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Dear Fellow MSer,

I thought you might be having a rough go of it today.

MS can be a real bugger. If it’s not pain, spasticity, or balance, it’s fatigue, vision, or an overactive bladder. Maybe it’s your memory … or a smorgasbord of all the above.

That’s the reason for my letter: to remind you you’re not alone in your frustration. Those of us with MS have been there. We understand your emotions. We feel your anger. We live your anxiety. We get it.

Dear MSShare on Pinterest

We know what it’s like to be too tired for a chat, too overwhelmed by a large crowd, too fidgety to button a shirt.

We sense your feelings of hopelessness and share your trepidation of the future.

Like you, we have pondered countless “what ifs” and asked a million “whys.”

You claw for answers to no avail, and so do we.

The best we can do is boost one another: lend a hand, a shoulder, an ear. Fight the fight and, together, do our darndest to push, to move, to stave off the ominous grip MS can have on our lives.

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Today may be a struggle, but you can persevere — just like you did yesterday, the day before that, and the previous day, week, and month.

You will make it through because you are strong-willed, tough as a three-dollar steak. You learn with MS that you have to be.

MS is ruthless. It never gives in. But MS has never faced an opponent like you.

Go ahead, keep moving forward. We’ve got your back. You’ve got this.



Doug Ankerman