Leukemia is a form of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. It causes the body to overproduce abnormal white blood cells.

Every person with leukemia has a unique treatment plan, outlook, and overall experience with the disease. Some choose to capture their experience in the form of a tattoo. Whether it expresses solidarity, awakens confidence, or fosters courage, each design tells a powerful and inspiring story.

Do you have a tattoo inspired by you or a loved one’s experience with leukemia? Share it with us at nominations@healthline.com with the subject line “My Leukemia Tattoo.” It could be featured on Healthline and shared with our community!

In your submission email, please include:

  1. a clear photo of your tattoo (the larger and clearer the photo, the better!)
  2. a short description of what your tattoo means to you and/or the story behind it
  3. whether you’d like your name to be included with your submission