Kidney disease is a serious illness involving the gradual loss of kidney function. Kidneys provide the vital function of filtering waste from the body. When your kidneys don't work properly, this can trigger a range of symptoms that include:

  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • cramping
  • swelling

Although kidney disease can be long term or chronic, it is possible to live a normal life with the disease. The information, support, guidance, and personal stories on these blogs give hope to those living with this condition.

Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK

This blog features a collection of articles and stories by writers who understand firsthand the effects of kidney disease. Whether they live with the disease or have a loved one who does, these writers open their hearts and offer encouragement to those battling the disease. For example, read about Michelle's experiences supporting her boyfriend through kidney failure.

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Kidney disease doesn't only affect adults, it can also affect children. DeeDee isn't afraid to share her life and experiences caring for a child who went through kidney failure and transplant surgery. Read her story about meeting a donor’s mom. She's faced different challenges, but approaches life with positivity and optimism.

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Kidney Today

There are so many personal stories related to kidney disease, and the American Kidney Fund’s blog puts the spotlight on individuals and families who understand this illness. Whether you need motivation, support, or a dose of reality, you'll find many uplifting stories — such as accounts of surviving kidney disease with the help of a stranger.

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National Kidney Foundation

The National Kidney Foundation focuses on awareness, prevention, and treatment. If you or a loved one has from kidney disease, this site has an abundance of information for those on the path to recovery. Read about foods to avoid if you're on dialysis, or check out general resources, such as how to find kidney screenings, treatments, and prevention.

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This blog operated by the American Journal of Kidney Diseases is another fantastic resource for educating yourself and getting strength to fight kidney disease. The organization is committed to being a leading source for kidney disease information, providing advice on kidney disease and food, treatments, and offering the latest research.

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Gail Rae-Garwood was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2008. She's an advocate, and committed to bringing awareness to this disease. She's passionate about kidney disease and writing, and she’s written books and articles on the topic to inspire and provide support to other people with the condition.

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The Kidney Boy

Steve uses his blog to share his experience with dialysis and a kidney transplant. Kidney disease can be an uphill battle with many highs and lows, but Steve is resolved to live a normal life. His blog includes serious moments, such as the post about being the best you can be. But he also incorporates humor that puts smiles on readers’ faces.

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The Patient’s Voice

The Dialysis Patients Citizens (DPC) Education Center has a collection of information about kidney disease, including end-stage renal disease, dialysis, treatment, research, and support. The blog not only provides information geared to patients, but also information for loved ones and caregivers.

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Renal Support Network

Kidney disease can be chronic and progressive, so it’s sometimes difficult to look on the bright side. So, there's no such thing as too much support. This blog promotes a positive outlook. Read about overcoming the stumbling blocks of kidney disease, and learn how to explore the gift of creativity as you cope with the illness.

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The Kidney Foundation of Canada

The Kidney Foundation of Canada makes kidney health its primary focus. The organization’s blog includes plenty of advice on kidney disease research and other topics to bring awareness to this disease. Read about organ donation or learn how to offer your services and support.

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