90 daysno, but offers returns within 45 days of purchaseyesyes (CORE model)

Jabra Enhance is a relatively new brand. Even before it was rebranded from Lively, it was pretty new to the online hearing aid market but had a reasonably good reputation so far. The company is Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited and has an A+ rating.

Generally, people have positive things to say about Jabra’s hearing aids.

However, because the hearing aids aren’t custom-fitted, some customers complain about fitting issues. There are also reviews from people who had programming and connection issues with the devices.

Customers do note that these hearing aids aren’t helpful for severe hearing loss, but they mention that the trial and returns process was smooth.

Jabra Enhance has a 100-day trial policy with a money-back guarantee. The company also covers shipping costs in this guarantee.

The hearing aids come with a 3-year warranty and 3 years of damage and loss protection. The hearing professionals at Jabra Enhance will also help customize and adjust your hearing aids as you wear them to make sure you find the best fit for you. Read more about their warranty program and what it encompasses.

To order a Jabra Enhance hearing aid, you first have to take a hearing test on the website. Jabra recommends doing the test in a quiet space with headphones for the best results.

The process tests hearing in both ears. You’ll listen to sounds at varying volumes and frequencies. At the end of the test, you need to provide your name, email, and phone number to see your results.

Your results will show you whether you have hearing loss in both ears or one and which frequencies are impacted. You can choose whether you want a battery-powered or rechargeable device, then select from various color options.

The next steps in the process include:

  • a one-on-one virtual meeting with a hearing specialist on staff
  • remote adjustments by an audiologist

Keep in mind there’s no option to buy a single hearing aid, even if the impairment detected affects only a single ear.

If you have questions during or after your consultation about hearing aids, you can talk with a Jabra audiologist at any point in time.

Are Jabra Enhance hearing aids covered by insurance?

Most insurance providers don’t cover hearing aids.

Does Medicare cover Jabra Enhance hearing aids?

No, Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of hearing aids. If the cost of hearing aids is outside your budget, some retailers offer financing so you can pay for hearing aids over time. You can also look for nonprofit programs that help people with hearing loss buy hearing aids.

Medicaid, however, can help families with the cost of hearing aids, but it does vary by state and candidate. For more information about what Medicaid offers, visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Where can I buy Jabra hearing aids?

You can buy Jabra hearing aids directly from the Jabra Enhance website.

Do I need to take a hearing test to buy Jabra hearing aids?

For Jabra, it’s required to either upload a hearing test from your doctor, or to take a free online hearing test to see if you qualify as a candidate who has mild to moderate hearing loss.

Their website stresses using their hearing specialists for any questions or hesitancies about purchasing hearing aids. A hearing professional can also recommend hearing aid options that might work for your level of hearing loss.

That said, not everyone is able to book an in-person appointment for a hearing exam, and some people prefer the convenience of online shopping. If that’s so, Jabra could be a great option for you.

What does the Jabra Enhance hearing aid warranty include and cover?

Jabra Enhance hearing aids come with a 3-year warranty that includes loss and damage protection.

Within the 3-year warranty, Jabra Enhance offers you continuous support with your hearing aids through their hearing professionals. They’ll help customize and adjust your hearing aids as you wear them to make sure you find the best fit for you.

Keep in mind that for replacing hearing aids or a charging case, there are deductibles you must pay. Read more about their warranty program and what it encompasses.

Jabra Enhance’s hearing aids are a more affordable option for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The online test can also give you an idea of whether you have hearing loss.

While we recommend getting an in-person exam before committing to any hearing aid purchase, Jabra makes it easy to buy hearing aids online.

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