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Magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes are two increasingly trendy alternatives to traditional false lashes. They contain small magnets to help the products “stick” to your upper eyelids without the use of glue.

Relatively new compared to glue-on versions of lashes and traditional liquid or pencil liners, magnetic eye cosmetics are still deemed safe by the companies that market such products.

But while it’s true that magnetic lashes and eyeliner seem to pose few side effects, this doesn’t mean they are completely risk-free, especially if you use them incorrectly.

Here’s what you need to know about magnetic eyeliner and lashes, as well as how to use them safely. Talk to a doctor before using these products if you have any preexisting eye conditions.

Magnetic eyeliner is designed to complement magnetic eyelashes by helping them stay in place. These liners come in a liquid form that’s considered generally safe overall.

The key is to make sure, as with traditional liner, that you replace the product every 3 months to prevent bacteria growth in the bottle.

Potential side effects

Magnetic eyeliner is marketed as safe, but there’s still a risk for side effects. It’s important to apply the liner at the lash line so the product doesn’t get in your eye or block the oil glands in your eyelid.

Don’t use it while in a moving vehicle so that you don’t accidentally poke your eye.

While not well-documented in clinical studies, it’s also possible to develop an allergic reaction to any cosmetics, or to develop an infection if you touch your eyes with unclean hands during the application or removal process. Discontinue using if you develop irritation or a rash.

Magnetic eyelashes are considered safer than other types of false eyelashes that use potentially harmful glues. However, it’s possible for any product you use around the eyes to be harmful. Your risk may be higher if you use the product incorrectly, or if you have sensitive skin and eyes.

Potential side effects

As with magnetic liner, it’s possible to have an allergic reaction to magnetic eyelashes. You shouldn’t use the lashes if you have any sign of irritation or infections in the eye area.

When used incorrectly, the magnets in these products can possibly tear your real eyelashes and damage their hair follicles. Be sure to peel apart the magnets slowly during removal, and to read all of the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

If you are undergoing an MRI, make sure you don’t wear magnetic eyelashes the day of your appointment. One recent study showed that such products may dislodge from your eyes and become moving projectiles.

It’s also possible for poorly fitted magnetic lashes to slide away from your lash line and brush your eyes. This can lead to corneal damage.

Magnetic eyelashes contain small magnets that are designed to stick together without the hassle of glue that’s traditionally used in other types of false lashes. Some types of lashes contain synthetic hair, while others have hair from animals or humans.

Magnetic eyeliners are designed to help magnetic lashes stay in place while also accentuating their look. These contain FDA-approved ingredients called iron oxides, which are commonplace in cosmetics. Iron oxides are pigment-containing minerals that are small enough to not cause any significant health risks.

Although rare, it’s possible for iron oxide to cause allergies. You may be sensitive to iron oxide if you have a history of eczema or contact dermatitis.

Consider doing a patch test of magnetic eyeliner on your arm a couple of days before trying it out on your eyes to make sure you’re not allergic. Place a small amount inside your elbow and wait for 24 to 48 hours. If you have a reaction, discontinue use.

Use magnetic eyeliner and lashes only on clean, dry skin. You’ll also want to wash your hands before touching the eye area to help prevent infections. To use, follow the manufacturer’s instructions as well as these general steps:

  1. If you’re planning on wearing other eye cosmetics, such as eye shadow, be sure you apply it before you use magnetic liners and lashes.
  2. Take the eyeliner applicator out of the tube and gently brush the product along your lash line.
  3. Take one set of magnetic lashes out the package. Place one on either side of your real eyelashes.
  4. When using magnetic eyelashes and liner together, the lashes should quickly attach to the eyeliner you have already applied. If you’re using a set that doesn’t require eyeliner, then each side of the lashes ought to attach together directly.
  5. Gently press against either side of your lashes to make sure they are set firmly in place so they won’t slide off and scratch your eyes.

Once your magnetic lashes and eyeliner are set in place, they’re designed to stay put all day until you want to remove them. They’re also waterproof. Some brands offer different colors of eyeliner, so you can mix up the overall look of your lashes.

As with all other cosmetics, never share magnetic lashes and liners with others.

Magnetic lashes and eyeliner ought to be removed at the end of the day before you go to bed. Follow these steps for safe removal:

  1. Gently peel each side of your lashes away from one another, similar to removing two magnets that are stuck together.
  2. Next, take a cotton swab or cotton ball with eye makeup remover and gently swipe over your eyes to remove the liquid eyeliner and any other cosmetics.
  3. Clean your magnetic eyelashes after each use to prevent bacterial growth. You may use rubbing alcohol or basic soap and water.
  4. Let your magnetic eyelashes air dry completely and then store in an airtight container between uses.

A variety of different products are available in beauty stores. Some companies sell magnetic lashes and eyeliner together as kits.

When shopping for these items, you will notice different price points based on ingredients — be sure to read all product labels carefully if you have allergies.

Shop for magnetic eyeliner and lashes online.

Overall, magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners are considered safe for most people, especially when compared to false lashes that require glue. Magnetic versions also tend to be easier to use, so you may find yourself saving time in your beauty routine.

Still, even magnetic liners and lashes aren’t completely risk-free. You should always use extra caution when using any cosmetics around your eye area. Call a doctor if you develop signs of an allergic reaction or infection after using these products.