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At-home health tests offer convenience, discretion, and quick results. With more than 30 tests, LetsGetChecked keeps you on top of your health.

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At-home health tests offer a convenient way to screen for a range of health conditions in the comfort and privacy of your own home. And with more than 30 at-home tests available, LetsGetChecked is a good option to consider to learn more about your overall health or to do routine testing for a specific condition.

We’ve reviewed numerous LetsGetChecked tests. In this article, we share our recommendations, explain more about this service, and offer insights about how to best make use of at-home health tests to support your health.

LetsGetChecked is a health and diagnostics company that offers lab analyzed, home-collection biomarker tests as an alternative to going into a clinic for diagnostic testing.

It’s one of the largest providers of at-home health test kits, with more than 30 products that screen for concerns related to women’s and men’s health, heart health, digestive health, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), certain cancers, COVID-19, as well as various wellness and nutrition measures.

Kits are shipped right to your address, and include clear directions and all the necessary supplies for collecting a sample and returning it for analysis. Test results are available in 2 to 5 business days.


  • The company offers a wide variety of tests to choose from.
  • If you receive a positive test result, you can speak with a nurse during a free consultation.
  • Everything comes in unmarked, confidential packaging.
  • LetsGetChecked offers affordable testing without leaving home.
  • With a live online chat, you can ask questions before purchasing a test.
  • You can get your results in 2 to 5 days.
  • Telehealth assessments are available through the company’s secure messaging service for $49 — no appointment is needed.


  • Shipping isn’t available to all countries.
  • Telehealth assessments are made via message after submitting answers to specific questions, not through a live video conversation, and this service isn’t offered in every state.
  • Some conditions, including STIs, can’t be tested individually.
  • There’s potential for inaccurate results if testing isn’t performed correctly.
  • Customers voice some concerns with the timeline of personal information deletion requests.
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The website and app are straightforward to use, and there’s a frequently asked questions, or FAQ, page if you need more information on how to use the site. As soon as you create an account, you can begin ordering tests.

Sign-up process

From the website you can find the test (or tests) you’re looking for. If you need some help deciding which test is best for you, LetsGetChecked offers some guidance via a health quiz to learn more about you.

You create an account when you make your purchase. While the company doesn’t currently accept insurance, it does accept health savings accounts (HSA) and flexible spending accounts (FSA). Or, you can use a debit or credit card, Apple Pay, or PayPal to pay for your tests.

Additionally, LetsGetChecked offers subscription plans that allow you to save money on routine tests and receive automatic deliveries.

After ordering, you should receive your LetsGetChecked test within 5 business days for standard delivery, or 1 to 2 business days for express delivery, which is available at an additional cost.

The tests are anonymous and come in unmarked boxes. Each test contains a unique bar code that’s tracked by the company.

To register your test kit, create an account, then go to the “Activate Test” link on the website or app. A numeric code is sent to your phone, which you can then enter into your account, along with two codes that are located inside the testing box. After answering a few health-related questions, registration is complete.

When you’re ready, you collect a sample by carefully following the instructions sent to you. You’ll then mail it back in a prepaid package.

Your results are displayed in your online account within 2 to 5 business days from when the lab receives your sample. You then have the opportunity to consult with a medical professional about any positive results as well as treatment options.

If you’re looking for just a telehealth consultation rather than a test kit, LetsGetchecked offers that, too, for $49. It’s important to point out that this isn’t a video consultation. Using the company’s secure messaging service, you select the health topic you want to discuss and answer related questions, and a healthcare professionals will message you through the app, possibly providing a prescription.


LetsGetChecked requires self-collection of saliva, urine, stool, or blood, depending on the test. You may need to collect these samples before eating in the morning.

Your test kit comes with everything you’ll need to collect your sample. The LetsGetChecked website also has video instruction on how to collect samples to make sure tests are as accurate as possible.


After collecting your sample, you’ll place it in the provided biohazard bag and the box the test came in. Then, you’ll put the box in a prepaid shipping envelope and mail it back to the company. You’ll be notified once your sample has been received.

The sample will be processed, and the medical team will review the results. You’ll be notified of your results within 2 to 5 business days.

Test results are stored on the LetsGetChecked dashboard, and users can monitor test result changes over time, or use the results to actively improve their health. The app, which is available through Google Play or the Apple App Store, can also be accessed on other third-party tools, such as Garmin or Fitbit trackers.

“Activating the kit and receiving results is fast and easy to understand. The results were shown clearly without having to do a lot of clicking around. It can be a satisfying process, especially for those who want fast results and prefer to skip a visit to their doctor when they can.”

— Breanna Mona, Healthline writer

Nurse consultation

If your results are positive or abnormal, a nurse will reach out by phone to discuss them and answer questions. If you wish to get a prescription or discuss other treatment options, or more, you can pay for a separate telehealth appointment, which is $39.

LetsGetChecked offers 34 tests, which are broken down into five main categories: sexual health, women’s health, men’s health, wellness, and coronavirus.

LetsGetChecked has more than 17,000 reviews on Trustpilot, a third-party rating platform. The company is ranked as excellent, with the majority of verified customers commending the platform for its simple process and quick results.

