Certain relaxing practices and home remedies, like chewing black peppercorns, may help you get rid of a high.

Overindulged in some edibles? Smoked a strain that was way more potent than you expected? Maybe the pot took longer to kick in and you’ve got stuff to do.

No worries. There are things you can do to cut the buzz so you come down faster.

We’ve rounded up some of the more popular strategies for coming down. If one doesn’t seem to work, don’t hesitate to try another. These aren’t an exact science, and reactions can vary from person to person.

This is easier said than done when you’ve overindulged. But a little R&R really will help tame the buzz. And trust us: You’re not dying. Really.

Find a quiet place to sit or lie back and try to relax. Breathing exercises or listening to music can help you chill. If you do decide to go for some music, consider something you know all the words to, and sing along. This can help you stay grounded in the present moment.

Eventually, the buzz will fade to a feeling of relaxation or even drowsiness. Go with it and let yourself fall asleep. Even a quick cat nap will do you good.

It seems counterintuitive, but according to Leafly, people use CBD to counteract the effects of too much THC.

Like THC, CBD is a type of cannabinoid found in cannabis. But unlike THC, which causes the high, CBD interacts with different receptors in your brain. Researchers don’t know exactly how yet, but several animal and human studies have shown benefits of CBD for different forms of anxiety.

Bonus: CBD helps some folks fall asleep. This can come in handy if you’re greening out.

No, this doesn’t mean knocking back a few brews. Stick to water and other nonalcoholic drinks.

Drinking water before, during, and after any kind of drug use is always a good approach. It can be particularly helpful when it comes to marijuana, which tends to leave you with dry mouth. It’s also an easy activity that gives you something to focus on.

According to the internet and Neil Young, a taste or whiff or two of black pepper helps combat the paranoia and anxiety that a major high can bring on.

Just grab a container of black pepper and sniff, being sure not to inhale it. You can also pop two or three whole peppercorns in your mouth and chew on them.

It sounds too good to be true, but there’s actually some science behind it. Caryophyllene, a compound in peppercorn, is a potent selective CB2 antagonist. It increases the sedating effects of THC, which could calm you down.

Like peppercorn, lemons also contain compounds, such as limonene, that have a calming effect.

Eating some lemon or squeezing some lemon juice into your water will counteract some of the psychoactive effects of THC and help you come down.

To get the most bang for your buck, zest the lemon peel into your water, or steep some lemon peel in hot water. The peel contains the highest concentration of limonene.

Pine nuts may counteract the effects of THC, according to some research. Pinene, a compound in pine nuts, is believed to have a calming effect and help improve clarity.

Interestingly, pinene is also one of the terpenes found in cannabis that gives weed smoke a pine-like aroma.

Skip this method if you have a tree nut allergy.

Shifting your focus to something other than your high can stop you from fixating on it, which only makes it seem even worse than it is.

The key to making this tip work? Keep it simple. Steer clear of potentially anxiety-inducing video games or horror films.

Change your channel

Not sure where to direct your attention?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Watch a show or YouTube video that’s sure to give you the warm and fuzzies and is interesting enough to keep your attention.
  • Try mindful coloring.
  • Read a book (if you’re one of those people who can read while stoned).
  • Do a simple puzzle, such as a word search or a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Find a simple organizational task, such as sorting your loose change or sorting your books by color.
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Ideally, you’ll cuddle your own pet since snuggling random dogs and cats could get weird.

Spending time with pets has loads of proven health benefits, including stress and anxiety relief. Spending even just a few minutes with a pet can slow your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and increase feelings of happiness and relaxation.

No pet of your own? Pull up that one dog video you love.

Not eating enough before using pretty much any drug is usually bad news. Getting some food in you may help you feel a bit more normal.

Some people swear by high fat or carb heavy foods, though there’s no evidence to back this up. Your best bet is to go with whatever’s nearby and easy.

Go for a short walk, even if it’s for only 10 or 15 minutes.

Some light movement can help:

  • distract you so you don’t fixate on your high
  • lower your blood pressure
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • improve your mood
  • burn off some excess energy if you’re feeling jumpy

Your buddy can’t lower your blood THC levels, but hanging out with them could help calm you. The buddy system is also a good way to keep you from doing anything risky when you’re under the influence.

Call a trusted (and sober) friend, and have them hang with you till you’re feeling better.

You can’t always predict how cannabis will hit you, especially if you’re new to weed or using a new strain. If you find yourself dealing with a higher high than you expected, don’t freak out — it will pass.