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Brighten your day with yoga. A great complement to resistance exercise, yoga incorporates meditation and relaxation techniques. The practice promotes physical strength and mental clarity, which is why studies have found that regular yoga practice can reduce stress and anxiety.

One study in particular showed that individuals who participated in yoga experienced improvements in mood and decreased levels of depression and stress. Yoga also promoted a sense of hopefulness while also increasing flexibility. Other research has shown that yoga may benefit cognitive function and memory.

While it has its benefits, you shouldn’t practice yoga on the same day that you do any resistance exercise. It’s best to wait anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the intensity of your resistance training, before taking a yoga class.

Tips Designed by:
Anna Lepeley PhD, CSCS, CISSNRead bio »
Tips Designed by:
Anna Lepeley PhD, CSCS, CISSN Read bio »


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Anna Lepeley, PhD, CSCS, CISSN
Dr. Anna Lepeley has a PhD in Exercise Biochemistry and Nutrition research. She specializes in exercise, nutrition and dietary supplements along with their effects on overall health. Dr. Lepeley is a Nutrition and Exercise Science professor and lecturer at national and international conferences. She is the published author of "Stop it: 18 habits that hinder your libido and make you fat", providing nutrition, exercise and hormone health information for men and women of all ages.