With March done and gone, we’ve said so long to another MS Awareness Month. The devoted work to spread the word of multiple sclerosis thus winds down for some, but for me, MS Awareness Month never ends. I remain aware of my MS every minute of every day. Yeah, I’m aware, alright.

I’m aware every time I try to remember what it is I want to remember.

I’m aware when I go to the movies and doze off before the coming attractions.

I’m aware because I can’t pass a bathroom door without the urge to enter.

I’m aware because I make more of a mess at the dinner table than a three year old.

I’m aware thanks to the relentless stream of mail asking me to donate more.

I’m aware because I get more tired taking a shower than I do getting dirty.

I’m aware when I struggle to lift my leg high enough to get in the car.

I’m aware as my vest has pockets, not for wallets and cellphones, but for ice packs.

I’m aware because I reach my insurance deductible more quickly than anyone I know.

I’m aware as I avoid the sun like Dracula.

I’m aware as I constantly scan the floor for walking hazards, like uneven surfaces, gradients, and wet spots.

I’m aware due to the number of unexplained scrapes, bumps, and bruises on my body caused by not spotting uneven surfaces, gradients, and wet spots.

I’m aware because doing something that should take 10 minutes takes 30.

And now, a flip of the calendar page will bring awareness to another health malady, such as bubonic plague or scurvy. But in the meantime, my fellow MSers and I will march onward, keenly aware of the hold multiple sclerosis has on our lives. We’re used to it by now. So, we’ll hold our heads high and chug along in anticipation of next year’s MS Awareness Month.