However, some reviews mention difficulty using the testing kits. LetsGetChecked responds to negative reviews with a standard reply, indicating that a team member will be reaching out privately to address their concerns.


Overall, users describe LetsGetChecked as affordable and convenient, with the added perk of a free consultation with a nurse who has reviewed your results. One user states: “The test is so easy to do by yourself and the results are returned efficiently. LetsGetChecked is helping to drive easier access to better health solutions.” Another user described it as the “perfect alternative” for putting their health first when they didn’t have time to visit the clinic.

However, one user on Google Play says they never received an itemized receipt with services for reimbursement and had to pay out of pocket. Another user states they never received their test kit. Several other users report similar delays in shipping, whether for test kits or results.

In June 2023, the company faced a class action lawsuit alleging that it doesn’t inform its customers that its Lyme disease tests can’t provide comprehensive results to detect all Lyme disease-causing Borrelia strains.

Instead, the test can detect only one type of disease-causing Borrelia bacteria in a person’s body, meaning it may mislead test-takers into thinking they don’t have the disease when there’s still a chance they might.

The lawsuit cites the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), saying that diagnosis of Lyme disease must come from a healthcare professional based on physical symptoms.

Those who suspect they may have Lyme disease should visit their healthcare professional quickly for comprehensive testing and fast medical attention, as treatment is ideal in early stages.

Privacy policy

Like other at-home health test companies, LetsGetChecked protects your private information and states it’s committed to protecting their customers’ privacy and data. Payment is encrypted with SSL technology. The testing process is confidential and can only be accessed by the user, but LetsGetChecked encourages users to share their results with their primary care doctors.

Personal data is kept confidential. But the company does collect and store personal information, such as your contact information, name, and address.

As a customer, you can request personal data to be deleted from the site. However, this request can take 45 days to be addressed, and the company may need an extension of another 45 days before data is deleted.

LetsGetChecked isn’t a replacement for getting a diagnosis or receiving regular care from a healthcare professional, but it may be a useful resource for:

  • Those without insurance.
  • Those with high insurance costs for lab work.
  • Those who want to limit their time in waiting rooms.
  • Those who are comfortable handling their own blood, urine, stool, or saliva samples.
  • Those who understand LetsGetChecked isn’t a replacement for visiting their healthcare professional for health concerns and wellness visits.
Is it for you?

LetsGetChecked tests require handling your own samples. If you’re uncomfortable with this, you should consider getting tested in a lab. Also, these tests are not suitable for those who need emergency care.

Research from 2018 suggests that home test kits are beneficial, as they’re likely to generate additional visits to primary care doctors, but it cautions that regulations are needed to ensure accuracy. Consider visiting a healthcare professional to share and discuss your results, especially if your test results indicate a health concern, you have unexplained symptoms, or you want to devise a treatment plan.

A healthcare professional can analyze your results and see how they relate to your overall health and your current treatment plan, including medications. They may do additional testing or perform a complete physical examination.

Depending on your location, some of the company’s labs work on weekends. Your test kit will provide specific instructions for the best time to return it.

It typically takes 5 to 7 days to receive your kit with standard shipping and 1 to 3 days if you pay extra for express shipping.

Some treatment options may be available if you test positive for certain conditions, but this option varies by state

In some locations, you can get a prescription via LetsGetChecked, though all prescriptions are at the discretion of the prescribing healthcare professional. If your prescription is approved, you can sign up for discreet home delivery.

The company states that prescriptions may not be appropriate for all individuals, and you may be advised to visit a healthcare professional for further treatment.

LetsGetChecked kit prices start at $69 and can reach $249, depending on the number of conditions you’re screening for. You may find bundles available, as well as subscription options to save on recurring purchases. Consultations after test results typically cost an additional $39. General telehealth consultations without any test kits are also available at $49.

LetsGetChecked tests are physician-approved. Samples are processed in CLIA approved, CAP accredited laboratories, which indicates the highest level of accreditation. Every test comes with clear instructions to help ensure that you take a sample properly.

Swab samples are sent to CLIA certified labs for full analysis through reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) or transcription-mediated amplification (TMA). Either test can confirm the presence of an infection with the coronavirus, but neither test detects antibodies or immunity.

Recently, the LetsGetChecked coronavirus test was used in a SARS-CoV-2 reference panel comparison by the FDA and was found to have a high level of analytic sensitivity.

The timeline for receiving results can vary depending on the test. In general, results can be expected within 2 to 5 business days from the date the lab receives your sample. When results are ready, you’ll be notified via email.

Yes. Test kits are confidential, arriving at your home in unmarked packaging.

LetsGetChecked has plenty of competitors you can consider, including:

Healthlabs has a slightly short wait time of 1 to 3 business days for results, and myLAB Box offers a bit more tests with more than 40 tests available. None of these companies currently accept insurance.

Overall, LetsGetChecked might be a great option for getting certain lab tests done. Results that are out of the normal range are addressed by LetsGetChecked’s medical team, and the test kits are confidential.

If you’re concerned about LetsGetChecked’s privacy policy on storing and using personal information, consider contacting the company to have your questions answered.

The service also doesn’t replace care in emergencies. Be sure to share your results with your primary care doctor to ensure continuous care. They can provide further interpretation, decide if you need more in-depth testing, and make changes to your treatment plan.