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Jade is a gemstone believed to have several benefits, including increasing fortune, grounding, and enhancing maturity in relationships.

Different crystals and stones are believed to harness their own energies and provide unique benefits.

Crystals and stones are believed by some to carry powerful energies that aid in physical and emotional healing. They’ve been used for these purposes for centuries.

Jade is a popular gemstone sometimes referred to as the stone of luck and happiness

“The use of jade goes back a long way and has its roots in ancient Eastern civilizations,” says crystal healer Carol Boote. “China is where jade is truly revered and celebrated. It can be found etched into all kinds of jewelry and statues.”

Jade also saw popularity outside Eastern cultures.

“The remains of jade tools and utensils have been found in the excavation of ancient sites worldwide,” Boote says. “Tribes in New Zealand would use jade to adorn their masks. They would also turn to the mystical powers of jade when they wanted to make an offering to the water spirits.”

Even the Spanish used jade, claims Boote, calling it “piedra de ijada,” or stone of the loin. This could be “in homage to jade’s positive effect when it came to healing the bladder and problems with the kidneys,” she says.

Jade “is a stone that does not demand from you. But instead, it gives you all the love and courage you need to raise your own vibrations, tap into your dreams, and welcome all the wonderful things that want to come to you,” Boote says.

Boote explains that there are two stones known as jade. They’re called nephrite and jadeite.

“To the untrained eye, these stones are difficult to distinguish. This is usually done by experts using sound frequency, or chiming,” she says.

According to Boote, both stones have the same healing properties.

Jade may have several benefits. These include:


Jade stone is sometimes referred to as the lucky stone or the happiness stone.

“Both types of jade stone have long been associated with attracting good luck,” says Boote.

A disk with a hole is said to attract heavenly beings, and it’s considered auspicious to place a coin in the mouth of a jade fish or carved frog, Boote adds.


It’s also believed that jade stone has healing properties. Boote says these properties depend on the color of the stone.

“These are predominantly green stones but do present in many other colors, such as lemon and lilac,” Boote says.

Green is associated with bringing tranquility and calm to difficult situations.

According to Boote, jade could potentially benefit several organs and conditions, including:

  • spleen
  • kidney
  • bladder
  • hormone imbalances that affect fertility
  • skeletal system

There is no scientific evidence to support the use of jade for the treatment of any condition. Stones or crystals should never be used in place of medical care.


Boote also claims that jade stone can provide healing in relationships and with the self. It may encourage:

  • honesty
  • maturity
  • life force energy
  • self-love
  • self-acceptance

“It encourages honesty and understanding, and … [it] attracts fulfilling relationships and love,” says Boote.

It’s important to note that scientific evidence to support the healing properties of jade stone, and crystal healing in general, is limited.

An older study, presented at international conferences in 1999 and 2001, suggests that any benefits experienced from crystals may be a result of the placebo effect.

While critics are often quick to dismiss crystal healing, it’s worth noting that many people swear by their powers. Crystals are unlikely to do you any harm if you want to experiment with them and test their effectiveness for yourself.

Common uses for jade stone include placing it in your physical surroundings, meditating with it, and wearing it.

Physical surroundings

“In feng shui traditions, jade should be placed in the southeast corner of the home or workplace to bring good fortune and wealth to all,” says Boote.

According to Boote, jade can help with:

  • creating a positive attitude toward money
  • manifesting work goals
  • using money creatively
  • supporting business ventures

Jade can be used as a talisman for conducting financial transactions, she adds.


Jade stone can also be beneficial for boosting clarity and focus.

“Jade can improve your mental faculties so that you can achieve mental clarity and use sound judgment,” Boote says. “Some people meditate with jade when deciding on wise investments and drawing up business contracts.”

Particular colors of jade offer specific benefits, according to Boote.

  • Dark shades are centering and grounding.
  • Pale green is calming to the mind.
  • Lavender jade helps with intuition and instincts.


It’s believed that jade stone may also be beneficial when worn as jewelry, particularly if worn near the heart chakra.

“If our heart chakra is unbalanced, we tend to feel restricted in our dealings with others and our environment. We may find ourselves being hypercritical of others and find we are either trying to control them or feel that we are being controlled,” Boote says.

Boote claims that green jade is aligned with the vibrational level of the heart chakra and can help if the heart becomes stuck.

“Jade has a vibration that can shift blockages and provides cleansing to promote a healthy flow of energy through the heart center,” Boote says.

With other crystals

Another way to use jade stone is in a chakra crystal combination. This involves using several different colored crystals and stones together to represent the chakras, most typically the seven main chakras.

“Jade can be used in chakra crystal combinations according to what you want to achieve and the variety of colors of the crystals you choose to use,” Boote says.

According to Boote, dark jade combined with earth stones, like hematite, is helpful for grounding and balancing the base chakra.

Green jade and blue agate can combine for balancing the energies of the heart, throat, and third eye chakra.

Yellow jade can be complemented with a carnelian or garnet to activate the sacral chakra.

Boote emphasizes that jade is an earth stone that combines well with other earth stones, like jet, onyx, obsidian, and black tourmaline.

“All these stones are grounding crystals that hold a strong vibration,” she says. They “can work well in a grid or mandala designed to help you stay centered and grounded and to activate the base chakra.”

Jade stone has many purported benefits and may be a powerful stone to add to your crystal collection — particularly if you want to work with softer energies, says Boote.

Still, none of these claims are supported by scientific research. If you choose to add crystals to your healing practice, never use them as a replacement for medical treatment.

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