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Keep in mind

Surgery isn’t the only thing that can give you perky breasts. Exercise can help fight against gravity, and aesthetic hacks like tape are great when you’re in a bind or need a quick transformation for an outfit. But remember: No hack or exercise is going to give you permanent results if you aren’t consistent.

Looking for immediate results? Then look around your house. There’s a good chance you already have what you need for these hacks.

1. Makeup hacks

Makeup is a great way to give your breasts some oomph without spending a lot of cash. A pearly body cream can make your cleavage pop, while a dark bronzer can add a cup size or two.

For a lighter, natural lift: A shimmering highlighter can make your breasts look fuller and perkier, but not dramatically so. Put a little bit of pearly cream on your pointer and index fingers, and rub it on the inside of your breasts. The shimmer will give your cleavage a subtle boost, especially in a plunging neckline.

For a more drastic lift: A dark contour can create shadows that give off the illusion of bigger breasts. Use a contour stick a few shades darker than your natural skin tone to outline the inside and the top of your breasts, and then draw lines on the top and bottom of each of your collarbones. Trace all the lines with a matte highlighting stick, and then blend using quick, circular motions.

2. Bra hacks

Sure, bras are great for keeping your breasts from bouncing a little too much. But play your cards right, and they can also give your breasts a big boost.

DIY racerback bra. You can turn your regular bra into a racerback to give yourself some lift. All you have to do is take your straps and pin them back. You can use a paperclip, short velcro strip, or specially designed clip to hold your bra straps together. Place the clip or strip at the top or middle of your back depending on how dramatic you want your lift to look.

Bra stack. Bra stacking is a classic trick that can make your breasts look bigger and perkier. And it’s simple: Just wear two bras. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll get used to it in time. You’ll need two different size bras: One that’s your regular size, and one that’s a cup size bigger. The second, larger bra should be worn over the smaller one.

Sock stuffing. Stuffing your bra with a pair of socks can enhance your cleavage big time. Fold each sock and put them underneath the outside of your breasts. You can use any type of socks you want, but different sizes will give you different results. Larger socks will result in a big lift, and smaller socks will give you a subtle boost. Either way, say no to tissue!

3. Choose your outfit wisely

Want perky breasts without a lot effort? Turn to your closet. Shirts and dresses with V-neck, plunging, or sweetheart necklines are the best for showcasing your cleavage and giving the illusion of lift. A great thing about this hack is that you can combine it with other tricks for maximum effect.

You may have to take trip or two to a department or lingerie store for these hacks, but they will produce results right away.

4. Tape

You can use gaffer tape, sports tape, or specially designed tape to lift your breasts when you want to ditch the bra. (Whatever you do, don’t use duct tape.) Gaffer tape has a strong hold, but may irritate the skin, so if you’re having a reaction, sports tape is a great alternative.

There are two ways to tape your breasts.

For deep V-neck dresses or shirts: Cut a strip of tape long enough to reach from the bottom of your breast to the top of your shoulder. Lift your breast as much as you feel you need, and apply the tape starting from underneath your breast. You should start on the outside of your breast, and add more strips of tape moving inward.

For strapless or backless dresses or shirts: Cut a strip of tape long enough to reach from the outside of one breast to the other. Lift your breast slightly and, starting from the bottom, apply the strip of tape across your breasts. Add more layers of tape moving upward until your breasts are covered and your nipples aren’t visible.

5. Cutlets

If socks aren’t your thing and you want something more natural, cutlets are the way to go. Cutlets are silicone- or water-filled inserts that you slip inside your bra to create instant fullness and cleavage. Take your cutlets and place one on each side of your bra toward the outside of your breasts. If you want to make your breasts look larger, put the cutlets right under your breasts.

6. Get fitted

One 2008 study found that at least 80 percent of women were the wrong size. A well-fitted bra gives you the most support, lifting your breasts and maintaining a perky shape.

