As someone with hypothyroidism, your body (and mind) goes through certain things that only you really get. Read on for a look at 29 things only someone with hypothyroidism would understand.

1. That straw-like stuff growing out of your head is your formerly thick and glossy hair.

2. Where did that extra 10 pounds come from?

3. Your new exercise program includes vigorously rubbing your arms and shivering because you're always cold.

4. You DID get enough sleep. Eleven hours is hardly a nap.

5. If all you're eating is lettuce, shouldn't you be losing that extra 10 pounds?

6. You hear the word “puffy” more often than you’d like, as in, “Your face is a little puffy.”

7. Every time you get a manicure, half your nails break the next day, along with your hair.

8. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to answer questions like, “What is your name?”

9. Besides your mind being “constipated” ... well, you know the rest.

10. You used an entire bottle of lotion and your skin is still dry and flaky.

11. TSH, T-3 , T-4, TSI, TPO, … all you need to know is that they're important tests with lots of letters.

12. Your body is full of “achy breaky” joints.

13. Is that a frog in your throat or are you getting a cold?

14. Being depressed is not part of your DNA, so why now?

15. Whatever happened to your regular menstrual cycle?

16. Yes, you HAVE to take your thyroid pills – for a long time.

17. Yes, you HAVE to have regular checkups – for a long time.

18. You’re used to doing breast self-exams AND neck and throat exams.

19. Your memory seems to be on vacation.

20. You’re used to hearing, “You look a little pale. Pinch your cheeks.”

21. Your heart rate is s-l-o-www.

22. The word “diminished” fits you – diminished energy, diminished sex drive, diminished appetite.

23. Changes in your cholesterol happen. And not in a good way.

24. Elastic waistbands find their way into your wardrobe.

25. Your favorite piece of furniture is the bed.

26. You have to set an alarm every time you sit down, in case you fall asleep.

27. Your refrigerator becomes the host to a hundred Post-its, which serve as reminders (and lifesavers)!

28. Do it now! Whatever “it” is. You'll forget later (Wait, is it Johnny’s turn to bring snacks to school tomorrow?!).

29. You know things will get better. As long as your mom stops pestering you about the benefits of eating a high-fiber diet.