There really is strength in numbers, and private group training allows you to receive the benefits of personal training while exercising in a fun, social environment.  Private group training is an affordable alternative to one-on-one training and can also motivate you to perform at a higher level.  In this setting, a group of two to five people is instructed by a certified personal trainer on a systematic program of strength and cardio conditioning.  You do not have to be at the same fitness level as your peers, and each member of the group receives motivation and support from one another, while benefiting from the expert guidance of their trainer.

Less Money, More Support

In a small group setting, you are able to get individualized training and guidance for nearly half the rate of a private session, possibly eliminating the barrier of cost in hiring a personal trainer.  Not only are you able to reduce your financial burden, you also receive the benefits of friendly competition by working out with like-minded partners.  Exercising in a social setting helps you realize that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and you may receive more motivation from your peers than working one-on-one with your trainer.  If you find yourself becoming discouraged at the idea of doing burpees, you may be relieved to know that your partner feels the same, and in turn push one another to succeed.

What to Expect from Your Workout

Depending on the size of your group, there are many different ways your trainer may structure sessions.  One common protocol is to alternate between cardio intervals and supersets of strength training exercises, where two exercises are performed back to back.  While one client performs their strength exercises, the other may do cardio, and then the two clients switch.  Circuit training is also effective in small groups, where clients rotate through a circuit of full body exercises.  Partner exercises can also be utilized, where clients are required to work together to perform bodyweight exercises that are both challenging and fun for each client.  

Preventing Injuries in Group Training

Despite the many benefits of private group training, there are some challenges to overcome for both you and your trainer to ensure that your sessions are both safe and effective.  It is important to make sure your trainer has a wide variety of equipment to suit each person in the group.  You should be exercising with weights and resistance that match your physical capabilities, and your trainer must be able to adjust the routine to keep each individual motivated, regardless of their fitness level.  An experienced trainer will be able to analyze the strengths of the group, and tweak the program so that each client can work at their own pace without feeling like they are competing with the rest of the group.  Remember, although you are exercising in a group setting, you are only working to your own limitations. 

Putting It All Together

Before participating in a group training session, it may be a good idea for you to complete a few individual sessions with your trainer so that you can learn what to expect from a typical workout.  This will also give your trainer a better understanding of your physical capabilities so they are able to design a program that best suits you.  When planned correctly, private group training can be extremely enjoyable and help you to successfully meet your goals.  You may find the camaraderie between the group and your trainer to be especially motivating, and reach new heights in your physical fitness.



Sarah Dalton is the founder of Able Mind Able Body, a Las Vegas based company offering motivational lifestyle coaching and personal training services.  She takes a holistic approach to healthy living, and educates others on the benefits of nutrition, exercise, and emotional health.  Visit for more info.