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Nix Lice Treatment Creme Rinse And Nit Removal Comb

Doctor Safety Rating

Safe for adults and children
older than two months Notice

Children under two months and pregnant/nursing women should consult a doctor.

Product Description

This product utilizes one of the most common over-the-counter topical insecticides, permethrin. For these types of products to be effective, patients must carefully follow the instructions and reapply the treatments at the proper intervals, usually 7-10 days after the initial treatment. There is evidence of permethrin-resistant lice infestations. If this product fails to treat a lice infestation or causes noticeable irritation on the scalp, patients should follow-up with their doctor. Parents of infants younger than two months and pregnant/nursing women should check with their doctor before using this product.

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May 23, 2013

BOTH of my kids caught head lice at school within a few days of each other. I was ready to shave their heads and be done with it!!! Thank goodness the nix didthe hard work for me!! Killed those suckers right away.


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May 23, 2013

This is the only reason I can still work at a daycare.


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May 27, 2013

This was recommended to me by another parent, and it seemed to do the trick pretty well. The combs are great and the stuff seemed strong enough because it just had to be applied once. If my son got lice again, I would use this again.


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June 30, 2014

Dont waste your time and money on generic or store brands . I used cvs lice shampoo, follewed instructions , the lice were still alive after the shampoo. had to go get Nix.... i know it works...4 grown kids, 6 grandbabies, ive got plenty of experience... but still learning dont try to save a couple of dollars. it ends up costing twice as much. go with Nix.


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August 27, 2014

I am NOT happy with Nixx at all! Yes, for the first treatment, it's fine but it does NOT kill the eggs as the box says! I treated my daughter with Nixx 5 times!!! And, we still have eggs that are hatching! I am beside myself as we have torn our house apart - vacuuming, spraying with RC spray, washing in hot and drying in hot, putting items in the freezer, and washing my daughter's bedding EVERYDAY to try and keep the bugs from spreading. NIxx needs to change their packaging so it doesn't say that it kills eggs, because it doesn't! I would like my money back as we have spent over $100 on Nixx alone and are now buying a different product. Altogether it's cost us more than $300 thus far with sprays, new product, etc. and that doesn't include hot water bill costs or detergent costs! We have done EVERYTHING right, no conditioner on the hair, etc. and the bugs keep coming back with Nixx because the eggs don't die! A VERY frustrated and upset mom


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October 1, 2014

used 3 times the product did not work. Very unhappy


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October 3, 2014

Useless product. Have used it 6 times. Eggs keep hatching. Save your money and don't purchase it. We are now planning to have them professionally removed.

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October 15, 2014

I have used many brands and while this product smells great and was easy to use, it DOES NOT kill the eggs and it is very frustrating! Save your money!

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October 16, 2014

Not very happy. after being very careful to saturate every strand with medication and to section her hair and go through every strand removing all eggs, 24 hours later we found 20 more eggs. I read that one adult lays about 4 a day, so I was very upset thinking that this medication didn't even work :(

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October 22, 2014

My 2 girls (now grown) have had lice many many times. I blame their long thick hair and happy summers at camp. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING. NIX DOESN'T WORK. None of them do. Lice become resistant to Nix (and all the others), Lindane is toxic. ONLY ONE THING WORKS-- combing every last strand of hair with a superior lice comb. I was given a free Nisska (german) comb by a "lice lady" because I was such a great customer. There are businesses like hers where patient women spend hours combing all the nits out. I have spent over $1000 ridding one daughter of lice. Only repeated combing with the special metal combs works. Honestly. Paying someone to do it was hard but alleviated much of the anxiety and panic. I'd love to offer counseling to parents.

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January 7, 2015

I used the Nix shampoo cream on my son, followed the directions, left the shampoo cream in for 10 minutes as directed. Had my son then sleep in a new bed, new sheets. The next morning, lice that were still alive. This product does not seem to work.

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January 12, 2015

Didn't work. Live lice were still in my daughters hair after using lice cream and combing all of her hair. The cream should have killed all the live lice and the eggs. I do not recommend this to anyone.I wish I had read the reviews before wasting my money.

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Vonda Metz
January 21, 2015

I was recommended this by Chrissy Parillo and it did a good job.

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Alyssa Blevins
April 1, 2015

This worked really well, but before I could get to the store I smothered her hair with cooking oil and that seemed to really do the trick with the adult lice. I will be using this for any reoccurring problems in the future.

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judika d
April 12, 2015

This product is absolutely worthless. do not waste your time. If I could give it no stars I would. It didn't even kill live lice -- let alone eggs.


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May 22, 2015

Didn't work, We used 3 times but not work my son still have lice. Very unhappy


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June 19, 2015

DO NOT BUY!! I shampooed my daughter's hair with Nix for the the second time two days ago (the first time was 8 days before that). I combed through her hair today and found THREE live lice within the first 10 swipes of the comb. The pharmacist (and the paper insert that came with Nix) claimed this would kill the lice for at least 7 days as they hatched. NOT SO! Plus, I apparently should not have waited a week... because there were a lot of lice... ugh... what a waste of money.


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July 20, 2015

Awful! My 10 year old daughter broke out in horrible hives and swelling for 3 days after using this ineffective poison. It has zero affect on the live lice or eggs. The wide toothed comb provided couldn't catch a single lice nit. I believe its a scam to make you buy more product. Don't waste your money. Do your research first.


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August 5, 2015

My daughter has long thick hair, she got lice and we had her treated professionally, It cost $300.00 and she still had live bugs and nits. I used the Nix as directed and combed her hair out every single day for 2 weeks. She is clean. The product works if you use it correctly. The key is to remove all eggs, the only way to do that is to comb, comb, comb. No matter what product you use, you must comb out the hair every single day to get rid of any eggs or nymphs.


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August 7, 2015

I have been fighting my Daughters lice for 2 months! I was using a store brand and metal nit comb, doing the ritual hot water wash and high temp dry. I even cut her hair to make combing easier. Finally I got nix and one application and they all died I just reapplied, a week from first application, and I only found 7 Unhatched nits. No lice! I was beyond excited because everytime I spent at least 2 hours combing through her hair and I was absolutely sick of treating the lice.


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August 24, 2015

I don't like this product. I have already had to spend my money 3 times in less than a month. Before my daughter started school I really didnt wanted any more lice so i keep using it but thw lice somehow just come back! I don't believe it kills eggs. Since the lice keep popping out. Im constantly washing all her clothes and bed sheets and washing the cones in boiling hot water for over and hour and the lice just keep comming back!!!! Gets me mad to know i keep wastung my money on Nix and my daughters lice arent going away. I dnt even let her hang out with the neighbors anymore believing they were the first ones that pass them to her Ughhh im so aggravated and i dnt want to cut her beautiful hair! Makes me sad.


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september 18, 2015

it works good but kills your hair.. my sister had lice and my mom bought nix and me my mom and my other sister used it we never had lice but we used it to prevent it. it dryed out our head so it was insanely itchy, my other sister that had the lice was still itchy too. and we were checked several times and never had lice.


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Nix Lice Treatment Creme Rinse And Nit Removal Comb Nix Lice Treatment Creme Rinse And Nit Removal Comb
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