You should get fitted by a professional at least once a year to learn your true bra size. (Most department and lingerie stories offer free bra fitting.) Make sure you talk to your specialist about your breast shape. Whether your breasts are round, asymmetrical, or have a bit of a sag will affect the type of bra you buy.

When shopping, consider the following:

Front-close bras can boost cleavage. A front-close bra with a molded cup will bring your breasts closer together, giving them lift and enhancing your cleavage.

Balconette bras create lift, not squish. A balconette bra lifts like a push-up without squishing your breasts, creating more volume and dramatic cleavage.

Larger busts need support. Bras that have underwire, wider straps, a wider backband, and a full-coverage cup will give you the support you need and lift you want.

7. Invest in a push-up bra

Push-up bras are perfect for all breast types, so owning one is an absolute must for any closet. A push-up will give you support and lift, making your breasts look fuller and boosting your cleavage.

Need to add one to your collection? Try these two on for size:

Jezebel’s Amanda Push-up: This push-up bra has a plunge neckline and is lightly padded, giving you dramatic-looking cleavage.

Maidenform Women’s Love the Lift Push-up: This lace push-up bra has a deep plunge with ample padding to give you ultimate lift for a natural-looking boost to your cleavage.

Not every hack for perky breasts is a quick fix. These are some things you have to do consistently over extended periods of time to see results, most of which are longer lasting.

8. Massage your breasts

Anecdotal evidence suggests that massaging your breasts may increase blood flow and stimulate collagen production, which could add some lift by tightening muscles and promoting tissue growth.

To massage your breasts:

  • Start by cupping one hand on the top of your opposite breast.
  • Squeeze the area gently in a rhythmic pumping motion.
  • Move your hand down the top of your breast gradually.
  • Work your hand around the outside, under, and inner part of your breast using the same pumping motion.
  • Alternate between squeezing and pumping with gentle fingertip circles.

9. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is another way to boost circulation in your breasts. Anecdotal evidence claims that hydrotherapy may improve overall blood flow and awaken nerves, which could promote breast firmness.

At least once a day, you should:

  • Turn off the water after your shower.
  • Rinse your breast with warm water for a minute.
  • Switch to cold water and rinse your breasts again with cool water for 20 seconds.

10. Targeted exercises

Exercises targeting your upper body will help strengthen your chest muscles and improve your posture, which will make your breasts look perkier.

Pushups, plankups, chest fly, and chest presses, in particular, will help enhance your bust. If you want to add more tone, use 5- or 10-pound dumbbells with each exercise.

To get started, set aside at least 15 or 20 minutes a day for a quick strength-training circuit. You can even do each exercise during commercial breaks.

11. Eat a healthy diet

Research shows that a nutrient-rich diet will help you maintain healthy breast tissue, which can keep your breast firm and perky.

To give your breasts a boost, eat:

  • more nuts, fish, soybeans, and pumpkin seeds to increase omega-3 fatty acids
  • more avocado and eggs to up the monounsaturated fats to promote breast tissue growth
  • more high-antioxidant foods — such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, watermelon, and whole grains — to maintain healthy tissue

12. Maintain healthy weight

A slimmer waist will accentuate your bust because the proportion of your breasts to your waist is more defined. Eat a diet packed with fruits and vegetables, and exercise 30 minutes a day for at least four days a week to maintain a healthy weight.

In the meantime, shapewear can emphasize your natural curves, thus enhancing your bust.

13. Practice proper posture

Maintaining good posture not only keeps your body in alignment, it can also emphasize your bust by giving the illusion of lift.

To practice proper posture, you should:

  • Keep your feet planted on the floor or a footrest when sitting.
  • Avoid sitting or standing in the same position for long periods.
  • Stand straight, with your shoulders pulled backward and your knees bent slightly.

You don’t have to go under the knife to give your breasts a lift. There are plenty of quick tricks that can give you a similar effect. But some of these hacks — like breast tape and the bra stack — aren’t comfortable, so you shouldn’t do them every day. If you’re looking for something longer lasting, you’ll have to look into changing your diet, exercise routine, and maybe even consider surgery.