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After a full night’s rest, your joints and muscles are bound to be stiff. If bending over to pick up something is tough on your muscles, you’re probably in need of a good stretch.

Stretching can increase flexibility and range of motion over time, promoting functionality. Start with these muscle groups:

  -  quadriceps (upper front of thigh)
  -  hamstrings (upper back of thigh)
  -  lower back
  -  forearms
  -  upper back
  -  neck

This may seem like a lot to target, but don’t think that you have to spend your whole morning stretching. Research has shown that just a single session increases blood flow, promoting heart health. Increasing blood flow to muscles will also prepare you for your morning exercise.

Tips Designed by:
Anna Lepeley PhD, CSCS, CISSNRead bio »
Tips Designed by:
Anna Lepeley PhD, CSCS, CISSN Read bio »


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Anna Lepeley, PhD, CSCS, CISSN
Dr. Anna Lepeley has a PhD in Exercise Biochemistry and Nutrition research. She specializes in exercise, nutrition and dietary supplements along with their effects on overall health. Dr. Lepeley is a Nutrition and Exercise Science professor and lecturer at national and international conferences. She is the published author of "Stop it: 18 habits that hinder your libido and make you fat", providing nutrition, exercise and hormone health information for men and women of all ages.